lightning rises

bruce, a regular man who was choosen to save the world from phanohn a evil super villan who has never been stoped until now


6. locate and finding phanohn

The next couple of days bruce trained to make sure he was in top shape. chu located phanohn with the tracker phanohn was in the sewer. bruce was not sure what phanohn was doing there but he still had to go fight him bruce and chu got suited up and went out to go look for a manhole were no one could see them go in threw, then bruce remembered that he had to take away the garnet birth stone from phanohn. bruce and chu had gotten to the bottom of the ladder it, stunk really bad but they had to countinue with the mission. after wlaking for 10 minuets in the sewer they heard phanohn and his guardians coming when they both saw each other phanohn was furiuos because he thought bruce was here wasting his time. phanohn said "now sinse you have a little partner you think your strong" bruce said "i have only become stronger and faster and this time im going to defeat you" then phanohn said "attack" and everyone ran up and in less than 2 minutes chu and bruce took out evering gaurding. phanohn was dumbfounded he thought for sure that his gaurdings were going to take out chu and bruce. then bruce walked up to phanohn and chu knew he wasready and was going to let him fight alone        

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