Not Human

Alex. Anyways Alex is not a normal teenager. A animal when she wants but not on full moon. A criminal in the day, a hero in the day. She loses her family at a young a age and refuses the orphanage and runs away. She's now 18 has a best friend who's one of her. What well she do when she and her friend fall in love with someone different.


2. Battle Mode Activated


Its night.New Moon. A dark cold night. Me and Tam are dressed in black with bandannas on our mouth. Were traveling by foot on roofs. One roof at a time. Jump Jump Jump. High or low we are pros. 'Wait...stop' I yell to tam as i slide on the roof to stop running. We stay still until we could hear the sound of a person screaming for help down at the alley net to the building were on. It sounded like a boy. I turned over to Tam and she nods. Thats what was great about us. We could read each others mind. 

We sprint of the ledge of the 5 story apartment building. Me and Tam grab the clothesline from each story to use it to get to the ground. Tam landed on a on a lid of a big garbage things. (i dont knoe what it is ^.^ ) And of course i landed on the hard ceniment ground. Its didn't hurt since i am trained. Luckily we landed right behind the man hurting the boy. Once he turned around i did a flying spin kick. It knocked him out. Tam went to the boy dragging him to the side so he wont get hurt. Then out of nowhere 5 more guys came. What is this?! Far Cry 3?! Any ways Tam took out three by making them hit them selves which is always nice to watch one punch the other in the jaw and one kick the other in the area. I took out the other 2 by climbing ones arm kicking him in the face and me in the air landing on the other hitting him in the face :D. Once they were all out tam ran to the boy. While i checked for cash. 20 bucks. REALLY..!?

Anyways i ran to tam and the boy. He had a quiff with a blond streak. He's kinda hot. He had a ton of bruises on his arm. I checked his rib area, trying not to get distracted at what i looking at. Its pretty bruised and a big cut too. I looked at Tam 'lets go fella' She says grabbing him by the arm. I guess were taking him with us. We had a half hour walk home. Now an hour cause he wouldn't even try to WALK! 'CAN YOU AT LEAST TRY TO WALK!' i ended up yelling. Tam shot me her famous 'be nice' glare.

Once we finally go to our cabin in the woods tam unlocked the door and i dragged him in and on the couch. Tam bring me the first aid kit.

A/N. Hope you like it its may not be my best. Sorry bout that

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