The Day I Met One Direction

this is my first story but i hope you like it :) it is about two best friends who meet two of their biggest inspirtions by fate :) stuff gets twisted and has outcomes you wont expect. it may sound cliche but im trying to keep it original but interesting at the same time :) xxxx


2. Embarrassing Parents



only kidding but any way, I just wanted to say thankyou to all the readers for acctually reading my story. I know there are only like 13 but that means alot to me and yeah. So umm yeah this is chapter two of the story and i might update later today or tomorrow :)) thank you sooooooo much guys!!!


Hannah's P.O.V

It was our last class of the day and let me tell you i was soooo happy when i heard that final bell ring. I could now go home and get ready for the concert tomorrow night. I was starting to get super hyped but i still had at least 24 hours to wait. UGGHHHHH. It was okay though because I knew Alana was coming to stay. "Hannah!!!" I heard a familiar voice say. sure enough it was Alana. Ahe was racing up to me with her bags and a huge grin on her face. I swear that girl never stops smiling!

"Hey!" i said back to her as she finally reached me. How can one girl have so much stuff for two nights?? like really?? anyway we walked outside to find my mum waiting for us im her car. we climbed in and drove off. As we arrived home at my house, we went straight to my room and turned on music. One Direction of course. we danced like flamingos in egypt. only kidding but we probly looked like freaks anyway.

Time seemed to fly past and before we knew it my mum was calling us down for dinner!! We climbed down the stairs and I ate my dinner super fast so i could run away from the dining room as my famliy are some of the most embarassing people I know. "Did I ever tell you the story about the first time we took Hannah to the pool?" my Dad asked Alana. Are you serious?? and here we go.... I was out of the room faster than anyone could say four nipples.

I walked into my room and flopped down on my bed. I opened my laptop (which was crap btw so it went really slow!!) and logged into twitter. I scrolled down and read a few tweets and then Alana walked in laughing. Seriously how embarrassing are my parents.

We decided to watch a few movies as tomorrow was going to be a busy day. We started off watching Easy A. We were obvioulsy really tired because before i knew it Alana was asleep and then I blacked out.


Sorry short chapter i know but ill update maybe tomorrow and i promise it will be much longer :)) thanks for reading this and also can you please commen and let me know if you like it?? if no one comments then m not gonna bother writing any more because there would be no point :'(

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