Up All Night With Him

Hi!! <3 My Name Is Emily. <3
I'm a Devoted and Dedicated DIRECTIONER!
I basically write fanfics for you guys and my entertainment. i love fanfics cause we all can make up a totally cool story. :)


2. a start

(Emilys POV)

I got home and rushed into my room, slammed the door, and plugged my earphones into my phone. I didnt want to stress myself, let alone cry my eyes out...So i chose a song any girl would choose...Little things. I began to ball the second the song started.i looked around in my room at my posters and all of my other One Direction merchandise. I hear someone rushing up the stairs, a loud stomping as if someone let a horse gallop up the stairs. And i locked my door, but my doorknob was shaking as if there was a tornado, so i opened it only to see my best friend Allison.

(Allisons POV) I knew she wanted to go so bad. she had six  hundred dollars saved up. but for the seats she wanted. that money was like a penny, worthless. But my stepdad knows some guy in managers position and got Emily and I both front row. This was a best friend bonus because Emilys birthday is tomorrow anyways.

(Emilys POV) I quickly run up to the door thinking there is an emergency, i see allison in her One direction T-shirt thinking, let me guess, did she get a ticket? Allison was breathing as if she was an old man who forgot an oxygen tank at home, i mean she was panting, and had been crying i could tell by her face, and her nose was pink. I didnt know what was happening, so i asked. i was literally about to faint by what i was hearing, and i might have fangirled and died a little. She was given an extra ticket! I actually got to go live my dream for the one thing i wanted to do, and go to the concert!  we had 2 hours until we had to be at the arena. We had on our matching One Direction shirts on, denim shorts, and some old sperrys. This night was just getting started.


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