Little things

I watched as he walked away like a total diva, i laughed as i watched the boys play on there 3DS's.
it's cute how they always acted like kids. as Louis jumped in victory for winning. oh my brother i love him so much, how he can always make me happy when i'm sad, how i can tell him any thing. but him finding out i like one of his best mates i don't no what he will say. like will even end up together anyways.


1. my life

Hi Names Rainabella (Ran aBella)

people like to call me a lot of things Rain, Bella,Rokk(Rock),Amy(middle name).

most people call me Rain, yes i'm Louis Sister.

my best friend is actually Eleanore also Louis. 

everyone says i have a great relationship with my brother, i tell him every thing he tells me everything were like best friends. 

i'm 18 and single. yes i'm a red head no i was not adopted my great aunt was a red head, so if that make's more since. 

i do live with my brother and Eleanore.

i'm also great friends with the other boys. 

i don't have that many friends as you can tell i'm a little shy i geuss when i was growing up every one made fun of me . 

i never really told any body cause most of the people who did that was Louis friends. 

Eleanore got me into modeling, so that explains the picture. 

i love to sing and i also play guitar only Louis and my sisters no that. 
one other thing he does not no is that i like and irish man name Niall don't tell him though. no one knows.

my favorite color is RED 

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