Christmas love

Audrey in this story mets her second favorite band member Harry Styles but her and Harry become very close with each other when Harry tells Audrey not to go to work one day she gets to meet the rest of the group but she sees Niall and she likes Niall and Harry both but she has a hard time choosing who but she told her best friend Aubrey that she could date Niall but will Audrey let her...


2. The First Date

Harry pov: When I answered my phone and said hello, a lovely voice said hello back so I asked, me: may I ask who this is, voice: it's Audrey from Starbucks, me: ah hello love how are you, Audrey: I'm fine and you Harry, me: thinking of a beautiful girl I met today, Audrey: oh she must be a lucky girl than, me: yes she is very lucky but I didn't get to ask her on a date, Audrey: oh well call her and ask her, me: how can I call her if I'm already talking to her, Audrey: wait washroom the girl your thinking of, me: yes you are, Audrey: awwww that's so cute, me: haha I bet you never went on a date with a famous person before, Audrey: no but I would love to, me: ok well meet me at Starbucks, Audrey: I'm still here but I'm off work, me: ok I'll meet you there ok love, Audrey: haha ok Harry ill wait right here, me: ok see you soon beautiful, Audrey: ok I'll see ya soon. After that I got in my car and went to Starbucks, when I got there Audrey was standing there listening to music and watching for me, so I got out of the car and opened her side she got in and took out her headphones out and smiled. When I also got in the car I asked her if she wanted to go change and she said yes, so I take her to her flat and I go in and sit on the couch looking around till Audrey was done. Audrey came out and looked so beautiful still.

Audrey's pov: So I called Harry and he told me that he was thinking of me I kind of blushed. So he asked me on a date,so of course I said yes so he came and picked me up from Starbucks. Harry asked me if I wanted go change so I said yes. When we got to my flat Harry sat on the couch while I went to go change. I didn't know what to wear so I put on my black shirt with a checkered collar, Angle jeans and my DC shoes, I parted my hair so it was on my lefted side the I brushed it and finished it off with a headband with a flower on top. So I came out and Harry was looking me up and down an said" you are so Beautiful Audrey" I blushed when he said that so I said" thank you and you are so hansome Harry" he just smiled. So I asked, me: So Harry where are we going, Harry:we can go to my flat or to the park, me: well you pick, Harry: ok let's go to the park, me: ok. So we get to the park and we walk around, I find a little open area with no trees and it was by the pond, so I lay down in the grass and Harry just looks at me, oh great I'm going to have to tell him why I'm looking at the stars ok here goes nothing, me: Harry.....
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