Little things

I watched as he walked away like a total diva, i laughed as i watched the boys play on there 3DS's.
it's cute how they always acted like kids. as Louis jumped in victory for winning. oh my brother i love him so much, how he can always make me happy when i'm sad, how i can tell him any thing. but him finding out i like one of his best mates i don't no what he will say. like will even end up together anyways.


5. movie time

Rain's POV. 

I walked out in my pjs, to see the boys fighting over what scary movie to watch.

I sat down on the couch and watched, i saw at the corner of my eye Eleanor sit down next to me witch bowl of popcorn.She showed me the bowl gesturing me to eat some, but as always i refused. Her knowing me, i don't eat, she had a worried look on her face and sighed. I looked at her and noticed she was wearing a floral love pj set she got at forever 21, with some fuzzy socks. when i wore a pare of hello kitty pajama pants, a black tank top and a hello kitty hoodie/sweatshirt, and black socks that stopped at my ankles. I quickly noticed that Louis found a scary movie to watch and turned the lights off. 

I watched as all the boys sat down, louis was cuddeld up next to Eleanor, and the other boys sproud out on the other couch. wait were was Niall, I spoke to soon and saw him sit next to me with the bowl fool of popcorn. of course. 


" NO NOT THE HOT ONE" Eleanor and I both yelled!

we were getting close to the end of the movie and i noticed the boys looking at us like weirdo's. By now Niall kept stroking my hair every time i got scared. something popped out in the screen and at the same time some one yelled "boo" in my ear! I screamed and barried my face in Nialls chest as he stroked my hair again while hugging me. The lights turned back on and the movie ended. i heard my brother laughing and i lifted my head. 

" you should have seen your self you got so scared"he said laughing at me i through a pillow at him and he stopped.

"i didn't mind" Niall whispered in my ear i blushed deep red as i hid my face in my hands. 

i got up from Nialls arms and looked up at my brother

" now what" i said. "well the boys are staying the night"he told me i knew what that ment. "ok i'll sleep on the couch who ever want's to sleep in my room" i said as i layed down on the couch. I felt a pair of arms lift me up bridel style i look up to see Niall as he said"not this time".  

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