A World Apart.

Annabeth has lived her whole life being taught that she is better than everyone else; with her mother insisting that to be a successful future Queen, she must adopt a superior attitude and act how a Queen is expected. However Annabeth is a free spirit and hates being tied down to how she's supposed to be.
So when she finds herself falling in love with the wrong person, she has to make choices that will change her entire world.


1. eyes open.

"Back straight. Head up. Come on Annabeth, you're the future Queen and you will be strong and powerful and your posture should portray this, don't slouch like a common villager or you shall be treated as one."
Ugh. I'd spent my whole morning being taught how to 'sit like a Queen' by Margaret, my 'Nanny'. You'd have thought it was pretty straightforward. But no, like everything else in my life it was complicated and shrouded in rules and expectations. I'd fixed my posture until my back ached, controlled my breathing until I was light-headed and practiced ‘appropriate eye contact’ so much I'd given myself a headache.
"Yeah, hello to you too mom." I said. I'd barely seen her this week and anytime we’ve spoken it's been her criticising how I'm sitting or how I'm speaking or how I'm walking.
"A Queen does not greet others so informally, not even their own mother."
"I apologise mother. How are you this morning?" I said, trying my hardest to keep the sarcasm out of my voice and sound even mildly interested.
“Yes dear. Fine, fine.” she dismissed, waving her hand at me. “Margaret! How has she been performing?” Did she seriously just say performing? I was so sick of all this.
“Yes, your majesty. She’s been working extremely hard all morning.”
“Good. She shall continue to practice tomorrow, her posture is still not even close to satisfactory and she needs to be ready.”
“Oh, Mom. No, please-” I started.
“This is not up for discussion Annabeth. You will practise tomorrow until I am satisfied with you.” She said and strode out of the room.
I slumped down in my chair. “Yep, that’s me the unsatisfactory performing-”
"Yes. That's me, her little performing monkey." I sighed. "I'm just so tired of all this, Margy"
"Oh, mi dulce niña. She does love you, she just wants you to be the very best you can be." She sat down next to me.
"But what if my best isn't good enough, niñera?" I don't speak spanish, but Margaret does and sometime she slips back into it. Never in front of my Mom though as she doesn't approve, as usual. She says if I'm to speak a foreign language then I must speak it fluently or not at all, there are no half-measures for a future Queen.
Margaret stood up and pulled me up with her, we walked over to the window in the corner of the room and looked out at the breathtaking view. "We all possess certain talents and gifts that are unique to only us. You have everything that you need to live an extraordinary life already within you. You just need to turn on the switch and let your light shine." She always says the right thing. "I love you, Margy."
"I love you too child, now take the rest of the afternoon off. But don't let your mother catch you." I turned to face her and held up my my hand with my fingers spread apart, Margaret did the same and we touched our fingertips together. This was our own version of a hug. We'd always done it, ever since I can remember. Mainly due to the fact that I wasn't allowed to hug my 'staff' and due to the fact that I was wary of physical affection towards anyone. Well, when you spend your entire childhood not receiving the level of affection and love a child needs from her mother, I'd learnt not to expect it and so built up a wall protecting myself from the feeling of rejection my own mother filled me with at such a young age. Margaret was the only person I ever have, and ever intend to love irrevocably.


I spent the rest of my day reading on the roof above my bedchamber. It was a small expanse of flat space that could only be reached by climbing out of my window and clambering above it using the drainpipe to the left of the window for leverage. It was a place I could relax and be myself.

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