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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


3. Friday

Aria's P.O.V

 The rest of the week flew by and it was finally Friday. No school today. Or again for a few months I was on vaca! And best of all I got to see Niall today. I Quickly Brushed my teeth and got dressed in the clothes I set out for today. denim short shorts and a black V-neck. I trotted to the bathroom. Hanna still asleep and quietly did my make up. I made a perfect line of eyeliner above my long lashes and sweeped them over with a thin layer of mascara. I looked in the mirror and dabbed a little powder on the nose just incase. My dad told me at one point 'Less is more especially on you' He always said that about my eye makeup I'm not sure if a good way of a bad way. I combed out my hair and flicked some curls around to make up the rest of my style. I walked into the main room and jumped onto Hanna "wake up summer has arrived!" I screamed jolting her awake. "Get a move on now hon" I laughed and plopped onto a suitcase in the center of the room. "You could've given me 10 more minuets" she walked into the bathroom. I checked my phone 8:47 I was suppose to meet Niall at nine thirty at the parking lot. He had driven all the way from Mullingar to Naples to pick me up no way I was being late. I opened to curtains to let sunlight fill the room to make it more bright I sat on my striped bed. I was going to miss it here. I picked up my phone to take a pic of my empty room when my phone rang. The caller ID read... Nialler!

I pressed accept. "Aria!" his perky Irish voice chirped. "Niall!" I copied. "I'm 15 minuets away and wanted to call" he sounded excited. "Ok are you driving?" I asked worried. I always got worried when it came to cars because of the accident I got in when I was little. My mom died and my dad was badly injured. "Yes... but this it super important and I'm on a vacant road. Ok so remember that thing I said to you about the surprise?" he asked. "Yeah. Can this wait 'till you get here I don't want you to get in a accident and-" he cut me off. "No I planned this so I would call right now" he responded. "I wanted to ask you... instead of you going home will you come with me to my house for break?" he paused waiting for an answer I could feel his restlessness from here. "I would love to but what about my job...." I trailed off sorry to burst his bubble. "Pleeeeeaase, my mom wants to meet you and you can take off for vacation with your job and you've been in school so enjoy your break and if you don't come with me for this you wont be able to have the second surprise. I'll do any thing, please." it sounded like he was expecting a no but wouldn't stop 'till I said yes and knowing me I'd eventually give in. "I don't want anymore surprises or anything, but if I come do I have to stay all break? Cause I was planning on going to see Phil maybe. I told you about him right?" I asked. There was a long pause. "You told me a little about that. If you come I really don't want you to go home early 'cause the other surprise is really special and it took me forever and if you don't come it will ruin it for both of is it a yes?" he said. I took a deep breath and stood then picked up my suitcase. "If it REALLY means that much I guess I can change yes. I'll come and stay."  "Thank YOUU" I heard him squeal girly like and then a softer voice almost inaudible said "Niall, shush your scaring her..." It was a voice I'd never heard it was also Irish but it couldn't be his mum it was a mans voice but sweet and strong. "Who was that?" I asked. There was some giggling on the other line and a shushing sound. "What're you talking about? It's only me." He said giggly. It was a soft quiet voice maybe I misheard and it was Hanna talking to herself. "Okaaay" I skeptically said. "Please come down now I'm here." he said softer. "Ok let me get Han, Bye" I replied. "Hurry, see you soon!" he said. I hung up and starting to feel butterflies and jumped up and down. "Hanna letsa gooa" I excitingly jumped. I checked my hair and Hanna appeared as normal looking perfect. "You look a-maze! We gotta go." I said hurrying to grab my stuff. Then it hit me I had to say by to Luna and Ricky! "You do to! rockin' that casual look, Beautiful" she laughed. "Thanks," I laughed, "Now come on We got to go NOW!" I pulled her out the door. I could say bye to them after I said hi to Niall. We raced down campus and finally made it to the parking lot. I didn't see him right away.  An arm reached out and grabbed me. "Hey before you go-" it was Gregg. I had to feel bad for him he was staying on campus break Because he has no where else to go. "I was wondering can I train Rick a little while your away to keep him in shape?" His blue eyes sparkled. Greg, annoying as he could be was surprisingly a good friend of mine. "Sure but he's green don't work him to hard or he'll go sour" I finished. I peered around the corner for Niall but no one. Only a black car that I've never seen before parked in the drive way. I gave Hanna a worried glance. She motioned me to go to the barn real quick and say by while I had time. I gasped a little disappointed and turned the corner to go to my babes at the barn. "ARIYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" I heard a familiar voice scream. I tuned and say my blonde boy down the way but just a little less blonde. Before a had the chance to scream his name back he had already ran to me and wrapped me in a big, nocks the wind out of you hug. "Niall" I pushed my face into his neck. He hugged me tighter. I felt tons of butterflies explode in my chest. I felt something wet on my shoulder. It was Niall. "Niall" I smiled awe-fully, he wiped his eyes. "Stop your gonna make me cry" I hugged him tightly tearing up. "I miss you" was all Niall made out. I looked into his storm cloud blue eyes and pushed our lips together. It was just as perfect as the first kiss. There was the same electric shock. His lips felt extra soft. But something was different the slightest bit off. I pulled away, "Why'd you stop" his eyes fluttered open. "What did you do? Something's different." I touched his hands, no the were still rough and callused from the guitar. His hair was different but that wasn't it. "I know. It's my smell a used my brothers colon" I took in a whiff of him. He quickly grabbed something from his pocket and shoved it in his mouth. I gave him a sideways glance. I'm not going to even ask. He put his hands against mine. "You noticed that?" he asked smiling and taking a step forward. "Yeah" I smiled leveling our palms. "Can we go?" I asked taking another look around the vacant campus, Greg wasn't there. "Of corse" He bent down and picked up my stuff for me. "Let me help" I reached for one of the bags. "No" He protested walking towards the car. "Well ok then" I chased after him. He shoved the stuff in the trunk before I got there and open the door for me. "Thanks" I stepped in the car. He got in the drivers seat and scribbled something out on a piece of paper and quickly threw it in the back seat. "Are you ok" I started to turn around to look in the back but he grabbed my shoulder and pinned me back to the seat. "Yeah, it's just a mess back there... an-and just don't look" he smiled and started the car up and then we were on the road.  "Niall?" I reached out a hand and grabbed his free hand, "What's wrong, your acting weird" I said concerned. "I'm just nervous and excited and... Urg I don't know" He squeezed my hand then let go and put it on the wheel.  "Nervous? why?" I asked. "Don't hate me but.... I just got my license and this is my first major drive..." he flinched. "Niall! You didn't have it all thoughs other times you were driving around!" I raised my voice a bit. "I'm sorry it's just I didn't think it was a big deal driving thoughs little distances." He reached for my hand, I pulled it out of his reach. "Do you have it now?" I asked. "Of corse, I would've gotten someone to drive me here if I didn't". He held open a out stretched hand for when I was read. I slowly put my hand in his. "I'm still mad.You know how I am about driving." I blew out my lips. "I'm really sorry but if I hadn't where would we be? You probably would've gone for Harry and then when you went to collage Harry would've broken up with you and then I'd never see you again." He pulled on my hand.  I stubbornly pulled back, "Oh come on you can't be that mad. You know it's true." he smiled and let my hand go and turned my head in his direction. I tried to keep a straight face. "You are the music in me" He sang from that movie High School Musical. I cracked a smiled and turned away to laugh. "Gotcha" he grabbed my knee. "Stop" I laughed.  He squeezed the right spot on my knee and I burst out laughing. "Sto-o-o-o-p" I laughed trying to pry off his hand. "Are you still mad?" He laughed enjoying my helpless attempts. "Noooo, Leet Goooo" I laughed fidgeting my abs hurting from laughing. "Do you love me?" he tightened his hand. "Yessss" I burst out laughing again. "Thank you" he let my  knee go. "I think I feel a 6-pack coming in" I said out of breath.   

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