Not Human

Alex. Anyways Alex is not a normal teenager. A animal when she wants but not on full moon. A criminal in the day, a hero in the day. She loses her family at a young a age and refuses the orphanage and runs away. She's now 18 has a best friend who's one of her. What well she do when she and her friend fall in love with someone different.


1. Me and My past Life

Names Alex. Anyways, I have brown long wavy hair with long side bangs, and deep brown eyes in the dark and hazel in the light. I was born in the hearts of Mexico. But then my Family and I moved to the dangerous ghetto hoods of Atlanta Georgia. Ever since i was 7 my dad put me in training of Urban Ninja Warrior Training where you learn how to freerun and do parkour. But on day my life changed. I was 10, in my normal day at class when two police men came in my class and told me that my entire family died in a house fire. My Mom, Dad, Baby brother. Everyone...Gone.. Ever since then I've never been the same. Before they turned me into the orphanage i ran away. I ended up up being like Robbin Hood. I stole things or fight the skills i learned as a kid in case. Draw graffiti on Bridges and signs. Just life like a gangster. But at night i save lives. Help people in need so im not all bad. But still the most wanted in the state of Georgia. But when i was 14. I discovered a long family secret. Something magical. Later on i discovered that there was more of my kind. I found my Best Friend. Tammy . She was too one of me. We both had the tattoo the secret leaves. I taught tammy how to run away, and fight. She taught me how to survive and how to cook. Im not going to lie i eat about every 5 minutes. Now were 18, we masterd our freerunning and parkour skills. We moved in to the woods were we live now in a cabin with rooms, a kitchen, everything we need. But we only live there in the day not night. So i dont know whats the point of US having beds. We hunt the city in the night. so yeaa..

A/N. So this is my first story. Sorry if it isnt good. 

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