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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


30. Chapter 29

Aria's P.O.V

 He carried me all the way home. I asked him to put my down but he denied. When we finally got back the timidness around him stopped and I finally started to relax but I was still fully aware of every little thing he did. He walked me up stairs to my room and kicked the door closed behind him. He set me down on my bed, "Don't leave that spot" he directed as he left the room. Minuets later he came back with a mug of something and a wet hot rag. he sat next to me and raised the rag to my face making me squirm a bit. He wiped it down my cheeks. "What are you doing?" I asked confused. "I'm refreshing you" he answered getting under my eyes. I slightly smiled, "I can do this myself" I reached for it but he quickly snatched it away making me jump. He then guiltily handed it to me. "I need to calm down, I'm sorry I scared you" he frowned squeezing my hand. He was trying but he wasn't doing very well. I handed it back to him, "I'll just shower it's better" I smiled giving him forgiveness. I knew it was weird for him to be this calm and gentle. I got up and started to the bathroom. "Ok" he said quietly handing me tea that was in the mug. "Thank you" I said squeezing his hand before leaving.


 Niall's P.O.V

 I knew I had to change her mind and make her feel safe and I was getting a pretty bad start so after she left an idea popped into my head. I raced down stairs and got some Disney classics I knew she liked and got a big bowl and filled it with snacks. I brought them up stairs and set them on the bed. I'm not the one who lied to my girlfriend and hid her away for a month to protect my ego... Harry's voice invaded my head. I pulled out my phone and unlocked it and then took off the passcode. I would let her go threw it and do whatever she wanted. What else?...It just popped into my mind She didn't bring clothes to change into when she went to the bathroom. I went to her dresser and pulled the drawer open she'd open when she gave me my shirt back. I ruffled threw it until I found another one of mine. I then went to her pajama drawer and pulled out some shorts. They looked so tiny in my hands that I almost put them back and got another pair in case they were her nieces or something. I silently open the door and snuck in and put the clothes on the toilet seat. Then she started to sing. She sang a old Jack Jonson song I only knew because of my step-dad. It was so pretty I almost started to sing along but stopped myself knowing how embarrassed she'd be. I tiptoed out the door and quietly closed it. I was sat on her bed and waiting for her when she finally came out. her long hair fell down her back curling up creating spirals down her back until her hair stopped 3/4 down her back. I couldn't help but smile at her in my shirt it went past her shorts and skimmed her knees. She sat right next to me. She was coming around. "I saw what you did, thanks" she said little blush crossed her face. "No problem you should wear my shirt more often I like it" I smiled setting my hand on her knee. "don't you want it back?" she asked. "No it looks way better on you and it probably wont even fit anymore." I said. "I was almost positive I locked the door, did you hear me sing?" she asked worriedly. I let out a small laugh and carefully scooted back not to be to sudden. "Anyone would be lucky to hear you sing." I avoided her question. "That didn't answer my question" she caught me. "I think you have a pretty voice" I rambled. "Niall" she whined. "I think I should explain what I've done for you" I said avoiding her question. She sighed, "I took the lock off my phone and I want you to go threw it, do whatever you want I don't care" I said handing her my IPhone. "I got movies and snack and you pick what you want to watch and I wasn't creative enough to come up with anything else so just tell me if you want to do anything." I said with a big sweet smile she smiled back and took my phone. "I'm really curious about this one thing..." she trailed off flipping threw my pictures. I watched over her shoulder as she stopped on one of her playing PlayStation. "You still have them" she said directing her attention towards me. "Of corse why wouldn't I?" I asked as she kept scrolling . "I thought you'd delete them after Florida." she said scrolling threw them. I hadn't even thought about deleting one of them. "I don't think you realize I never stopped having feelings for you the whole time I never even thought about it" I said. She smiled devilishly, "Demi told me different" she said handing me my phone back. My eyebrows furrowed, "It hurts you still believe that" I pouted my lip sarcastically. I knew if I just kept telling her the rumors were fake she wouldn't believe me. I handed her my phone back. "Search her in my contacts she'd not even in there." I said hitting the address book app. And sure enough she wasn't there. "Ok..well I still know you liked her." she sped out I sighed frustrated. "Why do you think this so strongly!" I retaliated. She jumped at my voice. I did it again, ugh I hate myself. "I'm sorry" I hugged her but something was off after my little snap. "It's fine lets just watch a movie" she said quietly picking up the few I picked. I felt extremely guilty. "No it's not fine. I'm a jerk I need to control my voice" I said reaching for another hug. "It's not that big of a deal" she sighed and popped in a movie before I could read the title. I rubbed her back and turned her chin towards me. "Can I kiss you?" I asked not wanting to worsen what I'd already done. "I's just really awkward now that you asked" she shook her head making hair droop into her face adorably. I nodded and stared at my lap and bit my lip. I was lucky enough to get another chance and now I was blowing it. I'd already snapped at her and I scared her a little when we first came in and now I just made everything awkward. "You ok?" I felt a hand touch my shoulder. "yeah I was just thinking" I answered smiling at her. She nodded and dropped her hand. I scrambled to the back of the bed with her. I kept my gaze on her until I got her attention, "What?" she asked, "Look I still feel really guilty about snapping I really mean I'm sorry" I said my hand crawling for hers. She layed hers into mine. "I told you it was fine, stop sweating it." she said waving off the encounter. "I know but you told me to make you feel safe and I'm not doing to well of that." I said. She leaned her head back so it hit the head board and then she grabbed the back of my shirt pulling me closer to her she sat up straight again and leaned in and sweetly kissed me making me eyes flutter close and my heart jumpy. "You didn't mean to and you didn't snap really you just raised your voice a little. I over reacted, I'm just really sensitive towards you right now." she said letting the back of my shirt go. A major blush crawled across her cheeks. She had no clue how much she'd just turned me on by just simply taking charge. My eyes rolled back as dirty though squired my brain. I leaned into her taking in the sweet smell of coconut shampoo. God I wanted her so bad, but if I did what I wanted she'd be freaking terrified of me. It's not that it was all bad but she said she was sensitive and I needed to keep control. But what if she started it... I eyed her suspiciously. "Is it just me or is it really hot?" I asked totally throwing her off by the change in subject. I kicked off my shoes and socks neatly placing them next to hers. "It is a little hot I guess" she answered.


Aria's P.O.V

 His hair was messy and teased up like usual. "Would it be weird if I took off my shirt?" he asked innocently. "Not really but keep your pants on" I laughed. "Oh I was gonna let you take them off for me" He joked easing his shirt off. I laughed at his remark. I settled back down into the crook of his arm the comforting warmth of his skin enclosing me. I looked over at him but he was to focused in the movie to notice. My eyes glided over his face making out the distinct features that I loved and the made there was over the couple of brown freckles on his neck and then over his toned chest, perfectly pale but it looked so good on him my eyes traveled over his chest and made there way to his abs. They were a lot more distinct than usual indicating his regular trips to the gym. I bit over my lip attempting myself not to reach out and touch them. "Love, you ok?" he asked pulling me tighter to his side making him even more irresistible with his body. I nodded as he chuckled at me. "I know what your looking at but I think the movie may be more interesting" he said angling my face towards him. He smiled down pink lips plump and so kissable. "I'd rather watch you" I gushed surprising myself. I suddenly shook my head and covered my mouth as I looked down at my fingers awkwardly. But he just laughed at me and patted my shoulder like he'd planned it. "Maybe you could take your shirt off so we both have something to watch" he cheekily said winking. I rolled my eyes at him and bared my teeth at him and growled playfully. He let out a chuckle and took my hand in his gigantic one and set it on his stomach. "Well if you don't strip for me at least show me some love" he said leaning back so he was totally laying down and shut his eyes with his arms behind his head. I was so glad he'd given me permission to touch him I almost sighed of relief when I traced my fingers over the deep trails of distinct muscles. His chest fell up and down faster as I lightly scratched down his chest and abs. I smirked feeling more empowered repeating the action gaining a loud moan and sharp breath. He seemed less strong as I touched him, almost vulnerable. "You like that?" I asked doing it again harder earning another groan. He nodded chest falling and raising fast. I smiled in finding his weak spot then I thought about it for a second. Now it's my turn to make him weak. I swung a leg over his torso so I was straddling him he huffed and grabbed the back of my thighs and tried to sit up but I just pushed him back down and scratched down his chest like I did before. "Ari you have no idea how much your turning me on it hurts" he grunted and grabbed my hips and quickly had me replace his spot on the bed so I was under him. I gasped as he pulled up the hem of my shirt. "The thing is it's my turn" he leaned close to my face and pulled my shirt over my head tossing next to his discarded one. He sucked in a big breath, "don't move" he said running his hand over my exposed skin.  He jumped off of me closing the door and locking it then flicking the lights off so the only light was faintly streaming from the window. He walked over to the window and closed the shades dimming the light. He jumped back on the bed with no warning making me bounce and roll onto him. His smirk was visible in the dim light, "I'm going to make you never want to leave my side again" He said quickly repositioning him self to straddle me again. I gasp as I felt a warm tongue glide up my stomach and cold air blow over it giving me goose bumps. He chuckled at my reaction and cupped my shoulders leaning in extremely close to my face and flicked his tongue over my lips quickly earning a moan. I linked my arms around his neck pulling him down close again. "Hold on, no need to rush." I flicked my eyes over to the digital clock. It read 8:34.  He lowered his head so our foreheads touched, "Do you want to do this?" He asked whispering. "Make me feel safe" I answered for the second time tonight and grabbed his shoulder. "Yes" I whispered back to him.

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