Moments in Time~one direction fan fiction~

People wouldn't care if i jumped...
No one.

Lexey is or was a normal teenager. then her last boyfriend had gotten her in drugs, drinking, things that she would never thought of doing. she was going out of control. then she meet zayn. he had saved her but not from the past that haunted her. she felt useless and unwanted and couldnt handle the strees and pressure anymore. Can zayn help her get out of this depression or will it be to much for her to handle.


2. Chapter 2

---Zayns pov---

I woke up with Lexey in my arms and i smiled to my self. She's so cute when she's asleep. I pulled her closer to me but being careful to not wake her. I kissed her forehead just thinking on how i almost lost her yesterday. I don't know how I would live with myself if that happened. I sighed at the idea then slowly got up and went to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal and flipped on the television and put it on some cartoons. I laughed like i did when I was a child then realised that I was turning 20 tomorrow. Damn time was flying by.

"hey zayn." i heard a very tierd Lexey say as she shuffled into the kitchen.

"morning babe." i said getting up and going over to her and wrapping my arms around her waist. she giggled and hugged back.

"do you have any plans for today?" she said acting like nothing had happened yesterday.

"i think i have an interview with the boys later on in the day. but i want you to got out with the girls and shop."

"why? you know im not a shopper."

"yeah i know but tomorrow is going to be speacial." i said smiling at her.

"oh yeah! turning the big two-o!" she said laughing. i loved her laugh and smiled everytime she did.

"yup. i cant believe that im gon-" i was in the middle of my sentance and then i heard liams ringtone come from my phone. "ill be right back." i sadi quicklu jissing her head and rushed to my phone.

"hey zayn."

"hey liam."

"ok i got a call from managment and they need us to do a few more interviews."

"ok. what time do i need to be ready?"

"soon. we will be over there in about twenty minutes."

"ok ill get ready. bye."

"see you then." he said then hanging up.

i went up to my room and threw on a casual white t-shirt and my varsity jacket with some jeans and my converse chucks.

"ok i got a change of plans. im going to be picked up soon and we have to do more interviews so ill be home as soon as i can." i said smiling.

"oh ok." she said with a faint smile. i went to her and kissed her softly.

"please do something today fun." i said just about mumbling against her lips. she smiled and i took that as a yes. i kissed her again then i heard a car honk. i grabbed my keays and my phones and went to the door. "see you soon babe. love you.!" i yelled walking out the door. i heard her yell 'i love you back and i smiled getting in the car.


---Lexey's pov---

I didnt want to go shopping ut i knew if i didnt zayn would've dragged me to the store. i ringed up eleanor and asked if she could go to the mall with me. i could tell she was a bit shocled as i asked her that but then told her it was because of zayn then she laughed hard. i got ready and waited outside for her to come and get me. once she got me we went to the mall and walked into Forever 21 looking at the dresses.

"oh look at this one!" i said as i found an oragne-ish red-ish dress that had straps and went down to my mid-thigh.

"oh i love that color on you!" she said with excitment in her voice. i tried it on and it fit like a glove and i got excited for once as i bought the dress. somehow i let all my worrys slip away and we had fun walking around the mall drinking our starbucks. right as i was having a fun time i saw him. the one that caused all of my drama and depression to happen. i took in a deep breathe and pretended like i never saw him but he had already saw me.

"long time, no see lexey." he said with a smirk and hugging me. i pushed him away and started walking away then i felt him pull me back at my wrist.

"let me go." i said sternly looking at el as she was ready to help me at a momets notice.

"why babe? we need to catch up on things." he said pulling me closer.

"i dont want to 'catch up on things' with you. i dont want anything to do with you so leave be alone you ass." i said. wow it felt good sticking up for myself. then i felt a wave of pain go to my left cheek as he slapped me.

"dont call me that bitch." i was about to hit back but thankfully el already hit him.

"then dont call lexey a bitch. c'mon." she said grabbing her bags and grabbed my arm pulling me away.

"thanks el." i said as we quickly walked to the bathroom to check my cheek.

"no problem." she said faintly smiling then we walked into the bathrooms. i looked in the mirror.

"he's hit me harder then this." i said once i had seen how red it had got.

"really?! i cant believe a guy would do this to a girl. it sickens me." she said sighing as we walked out. i looked at the time and it was half past five.

"think its time to go." i said. she nodded and we started to walk to the car.

"ok you can't tell or show zayn that dress ok." she said sternly as i got out of the car.

"i wont dont worry. see you tomorrow." i said laughing a little.

"bye lex!" she said then driving off. i walked to the door and saw a tierd zayn on the couch. i went to our room and put the bags in my closet and walked to him again.

"zayn wake up." i said softly in his ear.

"wh-what. im up." he said going into a sitting position.

"ill mke you dinner really quick." i said smiling. he smiled back and started to streach slightly. i went to the kitchen and made a couple ham sandwhiches and brought them back to him. we both finished and he put his arm around me as we sat and watched something funny on the tv. i ended up falling asleep on him and he carried me up to our bed and put me down gently.

"good night beautiful." he said softly and kissed my cheek and went back to the living room and watched more comedy shows.




this an ok chapter? lol ill try to update as much as i can but with school and i different fanfic i writing it might be hard but ill try. thanks it you read :) and i was thinkning would it be ok if i put myself in this as nialls of harrys girlfriend? lol just thought i could ask :P <3 again sorry for any spelling mistakes...i know im not the best at those...

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