lightning rises

bruce, a regular man who was choosen to save the world from phanohn a evil super villan who has never been stoped until now


3. new powers

The next morning bruce got an idea, his idea was to sneak in the lab at night to get some powers but the problem was he didnt know waht powers hewas going to get. so when everyone let the local lab in his area,he snuck in the lab and started to mix random toxins and acids together,once he thought the formula was ready he drank it.then all the sudden he started floating in the air. then he felt this big energy as soon as he felt that he knew that he knew that he was super strong.he was able to control both powers and then he noticed his hands were glowing yellowing with electricity around them then he knew he had the power to control lighting. he was able to fly home safe. when he got home he started to think of a super hero name, to keep his identity safe. as he thought all night,he came up with the name LIGHTNING!

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