From The Begining

17year old Kristen didn't think about what she got herself into when she met Riley 18 year old senior at Mckinnley Highschool.


2. Ice cold

God, I shouldn't be here, I hesitated to knock on the door. As I reached for the knocker it opened. Welcome, RILEY YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!! Sorry haha I was excited to see you so I cam down when I heard your car door shut. He was excited to see ME!! Ya well sorry I was a little early, Oh it's fine come in . Thanks this place is massive! Thank you come upstairs I was writing a song, we ran up the endless stair case I didn't kno he wrote songs yes perfect. He was listening to Sleeping With Sirens. I didn't know you listened to this stuff. Oh sorry you can change it. No way I replied I love them! Sweet, hey want me to teach you to play? Play what? Who are you now. Ok sure sounds fun. He came closer and inter locked my arms with his he was strumming the guitar guiding me, I'm playing it! We're playing it he replied, I looked up into an icey cold stare he leaned in and kissed me, it's was .... Cold. Perfect . Exciting. Umm you should go, what I just got here you kiss me now I have to leave?!?! Ni it's not like that! Ok then why, before I could finish my sentence the room shook.
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