And Then He Loved Me (One Direction Fanfic)

{ Yes, I am writing a One Direction fanfiction. I write for fun and not really to show off skill, so please no constructive criticism, although if you ask me to, I'll give you some! }


1. Intro/ Character Submissions

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsie, and this is my first fan fiction! But, of course, it needs characters. If you're interested in being one of the following characters, comment below with this information:
-Name (real or not, doesn't matter to me!)
-Age (Once again, real or not. Doesn't matter.)
-Appearance (Hair color/Length, Eye Color/ Height, body type. Only what you're comfortable telling!)
-Personality Traits
-Hobbies (What you like to do/ play any sports/ in any clubs etc.)

The characters are listed below

Harry Styles girlfriend
Louis Tomlinson girlfriend
Liam Payne girlfriend
Niall Horan girlfriend
Zayn Malik girlfriend
Band's best 'girl'friend 1
Bands best 'girl'friend 2
Mystery characters :) (4 of these, male or female, very important to the plot of the story)
And last but not least..
Harry's crazy ex
Please comment, as I can not write until I have characters! I thought itd be more fun this way !
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