Haley and Louis have been best friends since preschool. What happens when Louis goes away for two years for the x-factor and touring with One Direction. Will their friendship stay they same? Or will things change?


6. chapter five.

     I woke up for the second time this week in Louis's arms. I rolled him over and kissed him, "Wake up boo bear." I laughed as I used his old childhood nickname. "Five more minutes." he groans burring his head in his pillow. I slowly get out of the bed and redress in my pjs and bra then walk out of his bedroom plotting some crazy way to wake him up, just like he woke me up. I find his stupid water gun and find a bowl and fill it with ice and water, where it will be freezing cold. After a couple minutes I fill the gun with water and go into Louis's room. "Louis." I call and he just groans. I laugh then walk to wear his face is sticking out of the cover and squirt him. He shoots up. "What the crap, Haley!" "Morning baby." I laugh as he wipes his face off then lies back down. Okay, he is just asking for it now. I squirt him again and he finally decides to wake up for good now. He puts on some boxers and we go to the kitchen to eat some cereal, neither of us were excellent cooks.

     After our cereal I pull him into the living room and put in my favorite movie, Love Wedding Marriage. He pulls me close and we sit there for the rest of the day watching a movie in the comfort of each others arms, that is until we got a call from Harry asking if we wanted to go to the movies with them tonight, which we of course said yes to.

     I took a shower and blow dried my hair letting it fall wavy down my back. I put on some tribal print leggings with a long black shirt with black fringe boots and put on my makeup.

     When Louis was ready we headed to the movies to see this new scary movie called Mama. The thing was so scary, I was literately in Louis's lap most of the time. He found it funny that I was this scared, but he still held me because he knew I have always been afraid of this kind of thing.

     When the movie was over we went out to eat then back home. I started out in my bed tonight. About halfway through the night I started having nightmares and ran to Louis room. I shook him a little and he woke up slightly," Hales, whats wrong?" I just shook my head,"I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?" He slid over a little bit and wrapped me in his strong arms, making me feel safe.



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