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Arianna has finally found her true love! But will she be able to keep her heart in one piece with it belonging to superstar Niall Horan on this crazy ride? She made it through faze 1 and hopefully she can survive the 2nd with another boy pulling on her dance shoes. Lets just hope Harry can control himself... On the other hand will Niall pull through during the short period he's away from his little bird? Or will he fall to pieces and have to find a pain killer....... (sequal to: My Heart Went Two Directions)


5. birdie be gone

Aria's P.O.V

  After dinner we headed back to Niall's apartment. Niall of corse insisted to carry everything up and put it neatly down next to the couch. "I'm tired" he said plopping down on the couch. "Same, what time is it?" I asked to lazy to pick up my phone and check. "7:24" He laughed. "Is this what old people feel like?" I laughed plopping down next to him. "I guess, lets do something" he said stretching up. "We could unpack? I guess. I just want to sit here and be lazy right now" I said leaning back. "I want to do something else... I wanna cuddle" he put a arm around me. "I just haven't seen you in so long. I just want to." He turned on the T.V. "I like that idea". He gave me a weird glance. "It was your idea don't look at me like I'm crazy" I laughed. He pulled me onto his lap and bounced his knee's. "Let's go to my room" he picked me up bridal style and carried me off. "Your going to drop me" I laughed. "Psh your like 20 pounds" he smiled. "I can feel it coming just a couple more seconds." I giggled.  He gave me a dirty smile and dropped me on his bed.  I scrambled up and pulled the covers down. Niall sat down and pulled up one of the blankets and draped it over my neck. I suddenly felt giddy I let out a laugh.  "Ariyyyy" he blurted. "Niallllll" I drug out the L. "I want to eat you" he pulled me closer to him. I leaned my head up against his chest. "Aria" he said, "Why do you keep saying my name" I laughed. "Cause I just have to" he said hugging me into his body. "That doesn't make since" I looked up at him. "It does in my head" he kissed me gently making butterflies erupt in my chest. I leaned into him more deepening the kiss. He gently grabbed my arms pulling me down with him as he layed down. I ran my fingers though his rough, course hair and sat on his waist. He pulled the roots of my hair gently and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I fought the urge to bite him but I just had to. I gently bit onto his bottom lip just hard enough to get his attention but not hurt him. My eyes flittered open to catch him staring back. I ran my tongue over his braces feeling every bracket against my tongue. he slowly sat back up so I fell into his lap. He sucked the bottom of my lip and massaged my lower back. My hands gradually drifted up his shirt and then it was on the ground. His hands did the same but for the first time I didn't care I started to push him down again. He pulled away gradually but didn't look down like most guys would he looked straight into my eyes and said, "I don't want you to do this to yourself" and then he pulled the covers over us. "Do what?" I asked falling to his side. "You know..." he paused. I did know I knew exactly what he was saying but for some reason I didn't believe him. "I can't let myself do that to you" he tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. "I love you to much" he kissed my nose and brought my closer to him so our bare torso's could touch. "I don't get what you mean" I rested my head on his chest. "I don't want to take away your purity." he pet my hair. I snuggled closer. "Your so sweet" I said sleepily drifting away... and then I was out   

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