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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


24. Tree house

Aria's P.O.V

 I sat facing my brother Alex on a bar stool in our kitchen. He gave me a quirky smile. "How much longer do you think 'till one of them text you?" he said. I looked at him sideways. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. "Niall and Harry. Duh. Anyway they obviously know they have to compete for you. So I bet you one of them's going to wake up super early to call you to hang out. And the others going to call minuets later."

I laughed at his conclusion. "That's Not going to-" I was interrupted by the descending ringtone of my phone. How ironic it was Niall. "Hey" I said nodding my head at Alex to give him credits. He smiled and got up taking out breakfast plates to the sink. "Hey, what are you doing today?" he asked. Suddenly I knew exactly what he was doing. He was twisting his necklace around his finger like he always did when he called someone. "I'm going to paint the tree house" I said remembering how the color was fading.

 "You have a tree house?" he asked a little surprise in his voice.

 Opps no one knew about it except Hanna, Alex and I. We never told anyone. "Yeah, I wasn't suppose to tell anyone about it though, Opps." I let out a small giggle.

 "I wont tell as long as you don't." his musical laugh filled my ears.

 "Do you want to come help?" I asked without even thinking about it. I guess it couldn't hurt to have some help. I mean Alex defiantly wouldn't help considering the last time he was up there we had a nasty fight and then he being him self made a big seen going back down, slipping on the ladder and breaking his foot.

  "I'd love to. What time should I come?" he asked I could hear him shuffling threw stuff as we talked.

  "You can come whenever. I'm stuck here all day." I laughed.  Aimlessly drifting around the kitchen.

 I heard his soft laugh, "How bout I come now so your not to lonely" he suggested.

"Ok see you soon" I said into the phone. "Kay bye" he said as I hung up the phone.

 I sauntered up the stairs into my room peeling off my PJ's and slipping into some black sofie shorts and a white t-shirt. I pulled my hair into a high pony-tail and brushed my teeth. After that I told Alex where I was going and gathered the half empty paint cans from the last time we'd painted it, years ago. I brought them to the counter and I unlocked my phone. Just as I started to text someone the doorbell rang. I set my phone down to go answer to Niall. I open the door and saw him smiling at me. He had grey joggers and a white shirt like mine. "I hope you don't mind if your shirt comes out five different colors." I said with a small laugh letting him in. "As long as your the one leaving the marks" he winked giving me a dirty grin. I knew what he was inputting.

 "I'll have you do extra work." I waked him lightly. He smiled, "Well then we should start so we're not up till 12 painting" He said grabbing two cans I got the other two. I lead him out the back door threw the pasture where to where we had gone trail riding. We went down a series of twist and turns before Niall said, "Are you lost?" he asked as I made a quick left. "No we're almost there. I said as we approached a tall tree with a flimsy rope ladder hanging from the side. "Told you" I smiled at him. He gave me a smile and I started climbing up once I reached the top I set down the paint and hooked my phone up to the dock Hanna and I had left up here. I retrieved the paint brushes from the abandon corner and handed one to Niall just as he set his cans down. I kicked aside the sheets Hanna and I had left and popped the cans open. Blue, Green, Pink, and red. "What do you want me to do?" he asked as if this was going to be like painting a normal room. I softly laughed at his mistake. "Paint wherever, whatever" I said dipping my brush into the red. "Wherever?" he asked. "Yep" I said. I painted a stripe of red on a wall and then made a cross. The paint dripped down the wall ruining the design. "Oh fuck this" I dropped the brush dipping my fingers in some blue paint and dragging it down the wall. I looked over my shoulder to check on Niall. He was staring at me like I had just invented the light bulb. He two dropped his brush and dipped his hands in green paint. "Oh my god this is going to be the weirdest painted room in the entire world." He laughed splatting his hands on the faded blue walls. I wiped my hands on the shirt and clicked the screen of my phone a couple times to turn on some music. I set it the shuffle and cranked it up all the way.

  He whipped around tossing me a quick smile, "Your shirt looks really good on you. And I love the design." he teased my paint covered shirt.  "Oh shut up" I laughed dripping my hands in the pink paint and streaking them down the front of his shirt. "Hey now look you have the same one in a different color!" I giggled. "Ari! it's this shade would look perfect on you"  he laughed dipping his hands in the blue paint and grabbing onto my arms and pulling down leaving blue all down my arms. "See?" he smiled with a chuckle. I rolled up my sleeves making my shirt a tank top and then I stepped a foot in the green paint and one in the red leaving foot prints as I walked across the floor. He rolled up his joggers and did the same. I laughed when he tripped over himself leaving streaky footmarks in an area. "Is your middle name grace? 'Cause your the most graceful thing I've ever seen." I laughed helping him up. "Almost as 'graceful' as you when you ice-skate" he teased fun. I felt blush creep up my cheeks and I let out a small laugh. "You were like a ballerina" He said jumping doing a turn in the air leaving irregular foot prints behind. I let out a giggle when he stumbled over his feet after another set of jumps. He grabbed my hands pulling me closer to him, "Your a dancer, teach me to dance." He smiled letting my hands go. I crinkled my nose, "Your not dressed right." I said dripping my hands in red and blue paint. "First your going to need some color" I said slipping my hands onto his biceps and leaving hand prints on them. "And you clothes need more color.." I laughed spreading paint all over the front of his shirt. He let out a laugh, "I thought we were dancing not finger painting" he said drawing an imaginary squiggle line in the air. "The first step to a good dancer is a glamorous costume"  I sarcastically smiled. Taking my thumb and drawing a red line down his nose. "Your not colorful enough yet then." He said setting his hands in pink paint and spreading across my collarbones and then outlining my jaw line. Making my nose itch with the smell. I let out a giggle and he smiled. "Your shirt too" he said flicking blue and green onto my shirt. "You legs shouldn't be bare." he said kneeling down and streaking them in green and red lines. "Cold" I shivered as the paint covered my skin. He laughed coming back up to meet my gaze. "What's the next step teacher?" he asked.  "We dance!" I said grabbing his hands. He laughed spinning me in a circle. The song playing on my phone transferred to a ironic enough One Direction song. I immediately saw his face light up. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started jumping to the beat. "Da nananana na na. Da na na na na na" He sang to the beginning of 'Kiss you'. I joined in jumping, "Oh I just wanna take you any way that you like..." I sang. "We can go out any day any night.." He sang back perfectly in tune. "Baby I'll take you there take you there" I whipped my head to the side so my hair freed it's self from the pony tail. "Baby I'll take you there eh" I sang back to him. "Oh tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn your love on. You can get, get anything that you want.." he stepped into me forcing me to step back. "Baby just shout it out shout it. Baby just shout it out ya" I jumped up into him wrapping my legs around his waist, taking him by surprise. He stumbled back a step but steadied himself laughing. "Hel-loe" he laughed. "And if you-o-o. You want me to-o-o lets make a mov-o-ove. So tell me girl if every time we..." he swung me around and set me down. "Tou-u-uch you get this kind of blu-u-ush" I sang to him as he pulled me towards him by the front of my shirt. "Hmmmm" he hummed rhythmically . I rolled my eyes at him as he leaned against the wall bringing me with him. He smiled humming away happily. "-And let me kiss you" he sang  right before he smashed his lips into mine. Creating the spark I'd missed so much. His lips felt the same against mine as he gentility massaged mine with his. My eyes fluttered close and I leaned a little more weight into him. I pulled away gradually. I looked up to see Niall's sparkling eyes meet mine. My face cracked into a smile, "You planned that. Chucky Cheesy you are" I laughed. He let out a chuckle, "I think we both know you liked it" he winked teasingly. I felt heat burn my cheeks. "I think we should go get cleaned up before we dry stiff" I said hurriedly making my way to the exit to hide my growing blush and quirky smile.

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