To Love a Directioner

"I love you, Lara," Zayn whispered and my heart shattered at the brokenhearted look on his face. "So I want what's best for you... and if you love him, don't let me get in the way of that."

I looked over at Liam laughing with Niall. All I could think was; now what? I came on this vacation for fun... not to break someones heart.
On their eighteenth birthday, Lara and her best friend Taylor go to London. They don't expect to meet One Direction, and they certainly don't expect three of the boys to fall in love. But when tough-times and problems make an appearance, will they go home? Or will they stay with the band in London?


3. Burberry, baby


The conversation between Taylor and Niall was short, Niall couldn't meet up with us because he was going out with his mates to buy someone a birthday present. 

I'd like to say I met Niall Horan at Starbucks and he immediately fell madly in love with me, but that wasn't anywhere close to reality. I actually haven't met Niall at all, we started talking through Twitter. Personally, I hadn't really been a 'fan' of One Direction. Neither had Taylor. I was a girl that was more interested in my photography than which new boy band was at the top of the charts. 

I had tweeted something that happened the night before, Taylor went to the store for me but I didn't have any money so I tried to make her pay for me or something, I don't really remember. But Niall had favourited it, and look at that, Niall Horan had apparently been following me for a few months. I had DM'd him asking him if he was actually real, and it just sort of happened. A year later and we're kind of good friends.

A few months into our 'friendship', he gave me his phone number. 

The spa had been relaxing, first we got this deep tissue massage with various oils, and then we had payed a visit to the sauna. The whole place was gorgeous, a Yin Yang vibe running through the spa. 

We were in the spa for about two hours before we were escorted to our room, the Portland/ Regent suite. 

We dropped our luggage off in our suite, before we were heading out to shop.

The plan was to go shopping on New Bond Street, it was a street about fifteen minutes away from The Langham, and was filled with overpriced stores, with equally overpriced clothing. But, Taylor loved Burberry. 

 The walk was quick and short, some people giving us polite smiles along the way. We arrived at Burberry soon enough.

"This is like my favourite store," Taylor gushed with a small squeal, "Good thing I brought my credit card, aye?"

Laughing, I nodded as she pulled me into the store.

The employees were giving us side glances, like we were going to march into their store and take their clothing. 

"I need a new bag," Taylor announced as she pulled me towards the bag section.

In front of us there was a wide range of bags, some big, some small. Some ugly, some extremely nice looking.

 Taylor was practically vibrating with excitement, going on about the different bags and how they looked. 

"I like that one," I said as I gestured to a cream colored Alchester bag.

Taylor grabbed it tightly and hugged it as if someone was going to take it from her, "I want it," She whispered.

I smiled amusingly, "Them get it."

Taylor darted around the store quickly, picking up an unholy amount of clothing, while I settled on looking into getting a new leather jacket for myself. 

A hand suddenly reached past me and pulled a hanger off the rack, startling me.

"This would look good on you, I think."

I didn't turn around, continuing to browse through the rack of leather in front of me.

"And am I too assume that you'd know what looks good on me?"

A husky laugh broke through, "You are too assume, that I know what would look good on a nice girl like yourself."

Smirking, I shook my head slightly. 

"I guess it's in my best interest to take your advice than- Holy shit,"

Standing in front of me with his hands in his pockets, was Zayn Malik.

His hair was covered with a teal beanie, a Levi's shirt defined his nicely carved arms. 

He smiled a bit and raised a hand between the two of us, I silently shook his hand with my own while my brain tried to process this turn of events.

"I'm Zayn."

"Lara. Lara Webber."

He raised his eye brows and smiled a bit, "What's brought you to this store, Ms Lara Webber?"

I was still at a loss for words, and it wasn't the fact that One Directions hottest member of the group (though I would never be able to say that to Niall) was currently speaking to me, I was a bit star struck. He was insanely attractive.

"Uh- just. Just looking for a new leather jacket... I came here with my friend." I looked around the store and laughed a bit, "Though I have no idea where she fucked off too."

He laughed and handed me the hanger with the jacket on it, "Try this one, yeah?"

I nodded and took it into hand, pulling it off the hanger and tugging my hands into it. It was a fitted black jacket, trench coat style. There were buttons running down the side and he had been right, it actually looked fairly good.

"Told you you'd like it," I jumped at the sudden sound and proximity of Zayn, stepping back a bit.

He stayed where he was, looking flawless as ever. He stood casually, with his hands in his pockets and alazy smile adorning his face.

I laughed, nervously tucking a piece of my light brown hair behind my ear. 

I tugged back the sleeve grimacing at the price. It was 2,595 pounds.

I groaned and pulled it off, "I always have to fall for the expensive things," I muttered. "But fine, I'll get this."

I looked up and smiled at Zayn a bit, "Thank you Zayn Malik, for helping me find the jacket."

"No problem."

"What are you doing here, then?" I asked as I walked towards the cash.

"Birthday shopping with some of my lads."

I gasped and whipped around, "Are you with Niall?"

He stopped walking and looked at me with a furrowed brow, "Yes? And Louis."

"No fucking way!"

Whipping out my phone I immediately dialed the number at the top of the recently called. 

"Wait!" Zayn exclaimed with a panicked look on this face, "Just ah- Can you not call anyone, please? It's my mates birthday soon and I was hoping I could get him a present without a bunch of screaming girls trapping me in the store..."

Blinking at him with a blank face, a voice on the phone answered with a loud, "Hello?" 

"Hi. Ah, I found someone. Would you like to talk to them?"

A snort sounded on the other line before a "Sure." came through.

Wordlessly I handed the phone to Zayn, who sighed and took it from me, letting out a gruff, "Hello."

A booming laugh came through the line and Zayn's expression suddenly brightened, "Niall! Man where are you? You know Lara?"

They had a quick conversation, Niall saying he and Louis'll meet them at Burberry in a few.

When Zayn hung up he had a grin mirroring my own, "Well, small world. Innit?"

I nodded and took the phone back, shoving it in my back pocket. "What? Did you think I was gonna announce to the world that I met Zayn Malik in Burberry? What low confidence you have in me, Zayn."

He laughed and we continued walking to the cashier, who was blushing furiously and brushing her hair away from her face, glancing up at Zayn nervously. 

He smiled politely at her and took the coat from my hands, handing it to her. "Just this please, love."

She nearly fainted, nodding her head while her cheeks flared up red again. 

After checking out we lingered near the entrance of the store, waiting for the boys to show up when suddenly someone crashed into me with a hug.

"Where did you go?" Someone whispered in my ear before pulling away.

Taylor was holding a large bag of clothing and I openly gaped at her before stuttering out, "How much did you spend?"

She waved a hand absently, "Just under 6,000 pounds."

She then seemed to notice the silent man standing next to me, before she chocked on her own saliva and proceeded to cough her brains out. 


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