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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


33. Meet granny and Grampy Web

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall you ready!" Aria yelled to me from the bathroom. "Almost, I have to find my necklace!" I yelled back. Moments later she appeared from the bathroom holding something silver. She unhooked it and gave it to me. "You left it in the bathroom" She smiled adorably handing me my necklace. She wore a little navy and white dress and a pair of navy flats with bows. It was only occasions that she dressed up and I'd only seen her do it a hand full of times but she looked absolutely perfect when she did. He long curly golden brown locks fell on ether side of her and she had a thin black headband holding back her side bangs that I absolutely loved. But it was ok because for once she fallowed my request of no makeup she had a little mascara but that was it. I guess me meeting her grandparents was really meaningful for her. Better not screw it up. I reminder myself. "I know it's a lot but my grandma like when I where dresses and no makeup. She also hates my bangs because 'They cover up my beautiful face'" She said emphasizing the end. I laughed clipping the necklace around my neck. "We already have something in common. No makeups the way to go." I laughed as she rolled her eyes at me. "Should I do something to my hair? it looks worse than usual today." I asked ruffling it. She eyed it and nodded. "It's not to bad but defiantly let me fix it." she said motioning me to sit down so she could reach better. I plopped onto her bed. "Anything special I should know about your family so I don't mess up?" I asked as she ran her fingers threw my hair satirically, moving clumps around and ruffling some parts. "Don't eat to fast, they hate that." she said as she finished my hair and then plopped down next to me. "I'll have to restrain myself. You know I have that problem." I said turning towards her she folded her long slender mildly tanned legs to the side and faced me. "Even if you do eat fast they'll love you. You'll remind them of Philip in a way." She smiled placing her hands on mine. I just wanted to ahhhg, She'd just so sweet and so...Aria! I just wanted to wrap her in a hugs and shower her in kisses. I smiled at the thought and pulled on my lucky necklace and then eyed hers. "Remind me on the way back I have a surprise for you." I said smiling. She started to get up tugging me up as well. "Ok. We should get going, don't want to be late." She said pulling me along out of her room. "Well ok miss rush. We have twenty minuets and they live next door." I said stopping mid path and twirling her in a circle, "We're walking." she smiled at me. Her green/brow eyes shone threw the prettiest goldenish color with the green creating a sort of silvery tint. "There's a little pond you haven't seen and I want to show you before we get there I think you'll like it." she pulled me along. We past the little stable and up trotted little old Danny. The old Welsh followed us along the fence line at a lively trot Aria stopped to pet him and climbed over the fence to give him a good scratch. "You know what?" She said kissing the little ponies muzzle. "Wanna ride out there? It'll be quicker and this guy hasn't been ridden in months!" she exclaimed turning towards me for approval. "We have plenty of time. Why not?" I hoped over the fence careful not to spook Danny. She smiled wide. "We'll go bareback. I'll grab some attachable reins and a saddle pad so we don't get dirty and we'll be good." She pressed her nose against the tan pony's muzzle. I nodded. "Here hold him by his halter while I get the stuff. Just lightly whack his muzzle if he tries anything. You know what to do I'll just go." she said scurrying off adorably like a little girl. She came back moments later with the equipment. she clipped the reins to his halter and placed the saddle pad on the little guys back. She turned around to face me. "I know it's been a while, remember how to do this?" she asked taking the reins from me. "Yeah but I'd rather just lead you around." I answered patting the horses neck. She frowned, "Naw that's to boring. I promise I wont break my hand this time if you come." She laughed easily swinging her leg over the pony with great flexibility probably from all that dancing. I smiled to myself as dirty images flooded my brain from two days ago. "Niall. Coming?" she asked waking me from my day dream. "Oh sorry. Yeah." I shook off my thought and attempted to jump on but unfortunately I'm not nearly as flexible. "Girlfriend. Help." I struggled. She let out a laugh. "Is that suppose to be me?" She stalled as my leg dangled half way up. "My legs breaking. Yes hellllllllp." I exaggerated laughing at our little friendly banter. "Oh. Okay. Get your leg off and I'll help."

I obeyed taking my leg down as soon as I did she smooched to Danny head starting him in a canter dressage move that she'd shown me and rode in a tight ten meter trot around me. "He's old but he's still dressage champ." she sat deep on his back refusing to bounce. I clapped quietly in acknowledgment of her riding. "Now when are you letting me get up?" I asked slowing her to a stop with the trotting circles. "Oh I forgot you were here" she jokingly laughed. "There's a mounting block by the gate use that." she finished.


Niall's P.O.V

  We didn't have time to visit the pond Ari told me about because of the little show she put on for me but I was a little glad knowing Ari she would've rode Danny threw it. It always worried me when she did stuff like that, I still got nervous watching her jump. I just didn't want her to get hurt but I'd never tell her my worries for her knowing, I'd never hear enough of it. She jumped down off of Danny and grabbed my hand helping me down. "Ari I'm a big boy, I can do it myself." I smiled. "Well you couldn't get up so..." she laughed taking off the saddle pad revealing a sweat mark. "Turn" she instructed. I gave her a sideways glance turning so my back was facing her. "I knew this would happen." she talked to her self patting my bum. "What are you doing?" I laughed jumping slightly from her hand reaching a little to low hitting a soft spot. "You've got horse hair on your bum." she informed me swiping her hand across it. I chuckled helping her out. I turned back around and spun her in a circle to check for hair. "All good. You know if you wanted to touch my bum you didn't have to make up an excuse." I smugly smiled. "No you really had hair on it." She said unclipping Danny's reins, leading him by the halter towards the barn. I caught her hand and bumped her a little with my hip, "We both know you'd do it again in a heart beat though." I teased in a hushed voice. "Niall." she shushed me as she opened the pasture gate and let Dan in. Then put the saddle pad and reins on a hook on the inside fence. "Wait!" she exclaimed before we walked up to the house. "what?" I turned to her. "Phones off" She pulled out hers setting it off and I did the same. I felt my nerves come back and my hands start to sweat the tiniest bit. "You'll do fine." she leaned over and kissed my cheek setting off little butterflies. I nodded and smiled a little as she knocked on the old white door. Seconds later and elder woman with a beaming smile and gleaming green eyes met us at the door. "Oh sweet heart! Arianna I haven't seen you in weeks!" She beamed grabbing her in a bear hug. I could tell Aria was delighted by her warm welcome by the way she hugged the woman back. After a couple more seconds of hugging and admiring her grandmother turned to me. "You must be Niall! Oh god the boy band member! Your quite handsome!" she smiled grabbing me in a hug as well taking me by surprise. I laughed to myself and quickly hugged her back. "Thank you. Ari's told me a lot about you." I lied she didn't really talk about her family other than her brother. It wasn't that I wasn't curious and ask she just didn't like to talk about them much other than the outline basses. "I'm glad to hear that, 'cause I defiantly hear a lot about you! All this one does is blah, blah, Horses, blah, Dancing, Blah Niall. I swear, She must talk your ear off!" I saw Ari blush out of the corner of my eye making me smile and lightly chuckle. "Granny maybe we should go inside." Ari peered around her grandma and gave a small wave to someone inside. "Oh yes! Sorry I could just stand here and talk all day! you can take your shoes off Niall. Make yourself comfortable." She smiled waving us in. As her Grandma scurried into the kitchen I leaned over to Ari and whispered to her. "She's really easy to talk to and has a great attitude, like you". She nodded, "Wait 'till you meet my grandpa. Just sayin he might frighten you at first but he's got a big heart." She told me before a big burly man with a stubble beard and hunter mustache entered the room. Her face lit up. "Joejoe!" she exclaimed flinging herself at him in a hug making his lips curl up in a smile and him chuckle. I smiled at the sight, this must be her grandpa. "Well hi there! How've you been." He twirled her in a circle checking her over like I did a lot. "I'm good. Oh this is Niall. Did Granny tell you he was coming?" Ari asked her smile beaming as she turned towards me. The mans loving eyes harden on me skeptically. He held out a hand for me to shake. I took it but gained a strong, firm squeeze proving his dominance. I lightly squeezed back not wanting to be 'competition'. Once we let go Ari beamed at us. "You guys catch up and everything I'm going to check out the new foal" she pecked my cheek and gave her a granddad a small hug. I let her hand go and she ran off into the kitchen my eyes trailing after her. "Nice to meet you sir." I smiled politely. "Just call him Joe!" a voice called from the kitchen most likely Ari's grandma. I looked at him for confirmation. "I like Sir better. Have a seat Niall" he gestured to the brown leather couch. I obeyed. The man had sat in a chair across from me and scooted closer so only the coffee table was between us. "Having a nice day?" he asked the simple question was a little intimidating coming from him. "Yeah. How's yours going?" I friendlily asked trying to soften him up a bit. I needed a good impression and relationship with him. "Mines pretty good. Tell me about yourself." He instructed. God this was going to be harder than I thought. Well I guess I would be the same if my daughters husband left my grand daughter a couple years after my daughter died. I mean I'd be really protective and critical of anyone my grand daughter dated with that background. I told him the bases slipping in little parts about Ari and I's relationship. He nodded as I talked. "I'm just going to say this while I've got you alone. I'm sure you've figured out by now Ari's a special girl." I nodded listening close. "I can see you guys really like each other but she's my little girl and she deserves respect that what she'll get." I nodded. "Oh corse" I said still listening. "Now if anything I hear happens that I don't approve your going to have to deal with me. I understand your going to do some stuff in the bedroom and all and I'm not stopping you from that. But if I hear anything about physical or verbal abuse, excreta that's when you'll have to worry. Other than that we shouldn't have a problem. You seem like a good kid but I'll be watching." he finished. Dismissing me from our little session. "I understand exactly what you mean. I'd do the exact same thing if she was my granddaughter." I said before walking off into the kitchen. "Hi!" her grandma said as I made my way into the kitchen Ari was no where in sight. "Hi! What should I call you? I didn't really get to properly talk to you at the door." I apologized. "Oh it's fine!" she peeped. "You can call me Granny, Web, Julie, Whatever you'd like. I'm not picky." She smiled bustling around doing little chores. "Ok. Do you need any help at all?" I asked. She nodded no. "You can go find Aria or do whatever. It wasn't very polite of her just to go run off. She's probably in the back. Here I'll walk you there." She set down her plates and lead me down a narrow hall. "It's ok I don't want to be any trouble. I can probably find her." I said as she lead me down the hall. "Anything to get out of that kitchen. It's fine. Before I forget. Joe is really protective. It's not that he doesn't like you it just takes a while for him to warm up to other people around 'his' grand daughter." she put quotes around his. "I was worried about that. Thanks for the advice." I felt relief. "No problem sweet pea. I'm always here if you need me. Ari should be in the barn somewhere." She smiled opening the door to a postcard landscape. I leaned down and kissed Julies cheek feeling she'd appreciate it. "Thanks." I said once again walking out into green grass. "Be back in around 1!" she called to me. I waved at her signaling I heard and made my way to the barn. I stepped in smelling hay and horse. I found Ari standing by a stall undoing the latch. I caught her eye and she waved for me to walk faster. "Look!" She pointed at a tiny horse stating to stand. It had knobby long legs and a grey/white smoky colored coat. She bounced excitingly. "It's the new foal! Isn't she cute!" she opened the door and took the foal gently by the halter and lead her out of the stall hooking her up to a par of cross ties. "Want to groom her?" she asked with unusual excitement. I nodded. "What's her name?" I asked as she gathered the materials. "Undecided. She was born last week." She said handing me a circular brush with rubbed triangular comb teeth. "I hope they don't name it something stupid. Most of the horses names here are real typical. Nickers, Brownie, Carrot. Not really any meaning in them." she told me joining me on my side of the horse. "What would you name it?" I asked. "I don't know. Something cool." She put her hand over mine guiding my hand in light circles. "So how'd you do with Joejoe?" she asked. "He told me if I did anything disrespectful to you he'd have my ass." I smiled to myself. "Does that count....What we did a couple nights ago?" she asked. "Thankfully no. I was actually hoping for some tonight." I wiggled my eye brows and threw her a smug smile and licked my bottom lip. She hit me lightly on the chest. "Stop it" she laughed unwantedly. "What? Am I to big for you?" I teased. "Someone's gonna hear you" She huffed. "We're in a barn, by ourselves. Your grandparents are inside and no ones in a mile radius of us. I think I'm safe." I laughed. "I can't win anything with you" She made a face at me and growled. "You can win me over." I cheekily grinned. She rolled her eyes. "When will you grow up?" she switched brushes to a different brush. "I don't know. When are you planning on it?" I asked teasingly. "I think I'm starting when I have to go back to collage." She scrunched her nose. An adorable habit I'd come to love. I frowned at the thought of her leaving again. "Do you have to go?" I whined. She nodded. "If I want a good job in the future. I told you I wanted to be a dance instructor right?"

I nodded. "But you could live with me. You don't need to work." I stopped brushing and pulled her closer by the hands. "But you live all the way in Mullingar. That's in  a whole different country. I wont know anyone and I'll just have to stay home all day until you come back from work." she reasoned. "But I could get you a job. And we'll be closer, it's a lot easier to make friends in Ireland. You could still visit and we could board your horses somewhere close. It would be great." I fought back. She doubtfully looked at me, "And what will I fall back on when we have another big fight and break up? Just take it slow." She patted my back. "Why on earth would we ever break up again. I went threw more trouble than you know to win you back, I'm never letting you go. The only reason we would is if you broke up with me." I pulled her into a hug wanting to feel her skinny arms wrap around me. She sighed. "Lets just take it slow, One more year." she reminded giving me a squeeze. She got up on her tiptoes and gave me a little peck leaving me wanting more. "Ari" I whined. "Really. Trust me. it's better if I go to collage, time will go by fast." she assured. I frowned and put my hand on the small of her back and quickly taking a long toned leg and bringing it up my hip so her upper thigh hit my hip. "Jump"

She obeyed jumping up so I gave her a backwards piggy-back-ride. She squeezed her legs around my torso with surprising strength. I didn't take time to comment and pulled her head down to mine giving her a passionate kiss. Butterflies rolled threw me and I had to break away so I didn't start to get heated. "Something wrong?" Ari asked with concern. I tucked a piece of brown/blonde hair behind her ear. "You just really turn me on and I don't wanna make a big scene. Your granddad is already after me. I don't think he'd appreciate it if I undressed you in his barn." I smiled giving her another smaller kiss before letting her down. "Not that I'd let you." she smiled with a little sass. "Is that a challenge?" I questioned checking my watch and peering at her while I did it. "Just a little bit." she picked making me start to harden. Oh my god she knew what she was doing she raised the hem of her dress exposing bare skin and the lining of black lacy underwear. I moaned. "As soon as we get back your mine but now we got to go eat." I growled more than talked.

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