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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


4. Home Sweet Niall's Home

Niall's P.O.V

 We finally arrived after two hours of driving. She took a look at the small house out the window. "This is my mum's house. After this I'll take you to mine.". Her eyes got wide "You didn't tell me we were going to see your mom first" she nervously twiddled her fingers. "I thought we could visit for a little and then go back. Is that ok." I started to open the door. "Yeah but I can't go see your mom in this she'll think I'm a complete slut" She pulled at the bottom on her shorts. "You look fine. It's summer. She wont think anything of it. I think you look cute" I unbuckled her seat belt for her. "But what about my makeup" She worriedly pulled down the car visor to look in it's tiny mirror. "You look better without and makeup. All you need is your personality and they'll love you" I reassured. I meant it to if anyone should be worried it should be me. I pulled on my shirt sleeve in case the tattoo I got was showing at all. When Aria left for collage I had given into some peer pressure and got a small tattoo of a bird on my arm. My mom would kill me if she found out and I still hadn't shown Ari I wasn't sure how she react.  "You sure?" she said pulling me out of my thoughts. I tucked a long strand of curly, dark caramel colored hair behind her ear. "Positive" I smiled. I got out of the car and then let her out. "It's ok come on" I pulled her hand.


Aria's P.O.V

  Niall knocked on the door and we waited. I quietly slipped out my phone and turned it off just incase. I man taller than Niall and about a couple years older opened the door. "Niall!" the boy pulled him into a hug. "I haven't seen you in a month!" Niall replied hugging the guy back. I suspected it was his brother Gregg. When they let go the man's eyes flitted to me, "This must be Aria." he said keeping his eyes on my face. "I'm Gregg" he smiled a dazzling smile. "Nice to meet you I'm... Well you already know" I smiled. Niall reached for my hand and we all went inside. I looked around it was a lot bigger than it looked inside. It had a nice cozy feel to the place. "Do you like it?" Niall asked. I looked around again "I love it! Everything is so welcoming" I smiled wriggling my fingers out of his so I could look around. "Good that's how I hoped you'd feel" He sat down in a chair and leaned back. "I didn't sleep at all last night" he said. "Why not?" I said half looking at one of the pictures on the wall half looking at him. "I was really excited, and couldn't fall asleep" he got up and walked over to me. "Is that you?" I asked pointing to the picture of a little boy around seven dressed as a red tell-a- tubby. "Yes, it was on Halloween. I was like two." he pulled me away from the picture. "What are you doing?" I asked laughing lightly. "I don't want you to find any scrapbooks or anything embarrassing" he laughed. "Oh my god Niall. Now I want to look." I pulled towards the picture to find a scrap book. "We can do that later when we go home" he tugged me back. "Don't be such a party pooper" I said standing awkwardly in front of him. "The party hasn't started yet" He smiled motioning to follow him into another room. He opened the door to the kitchen and there was two other people in it. A blondish woman I knew was his mom and Gregg. "Hi your Arianna. Niall talks about you whenever we talk. It's so nice to meet you. You can call me Maura." She smiled. "It's nice to meet you to. You can call me Aria or Ari that's what most people call me." I smiled back. "Ok Aria do you have anything you want to set down? Just make yourself at home" she turned back to what she had set out for dinner. "Here, Niall don't you think you should show her around a bit so it's not so she can get used to the place." . "Good idea" Niall stepped forward and hugged his mom. I bent down to tie my vans that's laces loosened up. "My god you have pretty, long hair"  his mom said sweetly. "Thank you. It comes from my moms side mostly" I replied. "That's what I was thinking. How did Niall end up with someone at pretty as her" Gregg teased Niall. "Gregg" his mom warned. "I'd love to meet your mum does she live around here?", "Mum-" Niall said, "Better yet. Can I get her number?" his mom asked innocently. Niall stepped forward a bit. "Mum..Her mums well-". "She's not with us anymore. It happened a really long time ago but I'm sure she would've loved to" I gave her a fake smile. "Oh I'm sorry sweetie I didn't know" she embarrassingly said. "Oh it's fine that happens a lot. So anyway can I get that tour now?" I changed the subject quickly. "Oh yeah! Niall, Gregg go on" his mum said directing us to the door. Niall, Gregg and I made our way back into the living room. "Lets go to the bathroom." Gregg suggested leading the way. "I thought you had a younger brother" I whispered to Niall. "I said that cause he is younger... Maturity wise" he cracked a smile. I let out a soft laugh. "So this is the bathroom." Gregg opened the door to a large bathroom with a big tub. "I remember once when Niall was little around 14 and he and his friends got in the bathtub with clothes on. They thought they looked so cool that they called me in here and told me to-" niall cut him off, "Ok lets go to my room now" he pulled Gregg out of the bathroom. "A little embarrassed are we?" Gregg teased. "I think if you give me a minuet or two I still have the pictures they told me to take of them" Gregg half whispered to me half shouted to Niall. "As much as I love you Gregg I think you should shut up" Niall pulled me away from him. "Just ignore him" Niall said rubbing his rough fingers over my hand. "Oh I know I'll find all your embarrassing pictures myself tonight." I sent him a devilish smile. "That is if you find them" He squeezed my hand. "I will". "Are you planning on the door to open for you or..." Gregg said. we had stopped right in front of a door with out even realizing it. "This is my room" Niall said opening the door. There was a neat wooden dresser and a full size bed with dark green covers. There was a rug on the middle of the floor that matched his bed and a closet to the right that was merely opened. He had another guitar that was oak wood and stilted in the corner. "It's so empty" I said stepping farther into the room. "that's because I haven't used it in forever" Niall said sweeping his finger over the dresser leaving a grey mark of dust on his finger. "I'm going to go help mom with dinner, I'll be back" Gregg said leaving us alone. "We could use it now" he gave me a dirty smile. "Your mums right in the other room" I a gave him a serious look. "I was just kidding but I do want to show you something." he said. "What?" I asked looking for anything there would be to show. He pulled out a little box from his pocket. "This is your necklace" he said taking it out of the box then clipping it around my neck. I traced the small infinity sign with my finger. "I missed this so much" I said lifting it to my eyes and then kissed it. "Here's yours." I handed him the old leather necklace. He took it carefully and clipped it on. "I thought you would've lost it" he laughed. "I'm I that untrustworthy?" I laughed. "'s just" he stopped and gave me a weird expression on face. "Oh I understand Just.." I copied him. "Yeah and.." he stuck his tongue out and scrunched his nose. "I totally understand" I laughed. He put his arms a around my waist and pulled me closer. "I think tonight the night" he smiled. "For what?" I asked scrunching my nose making my voice tinny. "You'll see" he finished, twirling me in a circle.

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