Not Human

Alex. Anyways Alex is not a normal teenager. A animal when she wants but not on full moon. A criminal in the day, a hero in the day. She loses her family at a young a age and refuses the orphanage and runs away. She's now 18 has a best friend who's one of her. What well she do when she and her friend fall in love with someone different.


3. Secret Identity

I could fall asleep. But Tam...Ouch she sounds like she's dreaming about unicorns. I decided to go sit on the hammock in the living room. I quietly open the door and tiptoe past zayn which he is asleep. And softy get on the hammock. I start to think about how my life has been. Why am i still doing what I'm doing. You have money to get you and Tam a home. I can get job. And start a good life. Why dont i choose this i should tell tam tomorrow. But then my thought trail off to Zayn. The one we saved. He's going back to his friends tomorrow. Hopefully. I mean he's hot, cute,....But my thought were interrupted by someone scaring the crap out of me. "Sorry" i turn around to see Zayn.. Shirtless. Just great. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! "It's okay"I say

"Why are you up at this time" He asked

"Just thinking about life."

He smiled he looked cute smiling. 

"Your cute did you know that?" What he cant see my face. Right!? Oh dang it! I snapped out telling him "Look you cant tell anyone about me and Tam okay." 

"Why not"

"Because some people here are just crazy ad look for specific people to well...Kill or turn in to the cops."

He looked at me. "Promise" he said while putting out his pinky for a pinky promise. I took out my pinky and we intersected them. 

"Whats your name." He asked me


"Nice. But the nick name i shall give you is Cookie." 

Cookie.. Okay i like cookies so why can i be called that. I laughed "Okay cookie." 

He looked me in the eye and i did the same. He has deep hazel eyes. Pretty eyes. Next thing you know my eyes are closed and my lips are touching his lips. But it felt right. Once the kiss that felt like forever was over we just looked at eachother. Until he fell asleep on the Hammock. I decided to leave him  there peacefully. Lettung him sleep beautifully. I snuck back to my room and fell asleep. 


Xx. Sorry its not long writers block 0.0 Anyways not updating since i started a new one about niall. Its nice. Danielle is my roommate at acadamy and thats all youll find out if you dont read it :D

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