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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


8. Hotel Drama

Harry's P.O.V

 I hope I did a good job making Aria uneasy because she defiantly made me with her slim long legs and to die for hair. Don't even forget about when she smiled at Niall. God I just wanted to strip her down and say 'hey! got your attention now? Your dating the wrong guy!'. Honestly the only reason Taylor and I are dating is to keep my mind off Aria but now since she's not here and Ari is I don't know what to do. I settled down onto the hotel bed wishing I didn't have to share a room. Niall wasn't here right this second so I could have some alone time to think. Maybe if I avoided her for part of the trip my feeling would just fade. I mean any other time if I like someone and don't see them or talk to them for a while my feelings just faded. But the thing was I didn't want to stop talking to her and avoid her. I need a plan B.


 Niall's P.O.V

 I walked down a door to see Liam. I knocked and then slipped in. He was on a bed unpacking stuff for tomorrow's concert. The first one this year in America and to top it off in New York. "Hey!" he chirped and patted the bed next to him. "Where's Zayn?" I asked glancing around. "He wanted food" Liam pointed to the door suggesting he left. "Gotcha. I need help." I said laying back on the bed. "With what?" he asked. "It's more of I need advice" I sat back up to look at him. "...Go on..." Liam said giving me full attention. "Aria... I've never had this problem but we've been together a while and I don't know how to act... It used to  be friendly and romantic not as much. But now I think I want more...more love but I don't know what to do.." I spilled out. He gave me a concerned look. "More love as in..." he trailed off. I knew what he meant but he being Liam didn't want to say it out loud. "No...It's just it's been different more lovey and I like it. I don't want to push her but.. ok so this morning I tried to be a little more lovey but I think I weirded her out a little bit" I stopped so he could talk. "This morning was rushed. She probably felt anxious and nervous so it did because you don't always act like that. I'd try not to think to much about it but timing is your main problem. If I were you I'd go down and see her right now. It's perfect. Not a lot of people are here and Lou and Zayn went out for food so all you have to worry about is Harry deciding to drop by and I think he wants so alone time so go now!" Liam stood. He was right. I stood up and grabbed his head and kissed the top. "Thanks!" I shouted making my way out the door. Aria time.


 Aria's P.O.V

  I pulled out my phone about to text Alex to see what he thought about the whole Harry thing this morning when I heard a soft knock on the door. I got up and checked, it was Niall. "Hey" he said walking in on light feet. "Hey can we talk?" I asked patting a spot on the bed. His face changed to serious. "Ok" he sat down right next to me. "Do you know why Harry's acting strange?" I asked leaning back. "I didn't notice anything strange why?" he asked scooting closer. "Because before we got on the plane he was staring at me like this. I widened my eyes as big as I could and gave Niall an intense stare and then he started to crack up laughing. "And then I saw him and he wouldn't look at me like nothing happened and hasn't said anything to me since." I finished. "I don't know love, maybe he started to cry and then did the eye thing" Niall put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in. "love" I copied his voice. "My love" he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. His lips felt like butter and sent electric shocks through me. I shut my eyes and just held there to feel his lips on mine. I could feel his start to smile. "What are you doing" he asked not moving. "Don't move" I said touching our lips together. "I'm not sure if I like this or not" he moved a little closer. "You love it" I answered for him. He clashed the invisible boundary by starting to kiss again.


 Niall's P.O.V

  I lifted out of the kiss for a second to look around the room. I jumped up and closed the curtains quickly remembering what happened in Japan and knowing I'd be dead if anyone saw us. "What are you doing?" she sat up. "Privacy" I said sinking down next to her. I tickled across her stomach and then set my hand down. "Is that suppose to tickle?" Aria asked smirking. "I can do better but yeah" I walked my hand across her stomach again. "That wasn't any better" she raised an eyebrow and smiled. "You sure you can do better?" she said. I sat up and wiggled my fingers. "Ready?" I said reaching down to touch her flat tummy. "Go" she said pulling her shirt down so it covered the little bit of skin showing. I scrunched my fingers and started to tickle her. She burst out laughing a couple seconds after I started. I started to tickle her faster and harder. She wriggled uncontrollably turning over trying to get away. I started laughing myself. I grabbed her shoulders and pinned them back as she laughed and squirmed. I sat on her waist and went faster making her laugh even harder. "St-top I can't-t breath." she gasped between breaths. I started o slow my fingers and finally stopped. She breathed heavily for a little and finally caught her breath. "Oh my god!" she laughed again gripping her stomach. "I told you!" I laughed sinking more of my weight on her. "Oh gosh" She sat up on her elbows. "Maybe I should just stop challenging you at stuff like that and we can just play scrabble" She flopped back down. "Like the old people we are inside? Naw I like this better" I said smiling. "You just like to see me squirm" she smiled back. I leaned forward to kiss her. Little shocks ran through my veins when out lips touched. I lifted her into me deepening the kiss. She cupped the back of my neck and scrubbed behind my ears. I licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance. She happily opened up. My tongue adventured her mouth until our tongues met. Her hands slipped up my shirt and she started to take it off.  At first I was helping her take it off but then I remembered the bird on my shoulder. I started to pull it back down. "What are you doing" she pulled away. "I think my shirt should stay on" I leaned in to kiss again but she stopped me. "I think it should go on the ground" she grabbed hold of the sides of my shirt. I couldn't keep the bird a secrete forever. I pulled it over my head and pointed to the small bird tatt on my shoulder. "This is why I didn't want to take it off" I said truthfully. She ran her finger over the bird. "How long has that been there?" she asked. "A month maybe" I said scratching my head messing my hair up. "What do you think?" I asked scooting closer. She ran her finger over it, "It's small but I like it. But please don't get anymore." she said starting to stand. "Small? Anyway I was so scared about you killing me because of it." I said wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her into me. "I think it's cute but don't go coloring yourself up with them. This is enough" She put her arms around my neck. "I wasn't thinking about it" I swayed forward a little. "You know what this reminds me of?" she said. "Dancing. Hey look we're dancing!" she pulled away and grabbed my hand lifting it above her and spun. I snagged her back into me. "And know we're kissing" I smiled and lightly kissed her lips. She pushed her head so out noses touched. I rubbed my nose against hers. My lips got harder and then before I realized it we were full blow making out. This time Aria asked for and entrance. I let her in and she ran her tongue against my braces and then I was done. I let out a massive moan and tapped the back of her legs telling her to jump. She did and tightly wrapped her thin legs around my waist. I started to pull the back of her shirt attempting to take it off with out stopping the kiss. I finally managed it off the second the door creaked open. Aria quickly pulled away and turned to see harry wide eyed in the doorway. I put her down and turned to Harry still standing in the doorway motionless. "Do you need some thing?" I asked after a couple more minuets. "Um...Um... I wanted to see if you guys wanted to get something to eat but I guess." he started to back out of the room. "I want to come!" Ari said. She had already scrambled into the shirt she was wearing and had fixed her messy hair. "We need Zayn" I said reminding Harry mentally why. "Zayn?... Oh yeah. I'll get him." Harry said as we fallowed him out the door. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and trailed behind him. "Why does Zayn need to come?" Aria asked linking our pinkies. Harry started to snicker. I hit his leg to tell him to shut up. "He didn't tell you!" Harry laughed ignoring my signal. "Niall" Aria looked at me warningly. "Zayn he um. I'll tell you later." I nervously said. It's not that what happened was bad it's just the blackmail part that's got me hung up. "Just tell me now. Harry already knows so it's not like anyone else will hear" she pulled my finger. "It's a lot to take in. Lets not do this right now." I said grabbing her whole hand. She let out a massive sigh of defeat and untangled our fingers. I felt really bad. Right now she was probably dying to know. I know I'd be. I walked to the room Liam and Zayn where sharing and knocked. Zayn came to the door, "Wanna come get some food?" I asked. "I just ate" he said. I gestured to Aria and then it clicked. "But I kinda want to tag along" he smiled and came out of his room and joined us. "So where're we going" I asked as Zayn wheeled around in-between Harry and Aria. "I was thinking Panera's." Harry said casually sneaking his hand into the small of Aria's back to push her forward 'cause she was walking to slow. "You ok" I asked reaching for her hand. She shrugged it away, "I'm fine" she said even though she clearly wasn't. "You sure?" I asked. She seemed irregularly quiet. "Yeah" she said drifting back an inch again. I reached for her hand again but she shrugged it off. I felt like grabbing her and dragging her into another room to get things straightened out but of corse I didn't. We walked out of the hotel and flagged down a taxi to take us there. "I've never been in a taxi." Aria said seeming a little better but there was still something. "That's a surprise! Are the seats as 'comfy' as you suspected?" I asked. "Sure" she laughed. leaning forward and knocking on the glass between the front and back seats. She waved at the driver and gave him a big smile. "Only you would do that to a taxi driver" Harry said pulling her by her belt loop back down. I felt a little weird with him touching her like that after knowing what he'd done in Japan. He'd touched I waitresses boobs when he asked her to show him to the bathroom. I inched a little closer to her.

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