Moments in Time~one direction fan fiction~

People wouldn't care if i jumped...
No one.

Lexey is or was a normal teenager. then her last boyfriend had gotten her in drugs, drinking, things that she would never thought of doing. she was going out of control. then she meet zayn. he had saved her but not from the past that haunted her. she felt useless and unwanted and couldnt handle the strees and pressure anymore. Can zayn help her get out of this depression or will it be to much for her to handle.


1. Chapter 1

People would care if i jumped..

No one would.

I inched my toes closer to the edge of the cliff, looking at the water as it furiously crashed into the rocks.

"Good bye Zayn. I love you." i said knowing no one could here me. On three. One. i thought taking in a deep breathe. i found my hand clutching the necklace zayn had given me. Two. i droped my hand to my side. i heard some noise coming from the bushes but i ignored it thinking it was some animal. Three. Right as i thought that number i heard someone yelling. that someone was zayn. i turned my head in his direction watching as he was running as fast as he could to me. i snapped my head back to the water and put a foot over the edge. tight arms then snaked around my waist and pulling me away fro the cliff. i squirmed in his arms trying to get away from him but he just held me tighter to his chest.

"Lexey why?" he said calmly in my ear once i stoped squirming. i turned around and looked up at him seeing that he was trying so hard not to cry. i hugged him weakly and the tears just started pouring from my eyes. he rubbed my back gently saying soothing things in my ear.

"You wouldnt understand." i mumbled.

"Lex. please? i love you so much and when i found out what you were going to do i swear i dint know what i wouldve done with my self."

"i cant zayn. i just cant."

"ok. when your ready then." he said pulling me away from him slightly. "lets go get some food. you look like your starving." i had gotten skinnier cause i dont eat often. i nodded in reply and he grabbed my hand tightly as we alked to the car.

We drove to del taco in silenceand went through the drive thru. we ordered and then went up to the window to pay. the girl was flirting with him but we was ignoring it as he paid. she gave back his change and i saw i note that had her number on it.

"Call me wen you want to date a lady. not a tramp."she said slightly smirking.

"bitch." i mumbled tucking my knees to my chest leaning against the car door.

"you might want to use that a little bit sooner." she said giggling.

"shut the hell up! you are never going to get with zayn. your a bitch trying to steal other peoples boyfriends." i said quickly before zayn could talk.

"And i am surprised you got with him." she said with a glare towards me. before i could say anything she threw scissors at me. the blade glided on my forehead and i could feel the blood trickling down my forehead. i covered my forehead with the sleeve of my jacket as he ruched to the next window picking up ouur food and then speeding home.

"that fucking asshole." i said still holding my head as zayn helped me to the house.

"i know. im sorry babe. let me get the first aid kit." he said placeing me on the kitchen counter.  he came bck moments later and pulled my arm away from my forehead. he looked at the cut and cleaned it carefully then applyed a bandage and kissed it. i smiles slightly and hoped of the counter and sat on the couch with the del taco. he sat next to me and we ate while watching some horrible show on mtv. we finished our food and i cuddled up next to him and he put his arm round my waist pulling me closer to him and i smiled at his touch.

"i love you zayn."

"i love you too lexey."

"im so sorry about scaring you." i said turning around to look in his eyes. they got watery quickly. he looked in my eyes as the tears started to fall. i hugged him tightly.

"please dont do that to me again" he said. i looked at him again and wiped his tears away.

"i wont." i said half lying. i never knew whe i would have a breakdown and when i did i couldnt take the stress or the pressure. he yawned and i giggled a little.


"yeah. lets go to bed. i dont think i wouldve slept the same with out you in my arms." he said smiling at me. i got up and pulled him up with me and he held on my and while we walked to our room. we changed into our pj's and laid next to each other. he held me in his arms and i cuddled into his chest.

"goodnight lex. love you."

"love you too zayn." i said then reached up and kissed him softly. he smiled and closed his eyes and i cuddled up to him again listening to the rythmic beating of his heart as i feel asleep.




ok well this isnt my first fanfic but it is my first on movellas. so thank you if you read and sorry for any spelling errors :/ ill try my best though :) <3

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