Up All Night With Him

Hi!! <3 My Name Is Emily. <3
I'm a Devoted and Dedicated DIRECTIONER!
I basically write fanfics for you guys and my entertainment. i love fanfics cause we all can make up a totally cool story. :)



(Emilys POV)

We got in the car as Allisons mother drove us to the arena. The drive there was amazing, with the windows rolled down as we listened to every single song on our CD's, we were singing along as if One Direction was in the car with us. And soon enough we pulled up to the jam packed arena parking lot, which was chalk full of Directioners. Allison's mom found a place to drop us off , and we  walked into the ticket line. we finally got up to the ticket checker, and he pointed us in. There was posters, T-shirts , everything a Directioner could dream of.

(Allisons POV)

we are actually here at a One Direction concert, i thought to myself. Emily and I walked into the seated arena. we found our spots and sat there for a few minuets, when some other directioners found their seats next to us. we all started to talk and fangirl about who is our favorite, and how excited we were. Right when i was about to exclaim that Zayn should be my soulmate, the room got cold and dark.

(Emilys POV)

Did the power go out? i thought to myself. but then colorful lights began to beam across the entire arena and everyone started chanting "One Direction, One Direction." And right then and there, the moment, the day, the hour, the minuet, the second changed my life when the five most beautiful boys walked on to the stage. I looked at them so closely, and actually could see their facial features in person. And it felt amazing to know i was in first row. They played all the songs, answered twitter questions, danced around like the five amazing boys they are. They threw giant beach balls around the arena. But as they say all great things must come to an end... and the concert did.


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