Haley and Louis have been best friends since preschool. What happens when Louis goes away for two years for the x-factor and touring with One Direction. Will their friendship stay they same? Or will things change?


2. chapter one.

     "Haley, wake your lazy butt up!" Louis yelled banging on the door to my bedroom in our shared apartment.

"Go away." I mumbled into my pillow and then it went silent so I assumed he had decided to let me sleep and I dozed back off. A couple moments later I head the familiar squeak of my door being opened and my blankets are pulled off my bottom revealing my black lace under wear. Then the next thing I know I am soaking wet, no not like that. The idiot had just squirted me in the butt crack with a freaking water gun. "Tomlinson, I'm going to murder you!" I yell at him getting out of my bed and grabbing a change of underwear and a bra and getting in the shower.

     Louis and I have been best friends for 14 years. We met in preschool when he broke his crayon and I offered to share mine, we have been joint at the hip ever since. Yea, he is like my brother. As we got older he got really into singing and performing and when he was 18 some of his family and I talked his talented bum into auditioning for the x-factor. He made it through to boot camp but there he was voted off as a solo artist, later to be brought back and put in a band of 5 boys called One Direction. Well he is 20 now, and I am 19. Ever since then he has been on tour and is just now getting back home. I missed him like crazy. Today I was finally meeting the boys, so I have to look my best.

     I got out of the shower and put on my undergarments then began blow drying my long blonde hair. Louis didn't mind me walking around half dressed. We thought nothing of it because when we were younger we used to spend the night at each others houses and had even swam together with just out under wear on. I finished drying my hair and left it to do its own thing. My hair was naturally wavy and framed my face very well so I didn't mind just letting it be.

     I put on some black tights and a cream sweater dress and a grey sweater over it. I added a long key necklace and put on some black wedge ankle boots. Then I applied my makeup,(light foundation, brown eye shadow and brown eyeliner to frame my green eyes.) After I finish my makeup I grab my phone and purse and walk into our kitchen to find Louis wearing his black Calvin Klein boxers standing by the counter sipping on some tea. "Morning sleeping beauty." Louis laughed sitting his tea down on the counter. "That wasn't funny Lou, you can plan on revenge." I tell him pouring myself some tea and sitting on a stool by the counter. He laughs, "Yeah love, I'll plan on that happening." "I'm being serious." I tell him and he walks out the room and yells back," What ever you say, Hales!"

     I watch some T.V until Lou comes back fully dressed in some red skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt with blue vans. He plops down on the couch beside me, "What are we watching?" I move to where his arm is comfortable around me, "There is nothing on." I say handing him the remote. We finally settle on watching a movie until there is a knock at the door and Louis goes to open it.

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