I Never Thought it Would Hurt so Bad Getting over You

Emily breaks up with her boyfriend Jake and soon find out they are moving to London although it is just her and her dad because her mother died of cancer. She moves to London and fine a cute shy guy with a big heart and brown curly hair. But he is not the only one after her. Who will she choose?


3. Moving In

It was a long flight from America to London but I was so excited to see our new house and get a fresh start. I had graduated high school last year so I had all the time in the world to help dad unpack the car. We pulled up to our new house and it was perfect it was simple but cute and I loved every bit of it. After I looked around our new house I walked back outside to help dad unload but he was already talking to our new neighbor. So I went over and introduced my self. To the left stood a tall girl with brown hair and green eyes an she introduced herself as Gemma and right next to her was her mum who was super nice and the I heard a noise come from behind them. It was a door as a boy that looked about my age was tall and had the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen came running over. I stood there in shock my dad nudged me " Emily it is not nice to stare" sorry he said to the neighbors. I began to turn pink in the face. The boy was smiling at the fact that I just embarrassed my self. He introduced him self "Harry" he said .

Harry POV.

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I could not take my eyes off of her I think she caught me staring a couple of times because she would ocasinally smile at me. My mum told me to help them unpack and I jumped at the chance maybe a little to egar but I did not care. My mum and Gemma went inside and I helped them unload the whole time I would glance at her an we would exchange smiles. We walked up stairs and she opened a door I assumed it was her room because it already had her close in the closet and the were all girls. Soon after I was done I said good bye and walked home wishing I could have stayed there longer.

Emily's POV.

He had been egar to help me unpack did he like me? And if so why me i mean I was nothing special I laid awake that night thinking for awhile then dozed off.
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