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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


35. Gone Home

 Aria's P.O.V

  After I found something suitable to wear, denim short, shorts and a loose white tank top with a black and white pattered bear and the words, 'Free Spirit' under it I took out my head band to deal with my hair. "You look fine can we go now?" Niall urgently stated. "No my hair isn't done just a second." I made my part and fiddled with my hair so my bangs sweeped over to the side like meant to. "Hu-r-r-y, I'm hungry." He wined. I slipped into some sandals and grabbed my brown bag with fringe on the side and a pair of cheep white sunglasses. "Ok I'm ready. I'll finish my hair in the car." I said. He smiled taking my hand and hurrying downstairs. "Geez Niall you'd think we're going somewhere exciting. We're only going to eat." I laughed at his child like face he threw me. "I still got your surprise waiting we have to pick it up." He rushed along. "Wait I have to feed Jax" I halted seeing his whinny old face at the door. Niall sighed. "Can you hurry, I really don't want to keep it waiting we missed it yesterday." He urged me to go faster. I nodded dragging the old fart dog by his caller to the kitchen since he was to lazy to get up. I poured his dog food and hurried to get back to Niall. Niall was antsy waiting by the door he hurried me out and into the passenger side of his Range Rover. Once I got to chill out I pulled down the visor thingy with a mirror fiddled with my hair to make it look somewhat effortful. "So what's my surprise your in such a hurry for?" I asked leaving my hair to fall curly in the back and straighter in the front. "Can't tell you." He smiled at himself. "You'll hate me if I tell you." He smirked. "If you take me to a strip club or something stupid we're gonna have some problems" I joked. "No worries we'll save that for your birthday." He laughed. "Check your twitter real quick. I tagged you in something." he said eyes focused to the road. I grabbed my phone out of my bag. "I haven't been on in forever geez." I clicked the app. I didn't see any notifications because I had to turn them off because they blew up my phone. I scrolled threw my feed until I found Niall's page. I clicked on the one he'd tagged me in and a picture came up. It was me sleeping, 'Everything's back to normal @AriaWeb' was the caption. "Oh my god Niall! You little creep!" I exaggerated. He laughed. "I know you like when I give you attention like that" he teased. "I do not! I always get hate after these" I wined. "Oh Ari they don't mean anything. Don't even mind them." he roughly rubbed my shoulder smiling. "I wanted everyone to know it's all back to before." He dropped his hand onto mine. "So you post ratchet pictures, thanks" I laughed. "Shut up it was cute." he said smiling. "Uh I think you need glasses." I teased. "It was! You look cute now to!", "We could get you whatever style you want." I continued. We pulled up to a stop light that was red. He pulled to a stop and turned to look at me, "What? Did you realize I'm right?" I laughed. He leaned forward and kissed me gently making butterflies erupt in my stomach. I leaned forward, his soft lips were like drugs. I heard a beep behind us ripping me into reality. The light had turned green, "Shit" I mumbled to myself blushing. Niall hit the pedal and we sped towards where ever we were going. "I had to do that." he smiled breaking the silence.


Aria's P.O.V

  We arrived at a little coffee shop out of town. I had never heard of it and there was only two cars in the parking lot. "Why are we here?" I asked confused at his restaurant selection. He usually picked really good places to eat but this? He hopped out of the car and jogged over to my side opening it for me. "Long story I'll explain later. Promise me you wont run out of this place kay?" he held out his pinky. "What? Why would I leave?" I asked taking his pinky and shaking it in promise. He shook his head and lead me in shaking off the question. He took both of me hands and looked me straight in the eye. "Don't freak out." he said. I furrowed my eyebrows looking up at him. "I don't understand." , he leaned forward and pecked me lightly. "You will just wait." He moved to my side so I could get a look at the big deal of the place. It was perfectly average nothing under or over done just average. "Do you recognize anyone?" he asked. I scanned the tables the only people they're was, was a family of four with two kids and a man reading a magazine. "No. Why? there isn't even anyone here really." I stated. He sighed leading me to the table where the man was sat. "Niall, what are you doing?" I whispered over to him. The man looked up from his seat and put on a smile. He stood, "Oh Niall very nice to meet you." he beamed and then turned to me, "Arianna I'm glad I finally get to see you! I've missed you." He came forward for a hug. My eyes went big as he came closer. What did this man think he was doing? I didn't know him! I rejected his hug and gave him a hand shake. I slipped into the booth next to Niall. "Who is this guy?" I whispered. He squeezed my hand under the table. "You tell me, look close." he whispered back. The man got into the booth taking a seat in the middle of the other side of the table. I studied him closely but I didn't pick up on anything. "So how are you two?" he beamed out. Utterly confused Niall answered for me. "We're doing fine. How are you?" he asked. "So, so. Arianna. I was afraid we'd have to cancel, that you wouldn't come! We've all missed you at home" the man the stated. I still didn't have a clue who he was or what was going on so I just went with it. "I almost didn't come at first but I decided I should after some motivation" I lied I didn't know this guy and he was my surprise. I could tell Niall was satisfied with my answer. "Your step mother wanted to come meet you to but I told her we'd have to do it some other time because I wanted to see you both first."

  Then it hit me. Like a tornado. Step mother? This was my dad. I stated to feel sick. I weakly nodded at my discovery only wanting to run away. "D-dad?" I stuttered out. "Yes?" He replied. Niall had already gotten into conversation with him in my little zoned moment. "Nothing Never mind" I quickly sputtered. He nodded and turned back to his convo with Niall. I felt a cold sweat break out on my neck. "I have to go to the bathroom. Be right back." I didn't wait for anymore words I just dashed for it. Once I got into a enclosed bathroom stall I broke out in tears.

  Niall's P.O.V

  "Did I freak her?" He asked. I didn't want to tell him that she'd probably just realized who he was and needed some cool time so I just lied I little. "She hasn't been feeling to good lately probably just needs a second, I'll go check on her if she's not back in a couple minuets." I ensured. "Thank you. So what were you saying?" he asked. "I was thinking about asking Ari to move in with me." I continued. The man nodded. "Where do you live?" he asked. "At the moment I'm in a house with my band mates so I can live closer to her but I want us to move into the place I got in Mullingar." I finished. I thought I heard him laugh when I said band mates. "So your in a band how's that working out for ya?" he asked rather rudely. I felt anger wash over me but took a deep breath to keep my cool. everything had been going great till just then, "We have a few radio singles, You might have heard of us. One Direction" I stated. The man went from sarcastic to impressed. "I have heard of you I'm surprised I was thinking something else. So why are you dating my daughter now? You realize your famous and could have anyone right?" He asked. I felt anger rage threw me at his remark. He just leveled his daughter, my girlfriend, my world to not good enough for me. He just put her down like dirt. His daughter. Before I blew up in his face I decided to go check on Aria. "I'll be right back I'm going to check on her." I roughly said bursting from the table and walking to the bathroom. I knocked on the door to check if anyone else was there no answer. I slipped into the door of the girls restroom. I checked under the stall doors for her feet but no one was in any. I scanned the bathroom and found the window open. Oh god she escaped. I climbed threw the window and hopped down onto a sidewalk and made my way to the car. She wouldn't walk home. I sure enough found her crouched by the tire in fits. My heart softened. I sat down beside her wrapping her in a hug. "Why'd you bring him?" she sobbed into my forearm. I soothed her hushing her cries. "I needed to meet him but now I know." I brushed her hair. "Can we leave?" She cried. I nodded, "Let me go say you were to sick and we have to go" I said picking her up cradling her like a baby and clicking the button on my car keys to make it open. I set her in the seat of the passengers side. "Don't leave me." She tugged my collar. I nodded  "Only a second" I whispered kissing her forehead. She whimpered pulling my down crying into the nape of my neck. "Niall" she whined. I sighed and climbed into the passengers seat next to her and then put her on my lap. She melted onto me turning around so she straddled my lap and wrapped her arms my neck snuggling into me making me really feel for her. I clutched her super close to me and rubbed her back. "Let it out." I whispered cradling her closer. She sobbed onto me for a couple more minuets and finally raised her head to look at me. "I have to tell you something" she sputtered. "What?" I pulled a her swept bangs back to look at her better. "I love you." she fell into a hug again. I felt myself tear up gushy as it seems. I nestled my head into her hair. "Your my princess and I love you more than life." I pulled her extra close needy of her warmth. We stayed there for a little bit then she came to look at me again. "But I need to tell you something different",

"What do you have to tell me." I asked. "Lets go back to yours and I'll tell you." she said climbing off of me. I nodded, "Do we just leave your dad?" I asked needing her approval to say bye. "Please go now. It's about why I freaked so bad." she scooted in the little room left on the seat. I opened the door and got out giving her more room. She caught me by the collar and pulled me into her lips giving me a quick peck. "Sorry I needed to do that." she blushed. I happily smiled since she felt better. "I needed it to" I said before shutting her in and climbing in the drivers seat.


Aria's P.O.V

  I reached for Niall's hand once we pulled up. "It's fine" he whispered. I nodded starting to open my door. he met me around the other side. "What happened" He asked. I silently took his hand grateful no one else was home. I lead his into the house and he stopped me. "Tell me" he demanded. I sighed. "Can we at least go into your room. I like it better in there." I asked. He nodded. Once we were in his room I started to spill what I hadn't told anyone in such a long time. "My dad before he left used to beat Alex. It was terrible I would be told to stay in my room and then he'd go out back with Alex and beat him. He still has marks down his back and down his arms but there fainter than they used to be. Once Alex hit puberty and got stronger and bigger my dad left us. To scared that Alex would hurt him back from all the things he did to him" I spilt all out in one big piece. I felt my throat close up but refused to let myself cry again. I sucked it breaths little by little as Niall's eyes grew so soft and sorrowful I thought he might cry himself. He'd never been afraid to cry. "Ari I'm so sorry I didn't know it was that bad. I didn't want to do that to you." he wrapped me in a big hug. My sniffles turned into leaky tears. I hugged him back tightly as the memories flooded my mind. Jagged scars and scratches the look on Alex's face after it happened and he came to get me. It all. "You didn't know" I said shutting myself out of the past. "Please slap me for not listening to you." he took my hand in his and put it on his cheek. "Please seriously slap me. I deserve it." he looked me straight in the eye. I felt my bottom lip wobble. "Niall. Stop it's not your fault." I dropped my hands from his face. He reached out giving my another big hug. "Ari you have no clue how bad I feel. If you want to talk about it more please do. I want you to. Princess I really feel terrible. I want to make it better what do you want me to do?" he kissed my head. "Just hold me." I buried my face into his shirt. he rubbed my back gently. "Anything else?" he asked sweetly. "no." I answered just wanting his touch. He sighed and kissed my head. "I want to do more." he said rubbing my arm. "Shut up and hold me is all I want." I hugged him tighter. I felt him smile against my forehead as he delicately kissed it. All the thoughts and memories of my dad and the past floated away as reality did it's self. I just wanted to be here now. "Niall" I whispered. "Yes" he whispered not so quietly. "I think I'm fine now." I smiled whispering back. "Why are you whispering no ones home." he laughed pulling me tight into him and kissing my head. I felt my heart swell, Niall was giving me so many feels all at once. I started to laugh and cry at the same time nuzzling my head into his chest. Niall joined in laughing but at me for laughing for no reason. "What's funny?" he asked. I sniffled in between laughs. "I don't know. It's just you." I jumped up taking him by surprise knocking him on the ground. I laughed rolling off of him interlocking our fingers. "Do I have snot on my face or something?" he asked wiping his nose and dragging his hands on his face making a stupid face that made me laugh more. "What?" he smirked. I rolled over so I faced the floor propping myself up with my elbows. "It's you. I just cant explain it." I smiled flipping over to see his quirky wide smile. "I think the word your looking for is love." he smiled grabbing my hands and pulling me over putting his feet on my stomach and lifting me into the air all in a swift move. "She loves me!" he shouted making kissy faces up at me. I couldn't help but start to laugh again. Everything was so...happy. He lowered me slowly so I was on top of him. "Trade places?" he asked stealing a quick kiss. I nodded. He rolled out and quickly kneeled over me. He took my hand and cupped them over his ears. "I want to sexually make out with you while you play with my ears and hair" he ducked down pressing our foreheads together. I felt my cheeks heat up. "Niall. You little.. Ahhhhggh. Just stop." 

He smirked. "Gotcha." He pressed his lips to mine making my arm hair prick from electricity. I didn't even realize my finger tracing his ears and scratching the sides of his head just the way he liked. He sucked my bottom lip massaging it with the tip of his tongue. I tugged and fisted his hair. He moaned lowering his hips onto mine slowly grinding against me. His hand traced my stomach slowly slipping it up my shirt and rubbing it over my belly button. Pleasure shot threw me. one of my hands drifted down his back and rested in its favorite spot, were his back and bum met. right above his underwear hem. "You turn me on so bad." he bit my lip. I quickly met his lips again. His soft buttery lips felt so good against mine. "Your so innocent but I know we already did everything. " he said into my lips. "Stop being like that, it's making me need you riding me." he crashed our lips again. He was making me so wet. "Niall" I grabbed his belt loops making him slow down his working, I didn't want to get as needy as Niall. He whimpered. "Baby I need you, princess." he grinded harder. I moaned. "Stop. What if someone comes?". but he didn't stop. He let out a loud grunt. "Aria" he bit my shirt. "Niall" I pushed his chest. "Calm. I'll give you what you need." . He rolled off of my for that moment. he palmed himself making me want to watch him do the deed. I clambered onto him slowly unzipping his pants making him more antsy. "You do it," I instructed backing away. He wined hoping for my help but I wanted to see him. "Go" I  came closer. I quickly grabbed his bulge and took to time to start pumping fast and violently. he moaned and tossed around. "Oh my god." I watched. When I did it, it must've been teasing compared to how he did. My eyes rolled back as he sexily licked his lip and bit it. He let out a scream of profanities as he reached his high. I flopped onto his stomach out of breath. I was heavily breathing as well out of breath from just watching him. I slowly got up and grasped his boxers tilting his torso up with my foot before pulling them up for him as well as his pants. He grabbed my ankle still heavy breathing. "Cuddle me." he pulled me down next to him. I sighed settling onto the ground as he pulled me into him. "Did you enjoy?" he asked. Before I could answer the door swung open. I shot up to see Harry at the door wide eyed. Niall flipped onto his back showing his flushed face from the currency of his orgasm. Harry's eyes looked to the mess of white niall left. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you were...." his face flushed and he left the room. "Told you to calm down." I brushed sweat from his face. "Shit. Help me clean up..." he said helping me up. "No actually stay there. You didn't leave any mess." he smirked to himself walking to the bathroom. I got up and sat on the bed. "Well this is awkward. Harry tries to rape me and them comes to see this." I fiddled my fingers. Niall appeared with a towel moments later dropping it over the stop. Thank god it wasn't a carpet floor. "I'm still disgusted by that dirty bastard. He goes and does it in Florida while you were drunk and we were dating and then tries again. He's got some nerve." he said in repugnancy. "Oh come on. He didn't know what he was doing. He had a buzz, you guys are best friends. You should go makeup." I said hating to be the one who made them hate each other.

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