Not Human

Alex. Anyways Alex is not a normal teenager. A animal when she wants but not on full moon. A criminal in the day, a hero in the day. She loses her family at a young a age and refuses the orphanage and runs away. She's now 18 has a best friend who's one of her. What well she do when she and her friend fall in love with someone different.


4. Full Moon

I woke up this morning nice a fresh. But the only problem is that tonight a full moon. Zayn has to leave today. Its about 6 am. Nice time. I woke up Tam and made breakfast. Bacon and biscuits. Once me and Tam ate. Zayn finally woke up. "Did you guys eat with out me.?"  "You werent up .and we were hungry" said Tam.

 "That does not give you the right to eat with out me. "

She just rolled her eyes at him and handed him a plate. After he was done. I asked Tam if we could talk in private. She said yes so we went to our room as Zayn stayed behind. "Tam i've been thinking." 

"About what?" She asked. 

"About this living what we are doing stealing." 

"Alex.. Its what we do.." She began to whisper. "Its in our blood"

"Yeah but that doesn't mean that we cant live a normal life during the day." 

"I never got to live life as a normal person." 

"Well guess what."

"What?" i ask hoping its good. 

"I'm glad you finally said this"

I gave her a smile. She opened her arms in signal for a hug. And so we hugged as if we were sisters. We walk out the room. With out mask no nothing. "Zayn are you feeling good?" Tam asked. "Yeah i guess so." 

"Good so we can leave you home now. 

He looked at me as if he didnt want t go. He wanted to stay. But he had t go tonight isnt going to be pretty.  I guess i saw it in me cause he ended up saying fine. 

Once he was alll ready me and tam pack our stuff because after he's gone were getting a new place for a new life....Sorta. 

"Give me your phone." I tell him. He gives me a look. But he gives it to me. "Who's a guy who can pick you up."  "Find Liam" I looked throught the contacts and spotted the name. I sent a text saying that he is okay and to pick him up at Mcdonalds with the adress. And we were on our way. Once we got there Tam left for look out. And it left me and him. "Look after last night i thought your a nice girl. Not bad and i wanted to know you better. But now that im leaving please tell me i still get to see you." I smiled at what he said. "Look just call me" I gave hime my number and heard my name. "Alex lets go they're here." I turned around to see Tam with 4 guys behind her. They must be the rest of the group. But once they saw zayn they went running up to him like wild animals. "ZAYN!!!!!!!" . 

But after that me and Tam ran. I felt bad but I had to. "So where do you want to start looking for a place.?" Tam asked. "I want an apartment. Lets try Hampton Wood. Its next the our old cabin. " .

"Okay" She said. And with that we left and got a home.  A brand new beginning. 


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