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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


22. Harry Wins

Aria's P.O.V

  I pulled my long hair to the side and checked my appearance before disappearing into Alex's room. I joined him on his bed where he was sprawled out sleeping. I shook him awake, "We gotta get going Harry will be waiting" his caramel colored hair stood in all directions in his head. He quickly soothed his waves and met my eyes, "I thought he was picking us up" he said confused. "He was but I told him not to worry so lets get a move on chop, chop." I smiled. His dimples appeared and he got up.


Aria's P.O.V

  once we arrived I was quickly drawn to the enormous wheel I used to fear. "Lets go on the ferries wheel!" I exclaimed pulling Harry and Alex behind.

 "I thought you were afraid of rides?" Harry cheekily laughed surprising me when his arm round my waist. I was going to say something but left it. This was about having fun. "That was before you took me" I pulled Alex behind me to catch up with Harry and I's increasing speed towards the spinning wheel. "I knew I got to you" he smiled his dark curls flopping over his green eyes before he swept them to the side. We boarded the wheel but unfortunately Alex was by him self because the ride only seated two per cart. As the cart went up I slightly got nervous as the ride creaked under us. I felt a large warm hand on my thigh. "They always creak. It's just how there made" He reassured as we reached the top. His hand sliding higher on my leg nearing my crotch. I flicked his hand off just as the ride made an erupt stop screeching stop just as we climbed the tip top. I felt a pang of fear rush though me. "Great. How long do you think we'll be stuck?" I attempted to hide my nervousness. "I'm not sure. Sometimes it's hours and others it's just 15 minuets" He took my hand warmly. I didn't exactly enjoy Harry's growing affection towards me. I mean he's always been a flirt but he was never this intimate. I relaxed a little once I told myself he was just trying to be nice because of my fear. "While we're stuck why don't we play a game." he smiled and gave me a quick wink. I brushed off his flirty gesture and asked about the game. "It's called slaps" he said. He didn't need to go on this was one of the many games my lacrosse team and I played on the bus rides for the away games. "I love this game!" I bounced and put my hands on his. His hands engulfed mine in size I've never notice how big they were. They where about the size of Niall's if not a tiny bit bigger. He ran his thumb over my hand once before the game began, "Your skins so soft" his husky voice complimented. I lightly blushed, "Your hands are big" I returned the favor. He smiled reaching his deep dimples. "And you have long eyelashes" he added. "You have curly hair" I giggled at the new game we'd started. "You have pink lips" he leaned forward a inch. "Your have...Green eyes" I said back. "You have golden eyes" He gazed at me. I was a little taken back. "Golden? Last I remember they were hazel" I laughed. He chuckled deeply, "But when the green and brown are just even the have a golden affect with flecks of green" he looked into my eyes. I felt my cheeks start to blush. "You blush a lot" he smiled cheekily. I felt my self redden more, "I mean a lot, lot" he smiled. "Stop!" I giggled out pushing his shoulder. "You have a cute laugh" he smiled more. I felt my cheeks go hot. "Your blushing again!" he laughed. I flattened my smile trying to keep from laughing and giving him more satisfaction. "Smile" he prodded itching my chin, "Come on" he showed off dimples. I refused his lure. "Ok I have another one that might make you smile," he went on, "I... want to kiss you." he made out. My heart skipped a beat I thought we were all going as friends and now I had know clue what was coming next. He chuckled, "Your cute when your nervous." he brushed I piece on hair back and leaned forward for our foreheads to touch. I sucked in a deep breath before speaking. "Har-" he cut me off, "Kiss me" his deep voice rasped. I pulled away but he caught my chin and angled it up towards him chuckling. "It's a shame you don't realize what's better for you". What did he mean? He let go of my chin. I rolled my eyes and gazed over the side of the cart. I nervously gripped the side as I hand slightly pushed my shoulder. I let out a hitched breath. "Sorry" he breathed. I turned towards him, I nodded in forgiveness and settled back closing me eyes hoping to forget how far up we were. I felt a strong arm circle my shoulders, I eyes shot open, "Did I startle you?" He dropped the arm. "No, just took me by surprise." I said closing my eyes again. He eased his arm over my shoulders again this time I didn't object because I obviously needed comforting this far away from earth. I felt a warm kiss hit my temple and then it pulled away. I was a little taken back of the idea of him kissing me when I was still wasn't sure what to do about Niall but I let it go and leaned into him for comfort. I felt a slight movement under us and I gasped and lurched onto Harry clutching his shirt. He chuckled amused at how alarmed I was. He smiled, "We're just going back down" He said as the ride inched forward and we glided down. Once we were off the ride I sighed of relief. I almost bent down and kissed the ground but instead I was pulled into Harry as we started to walk. I pulled him a little, "What's wrong?" he asked looking down at me from his height. "We forgot Alex" I said whipping back around to see a caramel haired boy rushing towards up. His slightly darker eyebrows furrowed together and his angular face and sharp bridged nose looking a little annoyed at us leaving him. He slipped his arm into mine. "Gee thanks for remembering me" he joked easing into a smile with a twang of cockiness sticking out. I laughed, "Your welcome". Harry skimmed the fair looking for our next activity. The dark sky was lit by various flashing bulbs of light from the beaming rides and stands. "Games?" he asked turning towards us. "Actually after the thirty minuet wait I think I'm gonna head home. Fox eyes, call me when your about to leave I'll pick you up." He winked at me flashing a cheeky grin. "I'll take her" Harry gushed before asking me. He glanced at me for confirmation. I slightly nodded. "That be easier, thanks mate" Alex slapped Haz on the back before saying bye and walking off towards his car. Harry flashed me a smile. "Fox eyes?" He laughed. I smiled at the thought of that stupid game we made up, "When we were little we used to play this card game called scram. The winner gets fox eyes. Ever since that game he's been calling me that." I let out a small giggle. He smiled, "I think you could have fox eyes" he said curtly. "Thanks" I smiled. "Defiantly fox eyes" he smiled pulling me towards a game stand. "Pick one" he said gesturing to the stuffed animals. "I want to win you something". I smiled and looked around, a stuffed giraffe caught my eye. And then something ran across my mind. Harry wanted to flirt and be romantic? Why not have some fun with it? I smirked. "Oh kay but if your going to win me that giraffe I'm winning you the biggest one here." I smiled glancing at the big puppy staring down at me. He chuckled as he handed over a dollar to the stand manager, "And if you can't get it you have to kiss me for exchange" he smirked thinking I was incapable. "And a real kiss like full on lips" he added with a wink. "All right" I smiled as he aimed the first ball into the barrel on the other side. What Harry didn't know it I used to pitch for my softball team when I was 10 till I was 15. He happily turned and handed over the stuffed giraffe. "I'll name you Jaquan." I told the fake giraffe with big blue eyes. "Jaquan? how about Harry?" Harry cheekily smiled petting it lightly. "Naw I think he's a Jaquan but you can name that dog Harry" I smiled walking up to the stand. "Not to rush you but if you could hurry I want my kiss" he teased leaning on the stand ledge to spectate. The manager gave me a good luck wink and handed over three red balls. I smiled training my eyes on the bucket perched on the other side of the stand. I placed one hand gripping the ledge of the stand and backed up so I was bending over so I could get good aim. I heard Harry laugh at me but I blocked it out and threw the first ball landing it easily into the barrel, the second did the same. I angled myself back a little more for a perfect shot and threw the last ball. It grazed the edge of the bin and circled a couple times before barley making it in. I sighed a relief. The manager smiled and handed over the dog. I couldn't help but smile. I handed to Harry. "Harry meet Harry" I smiled as his mouth slightly dropped. "How'd you do that? I was really excited to get a kiss" he pouted. I copied his pout and reached for his hand to my mouth and kissed his knuckles. He grinned, "Not exactly the kiss I wanted" He smiled at his shoes. I let out a giggle, "That's all you get" I teased. He slung his arm around my hips jolting me out of comfort but I relaxed soon after. We were just having a little fun. "But how'd you do that? I've never seen a girl with such good aim." He slightly tickled my waist as we walked. "Five years of softball" I answered. "Really? I think you'd look cute in a uniform." he wriggled his fingers in my waist a little pulling me closer. "You could've told me that before I got my hopes up" he smiled leaving a kiss on my forehead. "If I would've I wouldn't have been able to see your expression." I said playing with Jaquan's mane. "Oh I see how it is. Can I see that" he said pulling Jaquan from me. "Since you wanted to see my expression when you won, I want to see your expression when I tell you no Jaquan 'till I get a kiss." he smiled tucking it under his arm. I scrunched my nose at myself for letting him take Jaquan and made a spring for it. I clutched onto Jaquan's head just before Harry could pull him out of my reached. I tugged a little and Harry laughed. He puckered his lips closed his eyes and bent eyelevel to me for a kiss. I sighed and let Jaquan go. "I guess you don't want him that bad. Come on. Am I really that bad of a kisser?" he stroked the giraffe questoning with a fake frown. I rolled my eyes. "Yep you got it." I sarcastically said pulling out my phone to check the time. "Awe. I guess I'll just have to keep  Jaquan 'till I get better" he put his hand in mine.  "Maybe we should get going it's ten thirty" I said slipping my phone back into my purse. He turned towards the exit and we started to make our way to the car. He opened the passenger door and helped me in. He jogged around the front of the car and he slipped in and before I realized it we had pulled into my driveway. He turned towards me and shook Jaquan in front of my face and frowned, "You sure you don't want it?" he said. I looked left and then right and then looked at Harry. I grabbed the front of his t-shirt and pulled his lips to mine, they were warm and soft against mine massaging gently. I pulled away to see Harry smiling ear to ear. "I was going to give him to you any way right before you left." he slyly smiled handing me the giraffe and then the big bear. "but since you kissed me you can have both" he handed me the bear. I smiled taking the bear as well. I knew what his intentions were. "Thank you" I started to open the door, "Aria?" He asked. "Hmmm?" I said turning back to him. He wrapped me in a hug and whispered, "We should do this again". I quickly hugged him back and waved bye as I walked towards the house. As soon as I got inside I dashed upstairs and plopped down on my bed rolling over onto my stomach. What had I just done? I knew he would've just given me Jaquan at the end of the night. Agh, I started to text Hanna.


Me- Guess wat just happened

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