I Never Thought it Would Hurt so Bad Getting over You

Emily breaks up with her boyfriend Jake and soon find out they are moving to London although it is just her and her dad because her mother died of cancer. She moves to London and fine a cute shy guy with a big heart and brown curly hair. But he is not the only one after her. Who will she choose?


4. The Perfect Day

Iwoke to the smell of bacon and pancakes wich was my favorite breakfast i guess my dad was trying to get me to settle into our new house alittle better because he really never cooked especially after mom had died. I quickly jumped up and ran downstairs giving my dad a big bear hug. We both grabbed our breakfast and were enjoying it and having conversations about the most random things. Then suddenly i heard a knock at the door happily i got up and opened the door standing there was Harry wearing jeans convers and a gray top he looked so cute. He snapped me back into reality with his voice saying " would you like to hang out today" i literally froze and my dad walked up behind me say " she would love to " Harry just laughed and dad invited him in while i went upstairs to get ready. I could not figure out what i wanted ro wear i finally decided on some dark wash skinnys a pink flowy top and so sandals. Perfect i said as i walked downstairs. Harry and my dad were talking about football and other boy stuff. I quickly created an awkward scilence when they saw me walk in. I started the conversation with the words you ready. Harry quickly replied with "yes". I gave my dad a hug and a kiss and headed out the door. Harry turned and asked what I wanted to do today. "To be honest I don't really care I don't know many places here" I said. He laughed and remembered how I had moved in just yesterday and suggested we go downtown London. I agreed and we were on our way. Harry's POV We got downtown and you could see all the amazement in her face as she looked around she was so pretty I could not even stand it. I nudged her and asked "ice cream" she said "yes" and we then went to my favorite ice cream shop we got our ice cream and just talked which was nice because I have not just had time to talk in forever sense our album was taking off. After ice cream it was getting late so we went back to the house I dropped her off and said I had a nice time she replied with the same "me too" as the usuall response then she stood on her tippy toes and pecked my cheek and closed the door behind her. She was so beautiful.

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