Haley and Louis have been best friends since preschool. What happens when Louis goes away for two years for the x-factor and touring with One Direction. Will their friendship stay they same? Or will things change?


5. chapter four. (13+)

     We got to the restaurant a little later and sat at a table large enough to fit all eight of us. I sat in between Louis and Harry and across from Zayn, at the end of the table.  We ate our appetizers and the boys started talking about the tour and I was just awkwardly sitting there, thinking about the past few days with Louis. Then I remember that I owed him pay back. I smirk then place my hands in my lap slowly easing one of them to Louis thigh. When my small hand touches him, he turns to me with a questioning look on his face, I just smile at him and move my hand up to the slight bulge in his pants. I rub him and he starts biting his bottom lip, attempting to hold back a moan. No one notices because they were all distracted in there own conversations. I start to palm him and he once again looks at me so I mouth back," Payback." I continue palming him through his pants for a while then slide my hand up and unbutton them. "Quit." Louis mumbles harshly and I slip my hand down his pants. Harry looks across me at Louis and asks," Lou, are you up for a club later?" I smile really big as I slide my hand in Louis's boxers before he can talk. "Su-" he begins but Harry notices whats going on and just dies laughing, "I guess not." I pull my hand out and button Louis's pants before turning to talk to Harry. "Take me home." Louis whispers in my ear and I shake my head returning to my conversation with Harry.

     After we are all done eating Louis and I get in his car to leave. "You shouldn't have done that." Louis says smirking at me then returning his gaze to the road. "And why is that?" I ask picking at him. He takes one hand off the steering wheel and grabs my hand placing it over his now very prominent bulge, "Because love, now you're going to fix it." I shake my head, laughing at him and pull my hand away, "That was payback babe. Fix it yourself."

     We got to our apartment and I walked inside, Louis was shortly behind me. I laughed as we got in the elevator and he had a major boner. "You caused it." he said defensively as the little bell rung signaling that the doors were about to open on our floor. When we got inside I walked to my room and changed into some Hollister pj shorts and put on the black lace bra that I was wearing before we left. Louis came in the room behind me and removed my hair from my shoulder and started kissing my neck. He pressed his boner into my crotch, "Feel it?" he asked and I nodded trying to control my breath. "That's how much I want you right now." he breathed against my neck and I turned to face him. His tongue parted my top and bottom lips and then he pushed it into my mouth. His tongue worked perfectly with mine, it felt so good. The tip of it traced the sides of mine and then he took his lips away from mine and put them back down to my neck. Immediately, he started to suck and kiss it. Leaving big sloppy wet spots all over and when he found my sweet spot he sucked and bit so hard he drew blood to the surface. I could already tell that there was a bright red, painful mark on the side of my neck, but I didn't care as long as it was from Louis. My arms grabbed around his back and I tore his jacket off of his body and threw it to the floor. I slowly started to unbutton all the buttons on his shirt, looking into his beautiful blue eyes that were filled with lust. When I was finally done, I threw the shirt onto the floor with the jacket and ran my fingertips over his gorgeous body. He reached for the top of my pj shorts and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and stood in front of him in my black lace bra and soaking wet thong.  He lifted me up again and kissed my neck even more as he brought me over to the bed. He sat down and I was still in his arms. I quickly re-positioned myself so that I was straddling him. I took my bra off and flung it across the room. Louis's mouth attacked my breasts making many moans and noises leave my lips. I put my hand down on his crotch and started to palm him again. "Louis that cannot be comfortable." I laughed looking at the bulge in his pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped them and then took them off of him. He was only wearing briefs underneath and I could see him clearly through the fabric. I pulled those off too and he was completely naked. "Looks like I've still got a job to do." He chuckled and tore my thong off. "Louis!" I shrieked. "That was expensive." "Relax, I'll buy you another one love." We got further onto the bed and he lay down with his erection springing up. I put a knee on each side of his and bent over and started to blow him. I put as much as I could of his length into my mouth and massaged his balls with my other hand. I knew all of his weaknesses, and that was one of them. His soft, sexy moans and groans made me throb for him. I started to bob my head up and down faster and I eventually deep throated him. "Haley!" He shouted and released his load of warm cum down my throat. I licked my lips sexually and then climbed over him. I straddled his face so his tongue could do its magic. He started to wipe his tongue up and down my slit a couple of times collecting my juices. He started to flick my clit violently making me loose all of the strength in my legs. I had to hold myself up with my arms and my breathing became heavy. I felt my core start to get hot and I knew what that meant. "Lou, I'm almost there." I groaned. "Hold it." He demanded. I clenched  trying to keep from cumming. He dove his tongue deep into me and thrusted it in and out. My face started to get hot and I was having such a hard time holding it in. He brought a thumb and started to draw patterns on my clit. "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. I came on his tongue and he licked me clean. "You taste so good Hales." He smiled. I got off of his face and he sat with his back leaning against the headboard. "Ready?" He smirked. "Yes." I said smiling back. I straddled his hips again and lowered myself onto him. He was so huge and the pain was extreme. I rested my hands on his chest and his hands were on my back. Once he was fully inside of me, I tried to adjust, but Louis had a different idea and started to rock his hips up and down forcefully. "Louis!!!" I cried, tears streaming down my face. He was going back so far, further than before. "You're so tight." He grunted. "You're so big!" I moaned. As much as it hurt he slid in and out with ease due to how wet he made me. He started to dig his fingernails into my back and leave lines. "Louis, I'm close." I moaned and he replied," Me too." I screamed his name and he screamed mine as we both released all over each other. Then he pulled out and lied next to me, pulling me into his arms. "I love you Louis." I said in between breathes. "I love you Haley." he said and we both dozed off.


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