Haley and Louis have been best friends since preschool. What happens when Louis goes away for two years for the x-factor and touring with One Direction. Will their friendship stay they same? Or will things change?


4. chapter three.

     I woke up with someones arms wrapped around me. What happened last night? I turned around to see Louis playing with my hair. "Morning beautiful," he said with his sexy morning voice. "Morning." I tell him snuggling into his chest. "Are you hungry?" he asks and I nod so we both sit up. "God, my head is killing me. What happened last night?" I said placing my hand on my forehead. "Well, for starters. You totally seduced me." he said scratching the back of his neck. "I did?" I asked widening my eyes. "Yea." he says smirking at me. "I'm sorry." I laugh. "Its alright," he says then we pause for a while. "I actually enjoyed it," he says kind of shocked with himself. "What?" I ask sitting up and widening my eyes at him. "Yea," he adds awkwardly looking at me, "You didn't?"

"I don't remember. I mean I have been attracted to you for a while, I didn't want to mess us up though." I pause then add, "I'm sorry." He shakes his head laughing, " Haley, I've been attracted to you to." I laughed a little then realized how weird this is going to make things now. "What now?" I ask looking at him. "What do you want to happen now?" he smiles at me. I smirk a little then roll over on top of him. "Now, I make you mine." I mumble into his chest, kissing and biting along his collar bone. "Haley." Louis moans underneath me as I bite his neck then suck it, leaving a mark.



     Tonight we were supposed to meet up with the boys, Perrie, and Dani at this extremely nice restaurant to discuss things about their upcoming tour. Louis and I had laid in bed all day, cuddling with each other, watching movies, occasionally a kiss or two would be shared. I was really falling for my best friend. This is the kind of thing you see in movies.

     "Haley." Louis moaned into my mouth. I bit his bottom lip and pulled back. I sat up and started looking at Louis. He dipped his head to my neck, sucking at it. "Louis, baby. I need to shower." I lean my head back as he finds my sweet spot and starts sucking it as I moan. "Can I come with you?" he asks pulling away. "We don't have enough time. We have to meet them in an hour and a half." I tell him getting up and walking out of his room and into my bathroom.

     When I got out of the shower I dried my hair and let my waves fall. "Louis." I asked walking into his room wearing a black lacy thong and bra. "Will you help me decide what to wear?" he was wearing black pants and a white button up shirt. He buttoned his last button and followed me into my room. I grabbed two dresses from my closet. One was jade green and fit tightly, it had sleeves that covered everything but my shoulders. The other dress was black and tightly fit it was strapless except for a strap that started at the right and was beaded across to behind my left shoulder. "Which one?" I asked and he smiled. "The black one." I slipped the dress on and turned my back to Louis. He unbuckled my bra and I pulled the straps off, followed by the base of the bra. Then zipped up my dress. He walked back into his room and I put on some black pumps and did my make up.We left a little while later.


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