Haley and Louis have been best friends since preschool. What happens when Louis goes away for two years for the x-factor and touring with One Direction. Will their friendship stay they same? Or will things change?


3. chapter two.

     When Louis gets the door open four guys walk in and Louis hugs them all then directs them into the living room, where I am sitting. "Guys this is Haley, my best friend." Louis tells them looking at me. "Hi, Haley. I'm Harry." A guy with mad curly brown hair and very vibrant green eyes says waving to me, so I wave back.  "I'm Niall." A boy with blond hair waves to me, he is obviously not from here, he has a very dominate Irish accent. "Zayn." A tan guy with dark hair styled in sort of a quiff waves, and I wave back to him and Niall. "And I'm Liam." A boy with light brown hair waves. "Nice to meet you all." I smile then stand up and walk to Louis, who hugs me rubbing my back, keeping his arm around me. "Alright then. Lets go." Louis speaks up and we walk out and get in this big black van. I sit in between Louis and Harry, and Louis pulls me into him. We had always been sort of touchy-feely with each other, and I was glad to know that things hadn't changed between us in the two years that he has been away.

     We pulled up to our local Nando's which I was told was one of the boys favorite restaurants. We ordered and sat at a round table. I was between Louis and Niall. Beside Niall was Liam, beside Liam was Zayn, then beside Zayn sat Harry. We ate our food, talking about random things and then I discovered that the boys were throwing a party tonight at Harry and Niall's apartment, which Louis and I were invited to and Liam and Zayn's girlfriends would be there. Great, more people to meet today.


     When we all went back to Louis and my apartment we watched movies until they had to leave to prepare for the party then I changed into a short cocktail dress. It was strapless with a sweetheart cut that was white until right under my breast it had a thin satin black belt then it turned grey in a jean like pattern all the way down until right above my mid thigh. It was fitted all the way down and the back of the dress was black. I wore some dangling ear rings and some bracelets, and brought a little silver hand bag to keep my phone and other personal belongings I was taking with me in. I wore some black leather pumps and re-did my make up and curled the ends of my hair slightly.

     "Haley, what are you-" Louis started to ask walking into my bedroom to find me standing in front of the mirror. "Wow, you look incredible." he said leaning on my door frame with his arms crossed, flexing the muscles of his now prominent biceps. "Thanks, Lou." I smile and walk to him grabbing his hand and pulling him into his bed room. I dropped his hold on my hand and I walked to his closet throwing him a white v neck t-shirt and a black blazer, then got some black skinny jeans out of his drawer. "Shoes?" he asks slipping off the pants he was wearing and putting on the skinny jeans. "Wear black vans." I tell him dazing off as he grabs the bottom of his shirt pulling it off. When it gets off he notices me staring, "Hales? You okay?" he laughs sliding on the other shirt. "Oh, sorry." I tell him blushing then turning and walking out the room.

     A little later Louis comes out of his room wearing what I told him. "Your ready?" he asks fixing the collar of his blazer. I stand up and grab my bag from the counter of the kitchen then we walk outside and he opens the passenger door of his black Porsche Boxster for me to get in, which I do. Then he walks around to the driver side and gets in. It was silent on the way to the party, I guess he wasn't over what happened earlier when he was getting dressed.


     The party was great. I had been drinking all night so after a few hours I had no earthly clue what was going on. I walked back up to the keg but was suddenly pulled back onto the dance floor by Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend. I had a feeling we were going to be good friends some day. She was a ton of fun to be around. We were dancing for a while and Louis came up holding a beer and stood by a wall talking to some friends. I walked over to him and said, "Come dance with me." He shook his head, "No, Haley. Your drunk." "Yes, Louis. I am drunk, and I wan't you to dance with me." I tell him giving him the puppy dog face. He finally gave in when I reached around and pinched his butt. "Fine, Hales. I will dance with you." I smiled and grabbed his hands pulling him with me out in the open.

     After a while he was holding my hips from behind with me pressed up to him. He bent down to my ear and whispered," Are you tiered yet?" I hadn't really thought about it but now that I did, I was actually getting tiered of dancing. I nod a little and he grabs my wrist and pulls me to Harry. "Haz, were both tiered. Think were gonna get out of here." He tells Harry and then pulls me outside. "Louis, I don't wanna walk." I slur drunkenly. I wrap my arms around his neck and he picks me up and carries me to a taxi. He tells the driver where we need to go and pulls me to lie against him.

     I don't know if it was all the beer or if it really was that I liked him or what, but I placed my hand on his inner thigh and slowly started going up. "Hales, what are you doing?" he asked as I placed my hand over his "package." I smirked up at him, he sat with his head leaned up against the seat. I palmed him and he slightly moaned then grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away.

 **A/N) The content gets a little mature here, so if your not age appropriate then please skip this part, I don't want any hate, I did warn you!

 When the taxi stopped at our apartment Louis payed the driver and pulled me out and into the building up to our apartment. When we got in he lifted me up, sitting me on the island in the kitchen. "Louis." I said trying to pull him to me as he stood with his hands on either side of me with his head down. I bent down and started sucking at his neck. "Haley, love, stop please. Your drunk, I can't do this." he pleaded with me walking away from the counter. I hoped down and walked behind him, grabbing his wrist. "Please, Louis." I begged and he turned around. "Hales, your my best friend I can't have sex with you. I can't think about you like that." He said and I walked up to him, wrapping my arms around him, placing my hands on his bum. "Please." I beg again. Then I felt Louis pick me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he carried me to his bedroom and lied me on the bed falling on top of me. He unzipped my dress, pulling it off of me, throwing it to the ground. He began kissing all over me. I wasn't wearing a bra, so he started rubbing my breast. He slowly pulled my thong off and shoved two fingers into me. He started rubbing my clit, making me moan in pleasure. I pulled his blazer off of him, followed by his shirt. Next, I unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pulling them off of him. He got frustrated and started helping me get them off, leaving him in his boxers with his pants on the ground. He put another finger in making me moan again even louder. "Louis, just get in me already!" I yelled out. He took his fingers out and slipped off his boxers, he reached up to a drawer and grabbed a silver little packet, handing it to me. He started kissing my neck, and I rolled the condom on him. Then he asked," Are you ready?" and lined himself up with my entrance. I nod my head and he slowly  puts himself inside of me, letting me get used to his size. He thrusted his way in and it hurt at first but after a while it started to feel good. The air was filled with moans and I was about to climax. He started to thrust faster. "Louis, I'm going to cum." I say in between moans. "No your not, not until I say you are." he says and speeds up. His thrusts become sloppy as he is almost there to. "I can't hold it any longer Louis." I tell him and he yells," Me either Hales." And we both cum together, yelling each others names. He pulls out and rolls over beside me.

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