I Never Thought it Would Hurt so Bad Getting over You

Emily breaks up with her boyfriend Jake and soon find out they are moving to London although it is just her and her dad because her mother died of cancer. She moves to London and fine a cute shy guy with a big heart and brown curly hair. But he is not the only one after her. Who will she choose?


2. Big news

It had been a month sense I broke up with Jake; he had passed over but I was still a little hurt inside I was still a little hurt though. I walked down stairs and heard my dad get off the phone with someone I was not sure who but I was egar to find out. I walked up to my dad and asked him who he was on the phone with "the realastate agent" he replied. Why I asked him kind of nervously. "Emily we are moving to London" he continued to say. I was actually excited more than sad like a normal person would be because of the whole Jake thing. I asked him when we were leaving and he said "tomorrow" I looked at him shockingly then said I guess we have a lot of packing to do then. Nudging him. It was just me and him now because my mom had passed away last year from cancer. I quickly went to my room and started to pack by about 4 am I was done and really tired so I just crashed on the floor.
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