I Never Thought it Would Hurt so Bad Getting over You

Emily breaks up with her boyfriend Jake and soon find out they are moving to London although it is just her and her dad because her mother died of cancer. She moves to London and fine a cute shy guy with a big heart and brown curly hair. But he is not the only one after her. Who will she choose?


1. I thought he loved me

I sat there waiting for the text from my boyfriend Jake to appear on my phone and minutes later it did. I had asked him if he wanted to go to the movies with me but it took him an hour to reply witch was weird because usually he replys right away. He had agreed to go to the movies with me we were going to see the new movie Breaking Dawn Part two and I was really excited. I soon fell asleep after reading the ok message. I woke up the next morning and was excited for our date tonight so the time flew by really fast. I pulled up to the movie and saw him outside waiting for me. As I walked to the front he put his arm around my waist and we took our seats. The movie ended and the whole movie I cuddled with him. When we walked out side he grabbed my arm and pulled me aside and he look me in the eyes as I looked back into those sparkling brown eyes I saw nothing no love no passion. He paused for a moment then said that it was not me I was him and that he had found someone new. Only later did I find out it was my best friend jade. My eyes started to form tears and he said he was sorry I just walked away trying to be strong.
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