Up All Night With Him

Hi!! <3 My Name Is Emily. <3
I'm a Devoted and Dedicated DIRECTIONER!
I basically write fanfics for you guys and my entertainment. i love fanfics cause we all can make up a totally cool story. :)


1. This day

( Emily's POV) "Great..." i think to myself as i wake up friday morning.I hop in the car, ready to take on the horrible day im about to have, because i know im not going to get to go to the one and only One Direction concert...trying to forget about it, i turn on my favorite radio station, but shocker, they are  talking about the sold out concert..so i turned it off and sat in silence as my mother drove me to school... i hop out of the car and walk in the front doors of school. This was the day EVERY girl was talking about at BellOaks High school. The day where i would not be attending the One Direction concert. It was almost like everybody knew that me myself and I , Emily Wilson would not be going. And trust me, this day was utterly the worst day of my life. In every class there was a fangirl group saying how excited they were. Every word made me cringe, and clamp my hands into tight fists. But the day was almost over and 7th period had just begun. our 7th period math teacher, Mrs.Kaiser even left for the day to pick her daughter up for the concert. an hour and thirty agonizing minuets went by... the day was over... for me atleast...

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