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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


14. Pool Dip

Niall's P.O.V

 Aria showed back up at my door minuets later in a t-shirt and sophie shorts I grabbed my phone and we headed to the pool. When we got there the pool was vacant. Aria dipped her toe in the water and made a face. "Cold" she shuddered. "It can't be that bad" I said doing the same. It was fairly warm. I stripped my shirt and jumped in. I kicked over to the side of the pool and set my arms on her feet. "Coming in?" I asked looking up at her. She sat down and dangled her legs in the water around me. She didn't realize what she was doing was extremely sexy. "Oh god...Are you a penguin? It's freezing!" she sloshed some water around. "Come on it's not that bad just get in" I prodded. "To cold. Lets just go back to the room and watch a movie." She said starting to lift her legs from the water. "I did not just come down here for two minuets and get wet to go back up to the room again" I said grabbing her by her tiny waist and lifting her over my shoulders. "Put me down!" she laughed. I walked to the middle on the pool, "Ok" I said and then I plopped her down in the water. After a second she popped back up, "That's not what I meant.." she said pulling back wet ringlets of hair. "You said to put you down, I did...where I wanted you to be." I smiled. "You put me where you wanted meanwhile I'm turning purple from the cold" she exaggerated. "It's not that bad... If I were you I'd take my wet clothes off" I suggested. She pulled off her shirt and then shorts revealing a hunter green bikini and then chucked her clothes across the deck. She reminded me of one of those models who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight so they have that bombshell body. "That didn't work much. I have goose bumps." she shuddered holding out an arm for me to touch. I rubbed my hands up and down her arms. "How are you this cold?" I laughed.


Aria's P.O.V

  "I don't know but I think we should have a race." I said. "I think we both already know who's fastest." Niall pointed to himself. "We'll see about that." I dove under the water and swam to the stairs. When I looked back Niall was two seconds away. "Ready?" I asked planting my feet on the wall of the pool to kick off. He set himself up to kick off. "Go!" He screamed and dove into the water. I pushed off a second after him. That little cheater. I grabbed the back of his foot and pulled myself ahead of him. Just as I was approaching the other end I felt strong hand wrap around my upper leg and pull me back. Niall popped out of the water a second before I did. He slapped the ledge of the pool, "I win!" he announced. "No, you Niall. I win." I slapped the ledge. He laughed, "I won, just admit it". "But you cheated." I whined. "And you didn't?" he raised an eyebrow. "But-but. I let you win" I lied. "Oh, oh kay. I totally believe you. I have another game and you can't cheat in it" he said with a naughty grin. "What?" I eagerly asked. "Truth or dare?" he asked. I gave it a thought before playing it safe and saying truth. "Come on do dare." he prodded. Maybe I should, just for his satisfaction. "Ok dare." I said. He thought for only a second. "I can't..." he said. "You can't what?" I asked. "'s to intense for you" he scruffed his hair. "I can do it" I assured. "You sure, once I say it you have to do it." he warned. I gave it a thought, it couldn't be that bad I mean this is Niall we're talking about I thought. "Positive" , "I'm really gonna feel weird about asking you to do this but...Strip down." he said with a provocative grin. My jaw dropped an inch, well he did warn me. "really?" I stupidly asked. "Do you want me to help?" he asked rocking forward a little. "I can undress myself" I said, "But your going to have to turn around." I awkwardly added. He laughed a little, "Seriously?" he asked. "I'm dead serious" I said. "If it matters that much, princess" he turned. I looked around to check if anyone was around. I looked up at the hotel and all the lights were out except the one's in the lobby. I slowly pulled on the back tie of my bathing suit. "You done?" he asked. "You can't rush me." I said pulling the whole top off and then sinking down to my neck in the water. "I don't know why your so modest honestly, If  I were you I'd have the biggest, cockiest, ego ever and then here you are, modest" he laughed. I took my bottoms off and held them close incase at three in the morning anyone else decided to come out. "Thanks, I think" I dunked my head under water to slick my hair out of my face. "Ok I'm done" I said. He slowly turned around and looked straight at me. "Don't stare" I awkwardly cover myself. He pulled me into himself. "You have nothing to be embarrassed of" he kissed my head. "Now it's your turn" I surprised myself in saying that. "I guess that's fair" he said and slowly linked his thumbs in his trunks and pulled them off. I willed myself not to look but finally did. I almost jumped seeing how big 'he' was. "Jesus Niall" I half laughed. "What?" he obviously didn't realize it. "You, your... really big" I said trying not to look down. "Thanks, I think?" he stepped towards me. "That's a good thing" I awkwardly waded neck deep, hiding myself. He lifted me to my feet and pressed me into himself. "Have you ever noticed how unromantic our relationship is sometimes?" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist. "No" I answered my heart speeding up a beat. "Sometimes we're all romantic and I really like it but then a lot of the time we're just not... I think it's mostly my fault because I don't really step in enough and get it flowing. I've been trying to change and be more romantic." he said looking fully into my eyes. "You don't have to change...I love you the way you are." I said pulling him into a hug. He felt moist and warm against my skin. "I want to change though. I want to have that kind of relationship with you." he kissed my collarbone. I felt a sensation roll up my spine. "I want that to" I whispered. I could feel him smile we were so close, he slowly leaned in and kissed me gently sending sparks up my back. He started to get heavier into the kiss. I could feel his back tense and I splashed the water a little asking him to calm down. Instead he licked my bottom lip roughly asking for an entrance. I regretfully pulled away. "I'm sorry" he said pulling wet hair out of my face. "It's fine. Baby steps, this is a lot right now" I rubbed his back. "I get frisky a little to fast" he shamefully blushed. "That's fine. If we weren't..." I input the fact we were naked. "I get it" he started to kiss along my neck. I leaned against his chest and let him keep going. His trail stopped at the end of my collarbone. I intertwined my fingers in his hair and he nestled his head in the crescent of my neck. I worked my fingers into his back blades giving him a massage, he let out a moan. "That feels really good" His neck and head went limp on my shoulder. "Can you sing for me?" I asked after a little more massaging. I stopped working his shoulders and he regained motion. "Happily" he responded. he stood a little straighter "Twinkle, twinkle little Aria.." He let out a laugh. "Seriously" I pushed his shoulder. "Oh ok" He brought me closer, "You have to be touching me before I can sing" He said wrapping me into his arms. He started to hum a couple tunes and then stopped to giggle. "I don't know what to sing" he laughed. "Do something by you" I said as if doing something by one direction was the most obvious thing in the world. He nodded and started the lyrics to 'they don't know about us'. We started to sway to the sound of his voice. He automatically went into another song, 'Sink or swim' by Lewis Watson he knew it was my favorite. After the song he whispered, "Close your eyes" I did. "Sing more" I lured. "I think you should sing" he said. "I like your voice, it's soothing and sweet and perfect" The words came spilling out without having to think about it. "Thanks" I could feel him lift me onto the edge of the pool. "Why do I have to keep my eyes closed?" I asked hiding my parts with my arms. I had a lingering sleepiness lurking over me like a warm blanket. "I can tell your getting tired by the way your fingers are twiddling. I wanted to let your eyes rest"  he said. I felt a warm towel wrap around me and my eyes fluttered opened. I didn't even realize I was doing that. "Thank you" I said standing up. I rang out my bathing suit and turned to put it on. "That's going to be really cold. You can just go up in the towel if you want. No one will know. Anyway your only going to take it off to change again." he suggested sweetly. I would have rather put it on just in case someone saw but he was right no one was even awake. "Have I ever told you how jealous I am of you?" I smiled and walked into his arms. "Jealous?" he asked pulling my wet hair back. "Yes...Your clever, funny, sweet, honest, not to mention your voice and accent" I said pushing my face against his chest. "But your all thoughs things times 10 and then you have this charm that just drags people in and your unbelievably pretty and there's another thing I can't put my finger on that just drives me crazy trying to figure out what it is." he said, "If anyone should be jealous it should be me. But I'm not because your mine and that makes me lucky enough" he smiled and kissed my head and then we started to walk to the room. Niall couldn't be less of a master with words he leaves me completely speechless sometimes. His words came out like a constrictor and chocked you up and left you breathless trying to find something to say and they also came out on wild cards, never know when you'll find them but when you do your the luckiest person on earth. "Niall," I said before we went into separate room. He looked at me. "I-I" I flung my self forward and gave him a loving hug, "Your perfect" is all I could find myself to say. when we let go I could tell he was happily satisfied. He smiled a silent thank you and then we waved bye and went out own ways.

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