I Never Thought it Would Hurt so Bad Getting over You

Emily breaks up with her boyfriend Jake and soon find out they are moving to London although it is just her and her dad because her mother died of cancer. She moves to London and fine a cute shy guy with a big heart and brown curly hair. But he is not the only one after her. Who will she choose?


5. Meeting the Boys

Emily's POV

I woke up with a smile on my face thinking last was a dream how could I have found someone so perfect but I was reassured it wasn't when I got a text from him saying "good morning beautiful" I replied to the text then got dressed for the day I was wearing high wasted and a flower crop top my white convers and my hair in a messy bun I took one look in the mirror and went down stairs when I got down stairs I found a note that my dad had left me and it just said that he was going to be gone all day getting new things for the house so I decided just to chill out on the couch so I turned on the T.V. and that's when I heard a knock at the door I went and opened it and to mu surprise it was harry he told me we were going to go do something today and I didn't disagree so we got in his car and drove to someone's house he looked down at me and said "don't be nervous" we walked in and when we got in I was not expecting what I saw there were four boys rough housing in the living room knocking stuff over and laughing hysterically I got a little nervous so I tightened my grip on Harry's arm and I guess he noticed and made a cute grin on his face he then told the boys to calm down and he introduced me to all of them they all said hi and we had a great time getting to know one another their names were Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. I was so happy to have met them because now I had more then one friend in my new town. Me and harry stood up to leave and said good bye to then boys and they told us to come over tomorrow so we could all hangout again so we both agreed and harry began driving me home on our way home we both got hungry so we stopped at a fast food place I had never heard of it was pretty good though and then we just sat and talked for hors we lost track of time and  when we looked at the clock it was midnight so we got back in his car and he drove me home he walked me to the door and he said he had a good time and so did I and he leaned down and kissed me on the cheek my face was getting really red so I quickly said goodnight and walked inside.

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