lightning rises

bruce, a regular man who was choosen to save the world from phanohn a evil super villan who has never been stoped until now


5. recovery and training

The next day bruce woke up from the acoma, they said he was able to leave the hospital and that he had no injures, to just be careful next time. when he got home, he starded thinking that if he cound'nt beat phanohns gaurdins he could never beat phanohn in a thousand years. he thought of what he could do instead to trying to get new powers. he thought of training every day in the gym. as he went to the gym he met a personal trainer named chu he was one of the top 10 mixed martrial arts fighters in korea. trained with chu everyday. bruce became so strong that he could probaly beat chu in a fight without using any of his powers. the next day chu went to go find him another mma fight from the U.S.A. to fight bruce. bruce cound'nt use his powers so it was just his regular body strenght. as the bell rang the U.S. fighter ran up to bruce and threw a punch, the U.S. fighter had missed both his thows he threw at so then the U.S. fighter jumped and kicked bruce in the face. then bruce got really mad, he got back in the fighting postion and hit the U.S. fighter in the face,then he hit him on the side of the leg. then the U.S. fighter hit bruce really hard in the face that he started to bleed. you could tell bruce was furious,bruce was able to hit the U.S. fighter in the face was a uppercut then all the sudden the U.S. fighter fell on the floor and was knocked out.bruce was really happy that he won. bruce thanked chu for all the helped. chu and bruce knew that it was time to fight phanohn.

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