The Day I Met One Direction

this is my first story but i hope you like it :) it is about two best friends who meet two of their biggest inspirtions by fate :) stuff gets twisted and has outcomes you wont expect. it may sound cliche but im trying to keep it original but interesting at the same time :) xxxx


1. The Boyfriends And The Heartbreak



Okay well this is the first stoy i have written on here and its probly not going to be very good but I will try my best :)) My name is Tarah and Iove One Direction just putting that out there.... XD but anyway if my spelling is a bit off then I am sorry as I am tyoing in the dark as it is currently 10:15pm so yeaahhh but i will try my hardest :)) Okay ill let you read now  ;))


I was walking through the corridors of my high school looking at all the girls  around me with their boyfriends. It felt like i was in a movie or something. You know how when the people walk down the hallway and every thing slows down?? Yeah well thats what it feels like now. Hey my name is Hannah. I am 17 years old and as you could tell from before, i dont have a boyfriend.

I am waiting for that right guy to come and sweep me off my feet (i know cheesy but ehh). I dont want to be the one who falls for a guy and then tells me he doesn't love me anymore, or cheats on me, or 'just wants to be friends', onky to have my heart broken.

I know  I will get my heartbroken but i just dont want so early in my life when i have so much i could live for.

Anyway back to school. After I snapped out of this daydream, I saw my best friend standing therre waiting for me. Her name was Alana, and we had practically been friends since the day we met. We are always together in what ever we do and always support eachother no matter what beacause who doesn't like a supportive friend right?? That's not the only reason I love her to pieces. We have alot of things in common and one of them would be One Direction.

I walked up to Alana and gave her a massie hug. As soon as we let go, welllll, you could have said she was really hypo, but no. After I finally gathered what she was trying to say to me it all fell into place. She was just excited for Saturday, which is tomorrow. Did I mention why?? No? well tomorrow night is the night we finally get our chance to go to a One Direction concert. We were both so excited and the thing that was even better is we had the chance to meet them backstage when no other girls could that night. It is a once in a lifetime oppertunity. I won the tickets by listening to the radio and winning a competition which obviously gave me and a friend the chance to go to a concert and have a private V.I.P meet and greet.

As soon as she stopped having a happy meltdown, the bell rang. Gosh I hated that sound. We both linked arms and made our way to our first period subject which in this case was Science.


Okay that was it the first chapter. PHEW. im sorry if it was boring... i just tried to make it a meet the main character kind of thing so you know whats going on and know who everyone is. I will try make it more interesting in my next chapter but for now THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will update soon and yeah.. hehe im so wierd. i was in hysterics writing this!!! yeah don't ask me why. I'm just that wierd mamorie in the back of the class :)) yes and I am aware i just called myself a boob. :)))

Tarah xxxxx

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