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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


28. Chapter 27 Part 2

 Aria's P.O.V

 I slipped into Niall's car and looked over to him who was sitting in the drivers seat concentrating as he headed down the road. "Where are we going?" I asked. He looked at me from the side of his eyes quickly. "Home" he said dryly not hinting me on anything. I caught on to the way he was hunched over. He was deep in thought he always sat like that when he was. All I could think about was what exactly it was. "Why are we leaving?" I asked. "So you can tell me what's going on.. In private" he said taking a sharp turn to his house. That's what I was afraid of.

  We pulled up to his house in what seemed like hours later. He opened the door for me and grabbed my wrist pulling me inside the house. He gave Zayn a nod of the head as a considerate 'hello' but raced up stairs dragging me behind until we reached his room. It was tidier than usual with only some clothes scattered on the floor. He quietly closed the door and led me to the bed motioning me to sit with him. We turned to face each other so we sat cross-legged. "What did you have to tell me?" he asked in a gentle yet demanding tone. I took a deep breath, "Just give me a second" I said sucking in a long breath. I would tell him real easily and maybe, maybe. He wouldn't hate me and maybe, less likely still like me. I looked over at him, he seemed a little tense. Maybe I should rub his back or something to relax him before I wrecked everything.

 Niall's P.O.V

 I nervously twiddled my thumbs waiting for her to speak. I thought about all the possible things she would tell me.

Maybe she wanted to be with Harry,

Maybe Harry hurt her, I swear if he even touched her I was on his grill. He was dead. No joke.

Maybe Harry had tri....

My thought were interrupted by tiny relaxing hands kneading into my shoulders. "Niall relax. Your really tense." her soothing voice calmed my mind. My head hung down and my muscles lost tension the way only she could do to me. "Right there" I moaned as she hit a knot in my neck. She loosened it up for me. Whoa, whoa, whoa... I saw what she was doing. I suddenly regained myself. "Stop stalling. I know what your doing." I said. She eased her hands off my shoulders and hung her head guiltily. "Tell me" I said pulling her chin in my direction.


 Aria's P.O.V

 I sighed hoping he cared enough about me to let this by. "Niall," I said taking his hands in mine and rubbing my thumb over his. He leaned a bit closer. "Harry and I....Back in Florida...We ah" I stuttered. "Calm down. It's ok." He said. Yeah, ok 'till you hear what's next. "After we had our fight I went to a bar with Harry and we drank." I said pausing to think out my words. "You already told me that. It's fine-" I cut him off. "After we left..." I paused again, "We, we had sex" I rambled out. I was disgusting in myself. I looked up to see the vain in Niall's neck promenade and an angry look cross his face. I backed up a bit and was on high alert incase Niall's rage turned to violence again. I bit my lip. I had just dropped a match on spilt gasoline in a dead forest. Before I could make out a word he was out the door. My mind relaxed for a second relieved he didn't take out and windows but soon it turned to panic. I dashed down stairs but he wasn't there. "Zayn where's Niall" I frantically asked. He smirked "Did your water break?" he joked. I to frantic to laugh quaffed up. "Zayn" I demanded irritated. "Geez. I didn't see him." he answered. I sprinted back up stairs. Note to self: apologize for snapping at Zayn. He was with Harry. Harry was the only other person in the house. I to bothered to knock flung the door of Harry's room open. I gasped at the sight. Niall had Harry pinned to the wall with an angered expression. He didn't even look over from his stance. My brain stopped working I was so surprised. Niall was only about an inch shorter than Harry and I never noticed 'till now how much he grew. "I told you to stay away, does that not affect you at all you ruined our relationship! " Niall screeched threw clenched teeth. Harry let out a chuckle, "Oh Niall, you think a little to highly of yourself it wouldn't have happened if you didn't lie and loose control of yourself." He smirked. I saw Niall's brick strong hands tighten around Harry's arms. Harry flinched in pain, "It's not my fault she'd rather scream my name than yours!" he pushed on. "Take that back." Niall pushed into him more. "You haven't learned crap about girls. Did she show you what you did? Check her hips there's a pretty big bruise on the left one." He smirked at Niall's expression. I pulled my short's hems down a little to check. There was a white spot from a fresh healed bruise just as Harry said. "Liar." Niall pinned him closer now. "I'm not the one who hid my girlfriend for nearly a month to protect my ego." Harry hissed. I saw the hurt in Niall's eyes but it faded and turned to anger. "Gonna loose control again? Take a swing". The part that woke me from my trance was he did. Niall threw a heavy punch to Harrys nose. "Niall!" I screamed as Harry sank to the floor , nose leaking blood. Niall finally whipped around to see me. Before any words were exchanged I sank down to Harrys level. I felt my eyes tear, partly sad partly scared. I wiped the blood on my shirt. "Ari-" Niall started reaching for me. I crumpled back. A feeling of fear alerted me to stay away from him. He frowned and hurried out of the room. "Harry?" I asked climbing onto him to get a better look. I leaned his head forward and closed his nostrils to slow the flow. He gasped after a couple seconds. "Trying to kill me?" he joked rubbing a hand threw my hair weakly. I sighed of relief. "Does It hurt?" I asked lightly touching his nose. He winced. "Yeah, but your here so I'll be ok" he said pulling his hand in mine. I stared into his pretty green eyes for a second before Zayn burst into the room. "Harry are you ok?" he asked kneeling next to him popping a first aid kit open. He rolled up tissue paper and handed it to Harry to put up his nose to stop the blood. "I'm fine" he said adjusting it to his nose. I turned to see Niall shamefaced in the doorway looking in on what he'd done. I quickly turned back to Harry alarmed with Niall this close. "Can you walk?" I asked helping him up. "He hit me in the nose not the legs" Harry said standing. Zayn motioned for Niall to leave. "I'm going to go talk to Niall and see what's going on. What has gotten into him? Aria keep an eye on Harry" he instructed leaving quickly. I sighed and guided Harry to his bed. He laughed, "I'm fine geez. It's not that bad. He didn't even hit me his best" he said sitting down and patting a spot for me to sit. I felt my chest clutch. If that wasn't his best hit, how hard could he punch? I quivered fearfully thinking about it at all. "I feel worse for you. What do you think about this whole thing?" Harry asked with a ceased brow. I tensed up not wanting to talk to him about it. Honestly I was terrified of Niall but felt bad. Harry provoked him. But it was still incredibly awful that Niall lost control...again. I was in the middle, Niall I guess stood up for me but how could it be so intense? He had also given me a pretty big bruise back in FL that I hadn't even noticed 'till Harry mentioned it. I felt a hand travel up the inside of my shirt. "It's ok." Harry's voice deepened vibrating around the room. I went stiff. He shut his eyes and pulled me against him. "I know what'll make you forget about it." He said pushing me back on the bed hovering over me. My heart started to beat faster. My hands sweaty. " Harry Stop" I pushed his hands off the button on my pants fighting for freedom of his strong grip. "Let me love you" he moaned leaning into me kissing me neck leaving wet kissed down it. I squeezed my eyes closed. Pushing him away fighting his presents. "Get off. I can't" my voice shook mirroring my fear. I twisted under him but he only put more weight into me. How could he do this now? With Niall just down stairs. Did he want to get killed? Did he want me to get a matching bloody nose? I ponded against his back, I sank my nails into his shoulders as hard as I could to get free. "Let me go!" I panicked twisting and turning anyway to get free. He smiled at me not even feeling my nails. "I can play this game to." his forced a kiss into my lips. I let out a cry. "Shh sh sh I'll be gentle." he soothed only speeding me heart rate. I thought about screaming but decided it be better if Niall didn't see this. I pushed with all my might against him sinking my nails harder into him enough to raise his body the length to move my knee a forceful inch into his balls. He shuddered weakening enough for me to slip out of bed and sprint out the door.


Harry's P.O.V

 I thudded after her down stairs ignoring the pain in between my legs. "What you do?" Niall hissed jumping up Zayn blocked him from coming any closer. "Calm down." he barked at Niall forcing him onto the couch. I could see the fury and anger in his face. His face was a little red indicating he chased Aria on the way out. "This for your own good mate." Zayn told him. "We need to get her. Now" I hastily said, I didn't think she'd react like that. I thought she'd go along. Let me have my way. "What happened" Zayn asked as Niall made mumbly sounds and got up grabbing his keys and then his phone dialing her number. I heard a ring in the kitchen. "She left her phone" Niall declared hastily. I looked back to Zayn, "It's not important what happened, we need to find her now or else she's never coming within fifty feet of Niall or I again" I rushed not thinking about the words I was saying. Niall quickly grabbed her phone as well "What you make up this time?" he shot. "I'll check the park. You two do something productive" I barked . He gave me a deadly stare and shot out the door.


Niall's P.O.V

 My mind was whirling from worry and panic. I couldn't imagine life with out Ari. I know she would never think of me the way she used to but I still we could be friends. We had to I don't care if she hated me with all her life as long as I had her in mine. I dialed Hanna's number bringing my self back to reality panicking as I got into my car hands shaking I raced down the road. It went to voicemail, shit. I called Alex but he was at a friends so he didn't know. He said he'd go check some spots for me though. It suddenly popped into my head. The tree house. It was the perfect spot no one really knew it was there plus it was bloody hard to find. I made a quick turn heading to her house. I took a deep breath, maybe it wasn't a good idea. She needed a breather, she'd just witnessed me punch someone she may or may not love. She'd encountered whatever Harry had done to her.... which would be a lot to take in because she might like him. She'd gone through the constant battle of Harry and I fighting over her and all the meaningless shit I put her threw when we were together. Would it make me even worse if I went and got her? But then again on the upside. She may want me over Harry and I needed to go talk to her about what was going on. I flashed back to the way she'd looked at me just a couple minuets ago. The fear in her eyes. It broke my heart to know that I scared her. Mentally and physically I ruined her. I was no better than Trevor. Then I flashed to a life time ago when we found Nari, how happy we were and to the time I saved her when the horse incident happened. Maybe I still did have a chance. A tiny chance to bring her back to me.

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