Secretes Scandals Lies

Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


37. Splash

Niall's P.O.V.

  We crept out behind Ari Harry on her left I on her right. I turned to Harry as we shared devilish grins. I grabbed her by her tiny waist and slung her over my shoulder, growling when Harry gave me the signal. She lashed out defensively. "What the fuck!" she quickly exclaimed, "Niall!" she pounded my back. I let out an airy chuckle walking towards the house Harry following close beside. "We scared you admit it" Harry let in. "I was attacked!" she wiggled falling bridal style into my arms. "Anyways.." I cut to the point turning her attention to me, "Webhorsty is back to business." I recalled from what seemed like years ago. Her eyes, electrified looked up at me, big and excited. "Really? What happened?" she dodged her eyes between Harry and I. "We realized bigger things." harry continued. I sat onto the couch bringing Ari down with me. Harry smiley made himself comfy in the recliner. "Like you. We're sorry for what we did to you. We didn't do anything to actually hurt each other but we did stuff that hurt you and we hated each other for the stuff we did to you." I elaborated. Ari needy climbed onto my lap and jumped to kiss me longingly her soft lip worked magic with mine. I grabbed the nape of her neck pulling her into me more as she did to me. "Guys! don't mess the couch." Harry broke us up. She pulled me into a hug quickly after her depart. "I love you so much for this" she whispered to me biting my earlobe making me jitter becoming pudding when her big soft deer eyes stared into mine. "Harry your deserve a hug to get over here!" she called for him to join our hug. He happily joined when Ari stood. Harry deeply smiled dimples showing wrapping ari and I in a big hug. He pecked our cheeks before getting back to his seat. Ari jumped excitingly. "I cant believe you guys are all good now! I thought I'd have to avoid you forever until you'll noticed." She smiled unconditionally. I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her back into my and nuzzling her neck. "Princess I'd do anything for you." I whispered nipping her neck. I warm feeling filled me making me smile. "You guys are so perfect. I don't know how I just noticed how in tune you guys are" Harry's cheeky smile reassured my abilities. "Thanks" I answered for us. All I wanted was to get the house empty and cuddle her all day but I knew we'd have to face Harry first. I walked us backwards to the couch sitting her on my lap. "I know how y'all are so go on and do your lovey stuff we can talk later." Harry knew me so well. I nodded thankfully trying to steal another kiss but was rejected. "No we can wait." Ari stopped me. I disappoint slumped back restless. "No I know how Niall is and I know your dying to please just go and I'll wait." He said easily. "Princess." I pleaded. "Fine" she sighed.

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