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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


11. Lost

Aria's P.O.V

  The next day we all packed into Louis car and headed to the theater for there rehearsal and blocking and dacing stuff. I was squashed between Harry and Niall. Harry was basically ignoring me and Niall well was eating nuts. I reached over to take some but Niall pulled away. "My nuts!" he gave me a crazed look. "Geez Niall, I think your nuts are making you go nuts" I laughed. He laughed but when I tried to get some again he did the same thing. "Niall" I laughed and dived in to get some again. "I'm not going to take the whole thing". "You can only have a little." he uncovered to bags opening just enough for my fingers. I took out about a teaspoon enough before he closed it. "Ok lets not go crazy here. That's enough." he smiled and greedily popped a few nuts into his mouth. "Greedy much!" I laughed. He brought the nuts to his face protectively. "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine." he said making me laugh more. Harry on the other side of me seemed to roll his eyes.


 Harry's P.O.V

 My plan B? Oh it's whenever Niall and Aria are together just to ignore her. She tried to talk to me a couple times today but I ended the conversations before they even started. Like saying 'ok', 'sure', 'yeah' ,'no'. It's a lot harder than it seems. She just automatically intrigues me. She's just one of those people who is just really easy to get along with and just hard to ignore. I felt cold fingers touch my wrist making my heart jump. "What's this?" Aria asked touching my bracelet. "A bracelet." I said. I could feel her turn it around examining it. I fought the urge to watch her and say more. "Where's it from?" she asked letting it go. Normally right now I would shrug and leave it at that but I answered. "A fan gave it to me at a meet and greet and told me to wear it to all the concerts so she'd know I didn't forget her." I said turning it to look at it's vibrant colors. Blue than green and red. "That's sweet" She said turning it over again. 


Aria's P.O.V

  For the first time in a while Harry didn't ignore me and end the conversation with a shrug. I almost went on to ask why we stopped always super close lately but decided not to ruin the moment. Maybe he was starting to feel better. I mean the problem only started just before tour. Maybe it was just nerves. Niall flicked my arm and pointed out the window to a large building. "That's where the concert is" he said. "That's huge. Is there going to be a lot of people?" I asked feeling a pang of nervousness for the boys. "I don't know hopefully. It's more fun performing with a lot of people." He twisted his lucky necklace around his finger. We pulled into a parking spot around the back and got out and walked to the backstage door. Liam knocked on the door and a tall man came to the door. "Hey! guys come on in." It was Paul of corse. We all filed in. Zayn wrapped Paul in a big hug. "Rawr" he laughed out. A intern person walked up to me and flashed me a card "I'm Vanessa Sworns and your not suppose to be here. How'd you get in? This is privet access." She grabbed my arm and pressed a button on her Bluetooth and started to lead me away. "No Vanessa. This is Aria. She's suppose to be here." Niall pulled my arm and Vanessa let go. "Next time keep her on a leash or something. I just wasted good minuets." She quickly walked away. Me and Niall gave each other 'whatever' looks and burst out laughing. "Come on Ari I gotta find you a leash!" he laughed. "I just wasted good minuets!" we mocked the uptight girl. "So when do you have to go get ready?" I asked. "I got about half an hour until the stylist gets done with the other boys and then it's my turn."  he said. He reached down and took my hand. "Do you want a tour?" He asked smiling. "As long as I don't have to be chained to a leash." . He let out a muffled giggle and started leading me down a hall. "I don't really know where we're going 'cause I've only been here once but I know where the bathroom is." he said as the hall got thinner.  "Great, tour to the bathroom!" I laughed. "Woohoo! I can take you to the stage or the behind stage stuff but other than that I don't even know where this hall goes to." he pulled me up closer to him. "Maybe we should go back" I said. "That's no fun. We gotta explore!" he smiled, "We're going to get lost and then your going to be late" I stated. "That's my problem if I'm late and we got a whole hour. Don't worry." he said turning a left at the end of a hall. "But-" he cut me off. "Shhh...Do you want to go?" he asked putting a finger to my lips. "Yeah that'll be fun but I don't want to get in trouble." I said stooping in the middle of the path. "If anyone gets in trouble it's going to be me because I'm the one who wanted to in the first place so are we going?" he squeezed my hand. I gave it a second to decide, "30 minuets" I finally agreed.


  Harry's P.O.V

  Everyone had left to either gone to the stylist or go off to wherever Aria and Niall went leaving me alone. I almost texted niall to see where he was but stopped myself. I didn't want to ruin there moment if they were 'busy'. I mean just because I was jealous doesn't mean I was going to be a jerk. I flipped through some old photos on my phone for about 5 minuets but then couldn't take being alone for another second. I unlocked my phone and started to text Niall.


Me: Hey! where r u Im getting lonely :(


With in seconds he answered.


Niall boo: Hey budd! Im with ari and we got lost! lol come help?


Me: any idea where u r?


Niall boo: We're in a dim hall with a empty closet at the end. No other doors just that 1


Me: I know exactly where u r b right there


Niall boo: thanks!



Niall's P.O.V


  I leaned against the wall and slid down so I was sitting. Aria did the same so we were next to each other. I put my arm round her shoulders and she leaned into me. "You know what would be a perfect thing to do right now?" I asked. "Scrabble?" She answered. I let out a muffled laugh. "Yeah but my phones almost dead. It be really nice if I kissed you" I said leaning closer. I pushed her hair back and leaned in for a kiss. When our lips touched butterflies swooped through me. I touched our foreheads together holding the kiss seconds longer. She smiled as we pulled away and then went in again and pecked my lips softly. "You never really told me much about collage. Since we have some time before Harry finds us..." I trialed off. "It wasn't all it's fed up to be if your asking about collage 'parties'" she said. "I'm not really asking about one thing. Just tell me everything." I brushed back a long lock of golden curly hair from her face. She shut her eyes and leaned her head against my shoulder. "It was only school with Saturday night sleepovers. I met a lot of new people and friends. There was this creep that asked if he could have my babies...there was a lot of creeps. Ricky's almost out of his green stage and once for exams we had to trade horses and this guy named Gregg got Ricky and he was not having it. He was bucking and rearing. It was crazy! other than that I don't have much of a story. What about you?" She finished and looked up at me. "I told you everything already and kind of feel bad about not asking about collage till now. What about dance?" I asked pulling all he hair back. "I hate my dance partner he was a big flirt and was really in touchy and ahg I couldn' was bad." I cringed at 'he was touchy and a flirt' sending a pulse of violence threw me. She ran her hand up my back and the feeling was gone. "What he do?" I asked needing to know. "He would when we weren't practicing come by and grab my waist and whisper how long break was or like try to hold my hand and stuff like that." she said like it was no big deal. "never let anyone do that to you unless you want them to" I linked my leg over hers protectively. I could see her blush even in the dim light. "I'm serious" I said. "You don't deserve that" I finished. "Thank you.. where's Harry?" she said with a quiver. I ran my finger over her knee. "I don't know? Do you have your phone? Mines almost dead." I said. She nodded and slipped out her slim black phone. I fiddled around for a second trying to remember her passcode and finally remembered. I typed in Harry's number and called. After a couple rings he picked up. "Hey" his slow voice said. "Hey it's Niall, my phone's almost dead. Where are you are you lost?" I asked. "I'm sorry! I got one of these cool donut thingies and got sidetrack there was a....never mind. I'm on my way." his voice sped up. "Ok thanks. Love you!" I said. "Kay bye" and then we hung up. "So how's your boyfriend?" Aria laughed out. "What?" I muffled a laugh. She held up a finger phone, "Ok thanks. Love you Harry!" she giggled out. "Jealous much?" I teased. "You have no clue. I think I may kidnap you so no one else can have you!" She joked clinging to my arm for effects. I burst out laughing. "Someone save me! Crazy girl!" I laughed. After a couple more minuets of laughing we finally settled down. My phone blinked telling me I had 32% battery left. "What's that?" Aria asked scooting closer to me. "A notification" I answered. "No your wallpaper" she corrected. I cracked a smile, "Guess" I said handing my phone over. She gave it a good look. "I have no clue. Paint?" she asked utterly confused. "It's you!" I said. She gave me a look, "What are you smoking? I need to get some of that." she joked. "No I'm serious you were sleeping." I said muffling a laugh. She gave me another look and tapped the screen to bring it back to life. "Oh now I'm starting to see it. One question why do you have a picture of me sleeping as your wallpaper?" She asked. I wrapped an arm around her, "I thought you looked really cute so I took a picture and then I set it as my wallpaper." I said smiling shyly. "That's sweet. How many people have seen this?" She asked setting her head on my shoulder. "I don't know why?". "Not to be mean but....that's really embarrassing if anyone other than you has seen that" she lightly laughed. "Harry's seen it and Liam, Zayn and Louis. Ed probably some other people..." I trailed off. "Oh god" she buried her head in her hands. A couple shiny, long, curls fell over her hands. I felt my heart melt, "Awe, princess." I pulled the strands behind her ear, delicately. "Can you change it?" she asked looking up from her hand. Her face was pink from blushing. "No, as much as I love you. My wallpapers perfect." I said patting her back. "Pleasssssse" she begged. "Noooooo" I copied. She buried her face again. "It could be a lot more embarrassing" I laughed. Her head shot up, "Show me" she said immediately. I unlocked my phone and clicked on photo gallery. "Promise you wont break me phone?" I asked bringing my phone to my chest before showing her the endless pictures that were adorable but still embarrassing for her. "Just show me!" she snatched my phone. "Geez Ar, hyper much!" I linked my arm over her shoulders and pulled her into me.  I peered over her shoulder, she was rapidly scrolling through pics trying to find the embarrassing ones. "Let my help, I have a whole album" I said reaching to take it. She handed it up "hurry!" she rushed. "We have the rest of the night, no need to rush" I said handing down my phone. I squeezed her dainty shoulders. She reached the first one which was a picture of her on the couch playing PlayStation with an oversized t-shirt, yoga shorts and one of my snapbacks. It was one of my favorites, she was staring straight forward and had one leg perched near her chest and the other one resting on the coffee table. I could see her smiling sheepishly and blushing, "Niall, this has to go." she said. I covered the screen and yanked my phone away. "It's my second favorite!" I said, "Nooo! that's way to embarrassing!" she grabbed for it but I dodged her. "It's adorable, you can't!". She reached for it again. "What's going on?" a deep voice boomed down the hall. It was Harry. "She's trying to delete my pictures!" I made out before anything else could be said. "He has embarrassing pictures of me!" she said popping up. I stood up next to her. "Children, please" Harry settled and started forward down the hall. I quickly grabbed Ari's hand and started after him. She shook out of my hand and placed her arm around my waist and leaned into me as we walked. I could feel her hand travel from my back down across my bum. "Ari" I said surprised by her. "What?" she said as if nothing was happening. Her hand kept going down and crept into my pocket. Then I realized what she was doing. I placed my hand over her's, "Nice try, thief" I smiled and took my phone out of my pocket to carry. "Will you please just delete it." her voice had a hint of plead and laughter. "I wont show anyone princess. Promise" I reached for her hand. "Why is that picture so important to you anyway?" she asked squeezing my hand. "Because you might think it's embarrassing but it's actually really cute. You realize you purposely embarrass yourself all the time right?" I said kissing the top of her head. "Yeah but it's different....I just don't like pictures of me" She said. We finally got to the backstage and Harry went off somewhere. At this point I couldn't find the words of my thoughts. I tapped my phone to wake it up and checked the time. "5 minuets 'till I gotta go." I said. "Where's everyone?" she said looking around. "I'm going to be lonely" she fake pouted. I linked my arm's around her tiny waist and pulled her into me. "Psh! you got me for now! Lets dance!" I said enthusiastically. She wrapped her arms around my neck. "Oh kay?" she laughed. I swayed back and forth for a little and put my nose on her head. "Is it just me or would you rather actually dance like normal people?" she easily laughed into my shoulder. "I was thinking the same" I let go of her waist and spun her in a circle. She took my hands. "You know what would be really fun right now? Nerf guns. We should play nerf sometime." She said swinging our hands as we stood. "Yeah, we can do that later.....for obvious reasons." I smiled and leaned in for a kiss, she stopped me mid corse and put a finger on my lips. "hmmm?" I questioned, she leaned in and sweetly kiss my cheek and then dropped her finger. I couldn't help the giant grin on my face and leaned in again but she stopped me again and kissed my nose. "Oh, I see how it is. Hard to get." I laughed and she smiled knowingly. I glanced at my shoes, "You know-" And then a grabbed her head and pulled her lips into mine before she could stop me. When I let her go she stumbled backwards a step. "Wow there tiger. Little straight forward there" she laughed. "Hard to get really isn't a game I like." I laughed back. "That's because your easy to get" she teased. "No, I'm easy to get for you....Not other people" I sat down on a near by chair. "You shouldn't be playing games with other people" she raised an perfectly trimmed eyebrow. "I was talking about the girls before you" I said pulling her onto my lap. "Niall-" a person peeped out of the door unclosing her eyes. "We're ready for you" She said and then slurred back into the room. "I got to go now" I said giggling my legs and then standing up. "Don't get lost" she giggled and then we hugged and I left.


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