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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


23. Just right

Aria's P.O.V

  I glanced at the mirror and dropped the braid I was still working on. I let out a deep breath and undid the braid. It looked bad...again. I dropped the whole braid idea and checked the time. Six. Niall should be here any second, I started down stairs when I heard the doorbell. My pace instinctly quickened. I opened the door to see Niall. I hadn't seen him in such a long time. He looked perfect. His hair was carefully styled and his blue/grey eyes were bright blue with a tint of grey in the middle. His face lit up in a smile and suddenly something was different. "Your braces!" I exclaimed. "There gone!". He burst out in a laugh. "It's nice to see you to" he said stepping forward for a hug. I jumpily lurched into his hug. I'd missed him so much. He tightened his grip around me. I felt the familiar tingle at the bottom of me feet and smiled. Once we released he happily took my hand and led me to his car. Once we both were in he smiled and started the car rolling out of my drive way. "Did you have a nice time back home?" he asked reaching for my hand. I let him take it after a small hesitation. Wait. Hesitation? That never happened. Why'd I do that? I realized he was waiting for me to start talking when I glanced over at him awkwardly. "Oh yeah. It was nice. I got to see Phil and spent a lot of time with my brother. I saw Hanna and Toby a lot to." I said. I saw his muscles tighten when I said Phil and Toby. But he took a deep breath and relaxed again. Thank god. "What did you do?" I asked squeezing his hand. "Just the usual. When from concert to concert. We went to a meet and greet and I met this disabled girl. She was sweet. Other than that I told."  He said pulling into the parking lot at a restaurant. "Told what?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. "The thing that happened in Japan."  he said looking straight at me. "You told?" I said a little fumbled. He nodded. "I had to. I can't live I lie. Now our relationship can move forward." He smiled. He really told? What would he do when I told him I still needed time. A lot. I don't even think I'm ready for a regular committed relationship but one with a guy in a famous world wide band that already had millions of girls drooling over him. I don't think I'm ready for that. "That's good. I'm glad you told.-" I took a deep breath. "But I still need some time." I said. I was surprised when he smiled. Not a fake weak smile a sincere caring smile. "I know. I thought it threw a lot. I knew you weren't ready to seriously commit but I'm willing to wait as long as you need" he said taking my hand. I was so nervous and fluttery I almost forgot we were in the parking lot. He opened his door, and stepped out. "Coming?" he said with a smile showing off his perfect white straight teeth. I blinked bringing myself back to earth. "Uh yeah" I smiled back opening my side and stepping out. The restaurant was a Italian restaurant sitting on the edge of a river. A little fancier than his usual choose. "Aria" he chimed for me. "W-what?" I stumbled out. He sighed and walked over to me taking my hand and leading me to the doors of the restaurant. "Is everything all right?" He asked as we stepped in. "Yeah. Everything's in slow-motion, I don't know. This is going to sound absolutely stupid but I haven't seen you in so long this is just a lot. You know like a lot to process." I finished. It sounded right. He gave me a quick stare. "We don't have to eat here. We could go to the park or whatever you want." he said starting to push the door open. "No!," I grabbed his hand and pulled him back in. "I mean...Uh. Lets stay here. We're already here and it's not bad, just a lot. I'm fine." I said trying not to be to weird. He nodded, "I like it better here". The hostess lead us to our table and we took our seats. She left us alone to talk. I glanced over him for the tenth time tonight and rested my eyes on my lap. "You look different." I said looking up. He shyly smiled, "I started to work out more" he said clicking his fork against the table. "You look different to. Did your hair get longer? Curlier? No. You just look more mature." He said. I didn't even realize that but I guess I did look a little different. "Did I tell you I might dye my hair dark brown?" I asked changing the subject. He sighed, "I don't care if you say I can't control you but you're not dying your hair. I'm sorry. It's to pretty." he lightly kicked me under the table. "You bleached your hair." I pointed out. He let out a laugh, "But my hair isn't 'pretty' at all. Trust me if it was mine I wouldn't have touched it" he said back. "And I let it grow back natural" he pointed out. I rolled my eyes, "Your right your isn't pretty. It's gorgeous." I laughed. He smiled, "Oh ok. So how'd your day with Harry go?" he asked changing the subject. I crinkled my nose, "He was a little weird at first but it was ok. What did you do?" I said avoiding the details of the night. His eyes darkened a little. "I basically unpacked and sat around with Liam and Zayn. Lou was out with Eleanor. Liam and Zayn's girlfriends were busy with work so." he trailed off. I nodded, "What you do with Phil and Toby during 'break?'" he emphasized break considering we were still on break, the end of break but still. "Toby and I didn't do much any different than regular. We just grabbed a coffee after dance and hung out a little. Phil, we did a lot. It was nice to finally see him after three or four years." I said twirling my fingers in circles around each other. Even through the dim light I could see his jaw muscles tighten. "That's good. You know who misses you? Nari she wants to see her mummy." he shook off the noticeable annoyance. "I miss her to, I need to get her. I'm sorry it's taken so long but it's been hard to get around to." I apologized for the time he'd been dog sitting. "It's fine. I like having her around gives me company and a reason to call you." he smiled. He's never really been the flirty type, this was really one of the first times I've ever herd him flirt. I rolled my eyes fighting a blush. He lightly kicked me under the table again. "Feeling the need to be a Khufu master with the kicking?" I asked lightly laughing. He locked his feet around my chair legs and pulled me in towards the table more, "I call this one the drag" he smiled. I fake gasped dramatically, "Knocks me dead. I'm no match for your skills." I faked. We both burst out laughing. "You have no clue how much I missed your laugh and odd humor" his laugh turning to a smile as he said it. My cheeks grew hot, "I missed your accent and random singing" I smiled back. "How long do you think you'll need before you make up your decision ?" he asked softly almost embarrassed. My mind flashed back to Harry last night. Hanna and I concluded it was just that I was missing Niall and it was the heat of the moment that I kissed him but I don't know. Maybe just a small part of me wanted to feel his warm lips against mine. But Niall and was like we were meant for each other. Truth is I'd probably never really have a positive decision but would just settle in about a year but I knew he wouldn't like that answer. "Maybe a month" I lied. I knew it was wrong but in a month he'd probably forget I said that. Before he had time to reply the waiter came out from nowhere and planted a cute smile on. "I'm Jason I'll be your sever today can I get you anything to drink?" he asked sweetly glancing between Niall and I. "Um..", "Water." I said and then the ginger guy turned to Niall. "Water" Niall said. The waiter quickly smiled and turned on his heels walking away. I let out a sigh, "We can still hang out like this right? Even if you don't choose me?" he trailed off. He looked at me saddish and he shrunk a couple inches in his seat. He looked at me like the way a little kid looks at his parents when he really wants something and has to convince his parents to buy it for him. "I wouldn't want to just cut you off like that. Of corse I wouldn't want to stop seeing you. Niall, aren't we best friends?" I asked confused. What would ever make him think I wouldn't want to see him? "Yeah but I didn't know what you were planning on and just wanted to be ready. Or I don't know." He said only confusing me more. He could really be stupid sometimes. This was one of those times. Why in the world would I not want to see him? Well I guess I wasn't the 'smartest' in relationships sometimes either but really? "So what are you getting? I asked before the conversation got emotional.


Aria's P.O.V

  We got into Niall's car and started off to my house. "Do you mind if I take the long way?" he asked turning left. "No, just as long as you don't almost run someone over like in Georgia"  I smiled picking at my nails. "One time. Ok it wasn't even that bad. Harry shouldn't have been there." he said knocking my hands off each other and grabbing the left one. I caught a glance at the scare on his wrist. It was about four inches running from his wrist down his arm. "And you got towed twice already." I added. "I didn't see the sign. I swear it wasn't there before." he said focusing on he road a little better. "Just try to get me home alive" I said teasingly as he took a left down my street. He laughed lightly. I brushed my thumb over his. I saw his slightly jump. "Does that hurt?" I asked set back by his action. "No you just startled me" he said pulling into my driveway. He unbuckled his seat belt and jogged around the front of the car and opened my door. "Thank you." I said as he helped me out. He lead me up to the door and took both of my wrist. I waited for him to give me a quick hug and say bye but he didn't he just sat there and stared at me. "Niall?" I asked his grip tightened. "Do you have feelings for Harry?" he asked suddenly. I was so shocked by his question I stuttered out an uneasy no. "I need to know. Don't lie to me just so I don't get angry. It's not your fault." He said seriously looking me in the eyes. My mind wavered. Maybe a tiny part of me wanted to adventure off into the unknown territory of romantic Harry but the rest wanted to stay here with Niall. Maybe just a little I wanted him. There was a possibility but I wasn't quite sure.  "No" I said quickly glancing at my shoes. Truth was I didn't know what I was feeling. I drove to love Niall but a small part of me might want Harry and I still hadn't completely forgot that night in Florida with Niall. I could almost feel his grip tightening around me like pythons. He angled my chin up towards him letting my right hand drop to my side. "Don't lie to me. I need to know before I do anything stupid." He said calmingly stroking my jaw bone. "No" I repeated unable for words. He sighed. "Okay" he said letting me go. I reached out for a hug but all I got in return was a weak gentile hug unlike is usual ones. "I'll call you later" He whispered into me ear. I nodded and waved bye as he walked back to his car. This had seriously been one of the vaguest couple days I'd ever had. First Harry with the who 'you don't know what's best for you' bit, Then Niall's  and 'before I do anything stupid' and now my own feelings were messed up. What am I going to do with myself?

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