lightning rises

bruce, a regular man who was choosen to save the world from phanohn a evil super villan who has never been stoped until now


7. the final battle

Bruce threw the first punch phanohn blocked it. phanohn used a electric moved it didnt really hurt bruce, then bruce threw a electric mini bomb it hit phanohn but it only had a little damage. then phanohn used a final flash it flashed chu and bruce, chu wasnt even fighting but it still hurt him. bruce started to charge up his final move shot, then when he shot it phanohn moved and shot 2 blast shots bruce blocked it then he charged up his final move again and this one was not a shot it was a close combat hit. it was a electricity uppercut hit if he would be able to hit phanohn he would beat him and would be able to take back the garnet birth stone. bruce flew up to phanohn and hit him with a uppercut all the sudden phanohn blew up and all what was left the garnet birth stone. when the fight was over bruce thanked chu for everything and to stop by anytime. bruce returned the garnet birth stone and was thanked from the city and from the unknown super hero club. but now theres even more villians out there

                                                                   The end    

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