Little things

I watched as he walked away like a total diva, i laughed as i watched the boys play on there 3DS's.
it's cute how they always acted like kids. as Louis jumped in victory for winning. oh my brother i love him so much, how he can always make me happy when i'm sad, how i can tell him any thing. but him finding out i like one of his best mates i don't no what he will say. like will even end up together anyways.


4. i hate you sometimes

Rain's POV 

i thought for a second. i did not no if i should tell her or not. my heart was racing like crazy.
my palm's were sweating heck i was sweating. 

" one" i managed to get out of my mouth. 

she raised an eye brow at me." are you sure" she asked?

i closed my eyes and said "no". that was all a simple no. 

" do i know him" she asked? 

" ye...yes" i said, i don't know why? i was so scared to tell her she was my bestfriend i guess i just did not want her to go tell Louis. 

" it Liam" she guessed?
"no" i told her
" zayn you and him got really close today" she started to guess again.

"nope" i said starting to get more comfy with telling her who it is. 

" well of course it's not Louis cause he's you're brother" she said making me laugh."then that leaves Niall". 

just hearing his name made me jump a little. i smile crept onto my face and i could feel my cheeks burning up turning as red as a tomato. 

she noticed and jumped straight up onto the bed jumping and screaming " Rain likes niall..Rain likes Niall" she sang, i swear sometimes she could be such a kid at times. 

she jumped down and sat next to me. 

" can i tell louis" she asked? i knew she would do that.

"NO"i yelled! "if he finds out it would just be...well you know him he will tell every one" 

"fine but is that why you and zayn were really close does he know" she asked? i nodded my head. 

as i hear a door open and slammed close" I'm HOME AND WE BROUGHT FOOD" i hear louis yell.! 

he walked into the bedroom that we were in and looked at us "what's going on in hear" he said as he sat down next to Eleanor? 

"RAIN LIKES NIALL...don't kill me" she said and my eyes went wide. 

"OMG REALLY" Louis yelled! that just shocked me. 

" you're not mad" i said confused? 

" of course not, He's Niall..were talking about Niall here remember" he said." can i tell him and the rest of the boys though" 

"ughghghgh nooooo" i whined. 

" fine be that way" he said giving me the hand. 

" were are the boys any ways" Eleanor asked? 

" in the living room there spending the night if Rain does not mind" my brother said looking at me. 

" shut up" i told him actually kind of mad at him now. 

i walked into the living room to see the boy in pajamas of course they were fighting over something stupid. 


they all stopped and looked at me 

" i'm pretty sure were not at a bieber concert" liam said. 

"well i wish we were" i said. 

my brother walked in dressed in pajamas" how about a scary  movie" he suggested?  

" i hate you" i told him pouting my bottom lip. 

"well you're gonna love me" he told me."now go get dress" 

i walked in to my room and locked the door as i got changed into this. and walked out.

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