lightning rises

bruce, a regular man who was choosen to save the world from phanohn a evil super villan who has never been stoped until now


4. first hero fight

The next day on the news there was an attack by phanohn. bruce got all suited up in his hero suit. the attack was at the city bank and phanohn had stole 1 million dollars. from the bank, as bruce was flying to the bank his locater located that phanohn was on the top of a old abonded building on the top of the roof so he changed his directions in flight and flew to the building. when he got there, ther'er was people gaurding the front doors in a group, bruce just flew to the top of the building were phanohn was when he got there phanohn said "you finally found me, and just because you have littlr powers you can never be able to beat" and when phanohn said that tons of gaurdians came out from behind things then phanohn said "attack him" then everyone attacked him he was only able to take out like 3 people. but then all the sudden someone hit him in the back of the head, and he was knocked out.   

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