From The Begining

17year old Kristen didn't think about what she got herself into when she met Riley 18 year old senior at Mckinnley Highschool.


1. New School, New Rep

I'm Kristen I'm 23 but let's not get into this lets go to the Begining. A new school yippee, this is the tenth school I've transferred to. Everyone was so different then it was in Seattle. But there was this one kid who really stood out. Jet black hair , crystal blue eyes, pale , tall, Skinny . I don't know what this was but I got this chill from looking at him. He was ...... different. Who is that? I nagged my mentor, That's Riley. His real names Jayston but he doesn't like it so we call him by his middle name. Oh, introduce me. I'd rather not... Oh we'll I dragged hHailey across the hall to this boy who was getting to me. Ugh Riley This is Kristen she's new. Hey. So you like Mckinnley? I didn't say one word I froze. OWW WHAT THE HELL HAILEY?!?! He asked you a question so I punched you, you weren't responding. Ya I noticed. NOW TELL THE BOY shouted hailey. Umm. It's interesting? You don't have to spare my feelings I know it's shit, we should hang out? How's my place after school? Umm y yes, I mean that would be cool. Great see ya. Are you going asked hailey . Ya I ........need to.
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