To Love a Directioner

"I love you, Lara," Zayn whispered and my heart shattered at the brokenhearted look on his face. "So I want what's best for you... and if you love him, don't let me get in the way of that."

I looked over at Liam laughing with Niall. All I could think was; now what? I came on this vacation for fun... not to break someones heart.
On their eighteenth birthday, Lara and her best friend Taylor go to London. They don't expect to meet One Direction, and they certainly don't expect three of the boys to fall in love. But when tough-times and problems make an appearance, will they go home? Or will they stay with the band in London?


2. Langham


When I had brought up the idea of a vacation for Taylor and I to my mum, she had been weary. When she had suggested Taylor and I going there this summer, she meant that her, Alex, Taylor, and I all go together. But through a span of three days with me begging, pleading, the promise to take Alex was the final straw. She made us promise that we wouldn't get into any trouble, and that we had to stay in my fathers hotel. The Langham Hotel in London, England. He owned the whole line of them, they stretched world wide. London, Hong Kong, LA, Australia, New Deli, Shanghai, Toronto, etc...

But she finally agreed.

I mean, I was expecting her to, but it was still a surprise. Alex wasn't the most responsible person in the world... But he was my big brother all the same.

So we packed. And, in my case, bought a whole new wardrobe. Because mine sucks. Apparently all I seemed to own was old skinny jeans, tank tops, and like, one skirt. It was extremely atrocious. 

"So, I've been thinking about getting a dog," I said aloud.

Taylor didn't glance up from where she was packing her suit case, but I could see an amused smile come on her face, "Is that so?"

"That is so," I remarked, "In fact, I already got her. Her names Saydi."

Taylor looked up from where she was packing with raised eyebrows, "How are you going to take care of her if you're in Britain?"


"Yeah," Her eyes were dancing with amusement and a small smile graced her face, "Probably should have thought about that, huh?"

"Yeah." I sat down on the bed with my eyebrows furrowed. "But," I smiled, "When Liam won't marry me, and he gets a dog, he can marry her instead! Can you imagine?" I cooed, "The puppies would be so cute!"

Taylor turned back to her packing and picked up a blue shirt, wrinkling her nose at that and muttering something before tossing it away, "I'm sure they would."

"No need to be a sarcastic prick, Taylor!" I crossed my arms with a stubborn frown.

 She stood up and eyed something behind me, "No, really. I think they would be adorable. And I know that because I can see her right now." She folded a pair of shorts and dropped them inside her suitcase, "And she's eating my shorts."


She rolled her eyes throwing a pair of jeans over her shoulder, "Why don't you try turning around?"

Turning around with a confused look on my face, I saw Alex leaning in the doorway of Taylor's room with a small smile. And Taylor had indeed been correct. Saydi, my German Sheppard/Aussi Sheppard mix was attached to a black leash which Alex was holding. And she had a pair of red plaid shorts in her mouth. 

"Saydi!" I exclaimed and Alex tugged the shorts out of her mouth, smirking.

"Mom said that I had to come over here to see if your dad was giving you any trouble, Taylor."

Taylor's been living at her dads house for about a month, she had her own house but she said that he needed her at his house more than she needed to be at her own house. So most of her clothes were in the spare bedroom at her dads.

Taylor let out a slight laugh and shot a twisted smile Alex's way, "He hasn't even noticed I'm here. He's drunk."

It was true. When we had gotten here her dad had been passed out on the sofa, bottle of whisky in one hand and the t.v remote in the other. He hadn't even stirred when Taylor had let out a hesitant, 'Dad?'

"So... I'm gonna be staying with Drew, when we get to London," Alex spoke up as Saydi trotted around the room after Alex let her off her leash.

Drew was a... Close friend you could say? He's also our kind-of-cousin. And if you want me to sum him up in one word, that word would be Man-Whore. Kinda two words but I don't really care. He's lived in Britain since I was three, and he moved because my uncle broke up with his mom. He was four.

And- wait, what?

"Isn't the whole idea of you going so that you can watch us?" Taylor gave him a pointed look, "And what do you think your mom would do when she finds out you abandoned your little sister in London?"

"She'll understand," He paused, and scratched the back of his head, "Maybe. Hopefully. But I feel like you guys need time away from me. I can get kind of annoying."

Yeah. Kind of.


June 19, 2014-

Our flight was for June 19, at 3 am. And we arrived in London at one in the afternoon. Jet legged and tired, we had hailed at taxi to my dads hotel, the Langham.

The doorman -Gordon- gave us a small smile on the way inside, and we walked up to the check in counter with small smiles on our faces. 

"Reservation for Webber, in the Regent suit?" I asked in a polite voice.

The man behind the counter gave us a curious look, with raised eyebrows, and an amused smile. He was tall with black hair and an attractive face, looked to be around 28. "Now you two ladies don't seem like the type to be on a business trip." He started flipping through a thick, red book.

I laughed and smiled brightly, "No, my father owns this line of hotels. We're here to live life to it's fullest. No work for us this Summer."

He tipped his head politely with a small, 'Ah.'

His eyes scanned a page for a moment, "Here we go, Regent Suit... Webber." He grabbed two keys from a hook behind the counter and handed them over with a small smile. "Do you girls wish for a car, for your stay? It would be free, given the circumstances."

"Please," Taylors eyes drifted towards his name tag, "Leeroy?"

He laughed and pulled another set of keys out of a drawer, "Enjoy, miss." He winked with a smile.

Walking away from the desk, Taylor looked over at me with curious eyes. "We still have 2 hours before we can go to our room... So where are we gonna go?"

My eyes danced with mischief, "The spa, of course."

And so we made our way to the spa.


"Do you think your dad would let us go to the VIP treatment room?"

Walking down the hallway to the front desk of the spa I pondered for a minute, "Dunno. I mean, probably yeah. But I didn't ask about that." I shrugged, "Tomorrow when we're all settled in I'll call him up and ask."

The entrance was beautiful, high rising ceilings, a beautiful candle lit chandelier, amazing white wooden walls towered around us, and beige ceramic flooring was all around us. The front desk looked to be made out of solid mahogany, green flowers decorated the walls, while beige arm chairs were sat up against the wall for people to wait in. 

Taylor nodded as we stopped at the front desk of the spa, giving the lady at the front desk -Margaret- a smile. "Hello, we wanted to know if we could come in? We booked an appointment for 2:30. Webber?"

The lady looked at us skeptically before consulting her laptop, "Yes... You're a bit early but it's a bit slow today so I'm sure we can squeeze you in early. And there'll be no charge."

I smiled gratefully, "Thank you."

She walked around her desk with a kind smile, "I'll be back in a moment, have a seat and feel free to ring the bell if you need me."

Taylor and I looked at each other with grins, "This is fucking amazing."

"Right?" Taylor sighed and leaned back in her chair, before a smirk slowly started growing on her face. "Wanna know what we should do?"


"Well," She dragged out and opened her eyes to look up at me, "Don't you think a certain person would wanna know you're in England right now?"

I narrowed my eyes at her, "What makes you think he wants to meet me?"

"Save me the bs and just admit he and you are good friends already!"

I laughed and pulled out my i-phone 5s, "I never said we weren't, Taylor. But he's never really asked to meet me. Or mentioned it."

She snorted and pulled the phone from my hand. "Maybe because you live in California and he doesn't know that you're a bit rich?"

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up and call the boy already."

She grinned, "Whatever you say."

She hummed for a heartbeat before visibly brightening up, "Niall! How are you, you beautiful soul?"


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